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So you’ve decided to become a Jester? A Jester is a class that’s practically unique to flyff. Very few games have classes that wield Yo-Yos. Although really – while it might sound lame when telling your friend, your wielding shurikens of deaths on strings. You’ll have the last laugh.

I’ve been playing this game for coming up three years right now, and my main is a YoYo Jester by the name of Heos. I am also a complete forum addict under the name of heosjester. Any of you browsing the acrobat section of the official forums have probably seen me lurking. And if you happen to like to hang out in the lawolf arena, well then you may have seen me as well ^.^.

In this guide I will educate you on the builds, skills, and general info on the Jester class. This guide will be primarily focused on YoYo Jesters, but I will delve into the builds of Bow Jester, and Pipeline Bow Jester (initials PBJ – not quite as dirty, but still yummy ^.^). I hope this guide will answer all your questions and more on the class of Jester.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any sort of questions in game or via forums. I am also willing to give out my MSN and AIM if you contact me either of these ways.

Table Of Contents
Maximizing Critical
Build Customization
Piercing Cards


Ah builds. Where would be without them?


Strength – Adds attack power for melee weapons. A YoYo is a melee weapon, a bow is not.
Dexterity – Adds Critical Rate, Attack Power for bows, block, accuracy, and evasion
Stamina – Adds maximum HP and defense
Intelligence – Adds buff duration for RMs and BPs, magic attack, and MP.

Out of these stats, the only ones we will be focusing on is strength (str) and dexterity (dex). Intelligence (int) does absolutely nothing useful for Jesters, and as a 1v1 class you will use very little stamina (Sta). I never recommend anything above 30 sta.

First you must understand how a YJ works. As a Jester, you will gain 4% critical hit for every 10 dex. This is our advantage, this is how we level, and we must remember it is extremely important. Without this we would be nothing.

YoYo Jester Builds
The following builds assume the use of a Historic Yoyo (75 leveling weapon – adds 7 dex) and full buffs (adds 20 dex). So add 27 dex to each of the builds to see what you should be at while leveling. The reason we assume Historic Yoyo and full buffs while leveling is that you SHOULD have these while leveling at all times. Also remember that crit rate is capped (although it doesn’t show it in game) at 96%. The recommended build gets as close to this number as possible.

Iluvya/Power Jester Guide build: Sub90 – 68% Crit Rate; Post90 – 83% Crit Rate
Str: xxx
Dex: 43
Sta: 15-30
Int: 15

This build was once the most popular build of the YJ – believing it gave you a nice crit rate, and still great damage. This is not true, which I will prove in my Math section, and is not the recommended build. Its one advantage is that one can use this build, and maintain quite a bit of strength for PvP while maintaining decent accuracy and critrate. In earlier versions this was more important as it was harder to get enough dex from equips to swap back and forth between PvP and PvM. In the current version though, if you aren’t going high dex, I recommend full strength.

Inbetween Dex Builds: Sub90 – 72%, 76% Crit Rate; Post90 – 87%, 91% Crit Rate
Str: xxx
Dex: 53, 63
Sta: 15-30
Int: 15

These builds are inbetween the previous popular build, and the current recommended build. Neither are bad, but both do not produce a higher Damage per Second (DPS) over time. The second build – 63 dex, produces a very high damage output, and at some points is the higher one – which I will explain in the Math section. Some other knowledgeable YJs – who happen to be some of my friends, are largely in favor of the 53 dex build, as they believe it produces a better DPS. I disagree, but I’ll go into this more later.

Heos Build: Sub90 – 80% Crit Rate; Post90 – 95% Crit Rate
Str: xxx
Dex: 73
Sta: 15-30
Int: 15

This is the recommended build. It will produce the highest DPS, and you will destroy mobs fast. You won’t hit as high as some of the above builds, but you will level faster. This build gets as close as possible to max crit rate (96%) and therefore max damage. With this build you have taken full advantage of the Jester bonus, and you will be rewarded for it.

