10 Best NEW iPhone/iPad Games of April, May & June 2015 (Q2) HD

Whatoplay presents the Top 10 iOS Games of April, May & June 2015. This list is not a personal opinion. It’s based on a 1 to 10 score that aggregates critic & gamer reviews into a unique score called the playscore. Number 10 is MARVEL Future Fight Surprisingly, this Marvel game isn’t bad at all..In fact, I would say it’s great! I am pretty impressed by how fun and engaging the game is.

They nailed the simple yet on-point rolelplaying mechanics. It boasts really good-looking character models. plenty of content with tons of heroes, villains, & costumes to collect. and solid dungeon-crawling. Great game. Marvel Future Fight gets a playscore of Ranked 9th is Hitman: Sniper The rail-shooter version of a Hitman game. At first I was kinda disappointed not being able to run around slitting people’s throats.

But as I delved into this big and intricate scenario, I was impressed by the smart way it is designed. a unique blend of shooting and puzzle genres. rich graphics good ambient sounds. and a variety of objectives keep you playing. A playscore of 8th in the ranking is Chaos Rings 3 As one would expect from Square Enix, the game’s presentation is outstanding. The visuals are gorgeous, the music is varied and catchy, and it runs very smoothly. Some might not like how the game is not what it used to be. but overall, it’s one very good game. One that RPG gamers will enjoy. good gameplay. great music. and excellent graphics. A playscore of Number 7 is You Must Build A Boat One of the weirdest mash-ups of game genres it’s a mix and match of puzzle, endless runner, rpg (up to some point), and management-slash-simulation.

To sum it up, I had a lot of fun playing the game. with its simple and familiar gameplay hours of content. and, trust me, it’s one very addictive game! You must build a boat has a playscore of Ranked number 6 is Transistor I love Bastion, and now they’re giving me this? Life is great. Although it is a tiny notch lower than Bastion, the game is, and without a doubt, one hell of a hack-and-slash RPG.. It has a good, engaging story with excellent characters. The battle system is tricky and enjoyable! And the cyberpunk-inspired metropolis looks amazing! SuperGiant games’ Transistor has a playscore of 5th is Her Story This game is sooo unique, you’ll be asking yourself – ”Is this a game or not?” You play as a detective out to crack a ‘missing person’ case by watching interview clips of a woman. I don’t want to spoil anything. The story is so brilliantly crafted it kept me watching the clips over and over again. All the while jotting down my findings on paper. It’s that engaging.

A playscore of Number 4 is Implosion – Never Lose Hope A very ambitious game from the makers of the finest music rhythm-games out there. Getting inspirations from Metal Gear Rising, Ninja Gaiden and Metroid, Implosion set the bar for action hack-and-slash mobile games… period. It is that good. Stellar graphics Good story. adrenaline-pumping combat. awesome combos. and a very smooth gameplay. The only thing I want to add is ”give me more”. A playscore of 3rd is Furdemption A game about bunnies jumping to their deaths or at least that’s what I learned on my first five minutes of playtime. Furdemption’s premise is that of a fast-paced gory puzzle game. In which it delivers on… flawlessly. Cute graphics. smart, creative puzzles good controls tense gameplay promised future contents and cute and cuddly rabbits. What more could you ask for?? A playscore of Second in the ranking is Skiing Yeti Mountain A very simple game with easy controls and goals.

That and the very challenging downhill slope equals a perfect casual game for short bursts of playthroughs. Swipe left and right, avoid trees and follow signs. Oh, and before I forget try and keep away from Yetis. Frantic gameplay cool techno soundtrack. lovely old-school visuals. easy-to-grasp controls. and a reminiscent experience… Have you played ”Ski Free”? A playscore of And the highest-rated iOS game is Attack the Light – Steven Universe Light RPG This cartoon-inspired mobile game nailed it! Borrowing characters and absurdity from the series, Steven Universe’s story is much more believable. And learning the basics is very straightforward that gamers new to the RPGs will find it pretty easy to get started with. Interesting suite characters with the funny dialogs Accessible gameplay And is just so much fun to play! An awesome game with a playscore of To recap, here are the Top 10 iOS games of April, May, & June 2015. And here are the runner-ups.

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