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flyff billposter build

Short demo video
New video solo aoe

Update 1.20 (1/20/09) >>> Added pictures; minor corrections
Update 1.10 (1/18/09) >>> Edited armor; added some color and made some text bigger;short way to lvl; PvP
Update 1.01 >>> Edited builds;card piercings;title;other small corrections


From my experience,
-attack added from Str doesn’t help attack but I think attack awakenings do.
-int gives about 10 damage per 1
-elementing you knuckle REDUCES damage, for me from 4940 down to 4444 or so so about 500 damage


Common Build
Leveling tips

Common Build

Str 15
Sta 80-120
Dex 15
Int xxx


lvl 50Yuandain Set (Female only)
-this is an alternate AOE set for female only. It gives +80def and +100attack. This set will give much better defense than the level 60 green set but you will have lower HP.

lvl 60 Shurand/Shuran
-It gives Def+45, INT+8, Add HP+15% which is good for INT AOE
This is the first AOE set unless an Alext/Ales set is reduced.

lvl 75 Alext/Ales
-This set gives Def+43, DEX+7, Add HP+15%
This set is good till lvl 105, 95 with reductions

lvl 105 Billsit/Billporon
-HP+15%,Def+15%, Ranged Blk+15%, Melee Blk+15%
This is most but not all players end game set. Get this set as high as possible unless you have plans of getting the lvl 120 set.

lvl 120 Grim sets
-STR+10, DEX +10, Add Def+25%, Add HP+15%
This is THE end game set. It give 10% more def and overall more defense. It’s up to you if you like the 105 set or 120 set better



These to me are desired awakenings

Helmet- Try to get Int, Sta for best results
Gauntlets- Attack Power or Magic Casting Time Decreasing (DoMMT)
Boots- Speed for gathering, Def, HP/MP
Suit- – Sta, Int, Attack, Def, Speed, or DoMMT


Almost all buffs are important, get them all.


I would recommend lighting 4%/7% to increase attack.
I experimented with my +16%, took it off and did like 600 damage less. (4820 down to around 4180, note there is no way to know actual damage without attacking something.)
You could also have volcano or earthquake cards.


I would recommend at least water or land C but B’s are better.

To help in gathering try to awaken a shield and knucke with speed then pierce them with wind cards so you can put more useful things on your good stuff.


Element your suit to the correct element to reduce damage.
And as far as I know elementing your weapon doesn’t help.


As and INT AOE to be straight forward you’re gonna suck at PvP with out awakenings. If you want to try melee it won’t work because you would have low attack speed and no str. If you want to try to Asal it will suck because you have no Strength. An approximate formula for Asal is something like this
[( Str/10) * MP] + (1.1 * Attack) or so I’ve heard.

What you need
So basicly if you want to Asal try to get Str awakenings on what you can get Str on and MP on the other things, Vigors,Demols, Mental neckless and maybe even a white tiger

How to get to lvl 70_ Tips and Suggestions

1-15 Pretty much go pure str need 5 forfroms from mushpangs

Easy- Basicly just go aorund and tell people you’re a FS. After lvl 60 most people you lvl with won’t care at least 1v1 or AOE if you have max heal.

Not as easy- go either 1v1 or str AOE to lvl 70 and then restate at lvl 70

Flyff wiki for some not common knowledge and pics

Credits go to the_big_t.