Full Str Build
Str: xxx
Dex: 15
Sta: 15
Int: 15

Just as it sounds – full strength. This build requires money, but is arguably the best build because it is so versatile. You won’t be leveling with this build, but instead you will use dex equips to obtain one of the above leveling builds (such as 73 dex) but are then able to switch to strength equips for PvP purposes. Sta and HP equips are also available to tank in PvP. In essence – this build has the potential to be everything, but without equips it is absolutely nothing. Do NOT do this build unless you KNOW you can afford multiple sets, multiple yoyos, and multiple pets that are all very very good.

What is true of all of these builds is that nothing is set in stone. There are multiple ways to get dex from equips. However, since all that can be assumed are buffs and Historic Yoyo, that is what the builds are based on. I will explain in more detail later how to customize your build.

Bow Jester Builds

I will only touch on these briefly, as this is not the focus of the guide. But they are Jesters, so here you are.

1v1 Standard Bow Jester:
Str: 15
Dex: xxx
Sta: 15
Int: 15

This build takes advantage of the Jester’s natural crit rate per dex. Going full dex allows one to hit 100% crit rate quite easily. It also gives one block and evasion to survive 1v1ing easily. This build will not level as fast, hit as hard, or PvP as well as a YJ can, but because of the ease of leveling, many people take this option.

Pipeline Bow Jester:
Str: 15
Dex: xxx
Sta: 15-40
Int: 15

This build is in essence an AoE BJ. BJs have access to only one AoE – Arrow Rain at level 50. An acrobat AoE, and it is often never used because of its substantial cooldown. Here is a short summary of how Pipeline works. Most AoErs level in a two step process. They gather their mobs, and then they spam their AoE or AoEs until the mobs die. Collect, then kill. A Pipeline BJ does not AoE as such. They combine the two steps into a flow of constant killing. Why? Well as I previously stated, Arrow Rain (AR) has a cooldown. So here is what you do. You gather a few mobs, for the purpose of this discussion let’s say 5 mobs. You gather 5 mobs, and then you use AR. While AR is pulsing/cooling down, you gather 5 more mobs. By this time AR should be ready to be used again, and so you do so. As such you have sets of mobs moving through the pipeline (in this case we have 5 mobs in each set). When your pipeline is full (as in you have mobs constantly entering and exiting the pipeline) this is when your leveling is the fastest. Whenever you cast AR, a set of mobs should exit the pipeline – ie Die. So in this scenario, whenever you cast AR…5 mobs die. This is faster than both 1v1 YJ, and 1v1 BJ. Because of PB, and Jesters blockrate per dex, you should survive quite fine. This build is very similar to a ranger build.

Theory: Maximizing Critical

You already went over the build section, but it doesn’t really tell you two things. Why?

Well this is what this section is for.

How Critical Works for YJs

A critical hit has a chance to occur during regular attacks – ie not skills. A critical hit is about 2x your damage, but is then further increased by Critical Damage on your equipment. There is no stat that adds Critical Damage, but dexterity does add Critical. For every 10 dexterity you get 1% Critical Rate. A Jester however, gets 4% Critical Rate. YJs also get – as a self buff – Critical Swing – which adds 40% Critical Hit. Our level 90 set also adds 15% Critical hit. These are a few things to consider.

Why 73 dex?

Because it optimizes damage – simple as that. It always will eventually. Thats not to say for everyone it does. But for most people it does, and for those that it doesn’t, it will. This may seem confusing, but hopefully you understand as you read on.

Imagine your attack power as if its a pool. A pool that may start off like a small puddle, but as you level it increases eventually to Olympic size.

The thing to realize about strength – while vital – is what I like to refer to as static. Strength adds a certain amount – 4.2 Atk per 1 Str for YoYos. This amount can be modified by other factors – such as + weapons, and attack piercings. But regardless – strength adds 4.2 atk per stat. Whenever you add strength (and do anything else for that matter) the attack added from your strength is added to your pool.

