10 Best New Android Games of January, February & March 2015 (Q1)

Whatoplay presents the Top 10 Best Android Games of 2015 So Far. Our ranking is not a personal opinion. It’s based on a 1 to 10 score that aggregates gamers and critics, reviews into a unique score called playscore. Opening at number 10 is Heavenstrike Rivals A rare Square Enix game that is free-to-play and offers very good strategy and collectible card game mechanics. the game boasts – gorgeous characters designs, environments and plenty of collectibles! Although the energy system can be a drag, its multiplayer battles more than entices you to spend more and more time to build and upgrade your squad further! a playscore of Number 9 is WWE Immortals A mix on two of my favorite things: Injustice and WWE! This taps-and-swipes game may sound dumb to you, but you’ll be surprised on how effective and fun it is! Add to it the urge to collect and upgrade a ton of cool wrestling characters and the over-the-top, yet essential storyline, this game stays in my tablet for a loooong time.

a playscore of 8th place is Evoland I would definitely recommend this game to any Final Fantasy or Zelda fans in a heartbeat. Not for its overall quality, but for its unique experience and extreme nostalgic value. The game does well on making you reminisce the classic RPG games, but does poorly on establishing its own value as a game itself. very shallow gameplay and boring puzzles. Evoland holds a playscore of ranked number 7 is One Piece Treasure Cruise Quite a satisfying anime-inspired game that does justice to its One Piece name, and what’s good about it is that it relies on what the anime is best known for – battles, techniques, and companions! Where tapping at the right time with the right character and companion, results into awesome techniques and powerful combos! it has a playscore of 6th place is Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire A quick-paced game for the on-the-go you.

It puts your touch screen’s capabilities to full use, with its varied swipe patterns and adrenaline-fueled gameplay… this is a game that is excellent in short bursts! Be warned though as it can become quite addictive very fast, due to its very easy to grasp mechanics. a playscore of Number 5 is Lamp and Vamp A very simple-looking game with very basic mechanics and yet, frustratingly awesome! Get back to the safety of your coffin by planning your moves carefully, so as to not get cornered by whoever wants you dead! The growing number of diverse enemy types with near unpredictable tendencies makes the game increasingly difficult and fun at the same time. It holds a playscore of 4th is Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Barely six months since the first FNAF and now we have the 3rd installment – talk about speedy development! Many judge this game as the worst out of the three, but for me – it is the best…

With these reasons: story did a good job in wrapping up the series. lots of Easter eggs to uncover. and still as scary as ever! a playscore of Number 3 is Gunbrick a game with a very good combination of action and puzzle mechanics. at first you mostly speed run through things utilizing its action-side more, especially the boss fights. But as you go further in level, you start to think in a more puzzle-style approach, while retaining its usual action pace – that is, if you’re quick on your feet. Gunbrick has a playscore of Second best is Dragon Quest V This game is not for every casual gamer out there, but for looking new experiences and the hardcore RPG fan, this is for you! The game has quite a slow start, but the amount of content I got from it in return, like: upgraded animations and an epic, 50+ hour gameplay..

cements this game as one of the best in my library of games. a playscore of And the best is LIMBO This is an awesome game that surprises you around every corner with new and inventive puzzles! this morbid feeling of the atmosphere that you get, just gives you the urge you to go further, solve more puzzles and escape this horrible dream. oops. spoiler great overall presentation. clever puzzle mechanics that utilizes the surroundings. and easy-to-grasp touch controls. It is the best with a playscore of To recap here are the 10 best android games of 2015 so far.

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