But since strength – as we discussed – is static – it always adds the same amount. It doesn’t add a percentage of your pool – it adds 4.2 atk. So if your pool was only 1 atk deep (I realize this is impossible in game), 1 strength quadrules your attack power!!! I’d daresay you’d notice that. However, if you’re pool was 8k attack power, would you really notice a 4.2 increase? Can you tell the difference in killing speed between someone with an 8k atk rating and a 8.0042k attack rating? Me neither. So while strength is important, the bigger your pool is, the smaller the strength your adding seems relative to the size of your pool.

Have any of you ever added your pro equips to your vagrant? Ever notice what happens when you get RM buffs? Your damage is probably 10x more. Give a vagrant beef up, and then wait for it to run out. See if they notice. Now go up to a Hero Blade, buff him, and dont give him beef up. Theres a good chance he’ll have no idea. This may seem obvious, but its just to reiterate that strength adds a set amount – regardless of a persons equips or level (other than obvious modifiers).

Now lets look at Critical Rate. Critical Rate is what I’d like to call dynamic. While it does cap, it everchanges with your build. Assuming of course, that you don’t already have max critical hit, a 10% increase in critical is going to be VERY noticable, and actually change with you, as your pool grows.

Critical Rate gives you a larger chance to hit a Critical Hit. A Critical Hit is a percentage. If your attack pool grows – so does the amount of your Critical Hit – but exponentially so. When 100 attack is added to your pool, the amount 20 strength gives remains the same. It still adds 88 damage. Adding more to your attack pool doesn’t change the fact 20 strength gives 88 damage. However, if you add 100 to your attack pool, how Critical Rate effects your damage is all of a sudden different. It increases your chances for your hits to double or more than double, which in turn takes that 100 attack that was added and starts multiplying it.

I hope that made sense. But this is why Critical Rate will ALWAYS at some point in time be greater than strength. Since 20 dex for us would give us 8% Critical Rate, lets compare 20 strength to 8% Critical Rate.

To a vagrant – which is my example of someone with excruciatingly low attack power – which would be better? An 8% critical would raise their DPS – but only by an amount dictated by their attack power. An increase in 20 strength would mean they’re attack power is probably doubled or tripled. The strength would win. However – in a Hero – the 20 strength is practically meaningless. Its a drop in their small pool. The 8% critical, because it increases the percentage of times their large pool is going to be multiplied, is going to beat adding more power to the pool.

Lets do some math ^.^. I’m going to assume that a Critical Hit is exactly 200% of a Normal Hit. Just for Math purposes.

Lets pretend you have a choice of…..50 strength or 20% critical. We’re going to assume that with all attack modifiers and stuff, the person in question is getting 5 atk per str.

Situation A:
They have 1000 attack.
If they choose the strength option their gaining 250 attack. But they don’t have any critical. So their average will be 1250 attack.
1250 * 1 = 1250
If they choose the critical option they gain 20% critical but stay at 1000 attack. So 80% of the time, its 1000, but 20% of the time, its 2000.
(1000 * 0.8 ) + (2000 * 0.2) = 1200

As you can see, the strength wins because of the low pool.

Situation B:
They have 2000 attack.
If they choose the strength option their gaining 250 attack. But they don’t have any critical. So their average will be 2250 attack.
2250 * 1 = 2250
If they choose the critical option they gain 20% critical but stay at 2000 attack. So 80% of the time, its 2000, but 20% of the time, its 4000.
(2000 * 0.8 ) + (4000 * 0.2) = 2400

This time, because of a larger pool, the 250 attack isn’t as important, but the multiplication of critical is greater, and wins.

Situation C:
They have 4000 attack.
If they choose the strength option their gaining 250 attack. But they don’t have any critical. So their average will be 4250 attack.
4250 * 1 = 4250
If they choose the critical option they gain 20% critical but stay at 4000 attack. So 80% of the time, its 4000, but 20% of the time, its 8000.
(4000 * 0.8 ) + (8000 * 0.2) = 4800

As you can see – the difference between strength and crit only greatens the bigger one’s pool is. Again, the critical wins. If I continued examples – you’d see that it only increased in power.

This is why I advocate 73 dex. Assuming Historic YoYo and buffs its 100 dex. 100 dex is 40% Critical Rate.

40% Critical Rate + 40% Critical Rate from Critical Swing (YJ self buff) + 15% Critical Rate = 95% Critical Rate.

This is as close to max as is beneficial – as Critical Rate at the moment is believed to be capped at 96%***. As I explained, as your pool increases – eventually Critical Rate will beat Strength. Always. And when one’s attack power is low (say before 90?) they need the Critical Rate anyway because they don’t have Restra. And the attack speed bonus helps as well.

So there are points in time – depending on your equips and such – that other builds may win. But 73 dex will always prevail.


This image reiterates this. The lines are the builds – the x axis is the attack power – and the y axis is the average attack power assuming critical hits.

I realize this math isn’t exact – as there are other factors at play in Flyff – but the concept remains the same.

*** = Its come to my attention that 96% critical rate may not really be the cap. It seems that if you have 100% critical rate = you will still hit normals from time to time (which is where the confusion came from). However, it seems if you have 101% critical or more, you will cease to hit normals. However – this doesn’t change my recommended build.

Build Customization

In the current version – there are many many many different ways to get dex. As such – this makes a cookie cutter build VERY dependent on one’s equips. This is why this section is important.

Take whatever build in the build section you’re going to choose (of course the recommended is 73 dex, especially if you’re going to customize) and add what is assumed (+7 dex from Hyoyo, and +20 from buffs) which in the recommended build’s case – is 100 dex.

100 dex means you get 95% critical rate with restra, and 80% with cruiser.

YJs get 4% Critical Rate for every 10 dex they have. So 100 dex means 40% Critical Rate. Critical Swing – our level 65 buff – also gives 40% Critical Hit. This is where we get 80% Critical Rate with cruiser. Restra – of course giving 15% Critical Rate – gives us our 95%.

But to get our base build – we take that 100 dex, and subtract what we KNOW we will have. Historic Yoyo is mandatory, and adds 7 dex. Since we’ll be using this forever – this makes our build now 93. A YJ should never go solo – so 20 dex from Cannon Ball is also always assumed. This makes it our number – 73.

Now, whats your build? This is what we’re here to figure out.

First, one of the most overlooked one’s is set +. A +5 set gives 1 to every stat, a +8 gives 2, and a +10 gives three. So if you’re using a +8 set, your build would be 71. +10 would be 70, and a +5 would be 72. Understand?

Now of course, for every dex awakening you have – subtract. You have 10 dex on your helm and you have a +8 set? Well that would be 61 dex.

So go through your equips (this is better to do with restra, as restra is your endgame set…) and start subtracting.

But there is the matter of critical rate. You might have to estimate with this. Critical Rate from equips also means less dex in your build. Since 10 dex is equal to 4% Critical Rate, you should use that as your reference. Your goal should be 90-96% crit.

If you have a 4% critical awake – subtract 10. If you have a 5% critical awake? Probably also subtract 10. If you have a 6% critical awake? You could subtract 10 or 20….depending on how much critical you want.

Point is to add it all up (or use the simulator) to see what you’d get.

Simple as that. If you need help, pm me.

But if you’re goal is full strength? Well now thats a different story, now you’re actively trying to get away with 15 dex. Lets see what we can do.

Please keep in mind for full strength is ONLY beneficial if you equip swap. It does NOT increase your damage in PvM at all. It gives you the ability to PvP better by swapping to strength equips. So not only do you need the dex equips to make this work, but you need the strength equips to make this beneficial.

Base Dex = 15.
Assumed Dex = 7 (From Historic YoYo) + 20 (From Cannon Ball Buff) = 27.

Starting Dex = 42.

Recommended places to get Dexterity – Rabbit, Rings, Helmet Awakening, Piercing
Places you can get Dexterity but they are better used – Suit Awake, Pet Awake, Weapon Awake

Also keep in mind Critical Rate awakens help wonders – but the only recommended place to get this is Gauntlet.

There are drawbacks to every one of these though. Using a Pet or Jewelry (pet is my favorite) means that you "can" be losing out. Lets say you only need a 3x rabbit to satisfy your critical needs. But later down the road you become rich and are able to get a 6x Tiger. Since you need to be using that rabbit for your PvM….thats 3x strength being lost. Same thing with Jewelry, if all you need is an Arek+9 but later down the road you come across Vigor+18s….well you can’t use them in PvM. Basically the drawback is that dexterity only helps until Critical is capped.

But with 42 base dex – you have 16% Critical Rate from that, and of course 40% from Critical Swing, and 15% from Restra Set. Thats 71% Critical Rate. 20-25% more!!!.

You have several options.

1. Set. Since your serious PvPing set is often a Jesis, having a Restra thats devoted to leveling is a good idea to obtaining Full Strength. This could be just the helmet, like having a strength and a dexterity helmet (remember you need to have a strength equivalent for it to be beneficial!!!!) to swap in and out. Or your entire set (which could include gauntlets). Also keep in mind that the PvP equivalent on gauntlets is Attack. Attack is not much of a help anyway for PvP, so if you use Critical Gauntlets, you don’t really need to swap them in and out….But a 2x dex helm and a 8% crit gauntlet means (16% Critical total) that you’re almost to your mark – you have 87% Critical Rate.

2. Pet. This is the option I use at the moment but I may change it since I may get a really nice Tiger. A Rabbit works wonders – and can be cheap. A 4x dex rabbit costs maybe 500m on my server, and can completely take care of all your Critical Needs.

3. YoYo piercings. This is honestly one of the best options….adding Dex and Critical Rate – it gets you to where you want to be fast. It does mean you lose out on ADoCH…which is an issue but for most players the ADoCH isn’t much. 4/4 is fairly cheap and thats 4% Crit and 16 dex right there.

These are the three options I’d recommend, and of course a combination of any of these works. Just sit down at teh simulator or with paper or a calculator and get cracking. Of course I’m always willing to help you figure it out if you leave me a message or a comment on this guide (or anywhere in the forums) if you just tell me what kind of equips you have, and what kind of equips you expect, and what your budget is.


Current YoYos

Level 60 – Guardian YoYo
Def+30, Attack Speed +10%

Level 60 – This is actually not that bad. Before awakenings it was a fantastic option to use before Historic YoYo. Now its sub-par because its relatively easy to get an NPC YoYo with an awake that exceeds its bonus. However, if you found a cheap one with a good awake, I would say go for it. But with the new awakening system and the ability to reduce weapons you won’t be using it long – if at all.

Level 75 – Historic YoYo
Dex+7, Critical Damage +28%

This is your YoYo. This is it. Like the Restra/Rasra set, this is the YoYo you will use for PvM for a while. Upgrade it, love it. ***With the addition of the Lusaka YoYo – this Hyoyo is no longer a must. However, while the Lusaka YoYo is stronger and cheaper than an equivalent Hyoyo, it is soul linked and therefor can never be sold.

Level 75 – Lusaka YoYo
Dex+10, Critical Damage +20%

Another fantastic leveling YoYo. The advantage of this weapon is that it actually drops Ultimate – and is significantly cheaper than an Ultimate Hyoyo. The bad news about this YoYo is that it is soul linked – which means if ever you decide to change yoyos – any money you spent on this yoyo is forever lost. I only recommend this if you farmed it yourself, it is absolutely dirt cheap, or you don’t plan on getting a new leveling yoyo ever.

Level 90 – Angel YoYo
Dex+5, Str+10

Quite like the Rebron set – it was used a PvP YoYo used to increase HoP back in the day. It adds 10 strength and 5 dex. These measly bonuses are now easily made up by piercings, awakenings, etc. It should be left alone in favor of other YoYos.

Level 105 – Legendary Golden YoYo
HP+15%, Attack Speed +10%

Arguably the best PvP YoYo. The Bloody is better, but when factoring price – the LGY is not that different. It shares the 15% HP Bonus of the Bloody YoYo, and is much cheaper. And sometimes I’ve found 10% Attack Speed in the Arena can be quite handy. If you’re a YJ going to solo (I highly highly highly recommend you dont) this is the YoYo to use unless you can make up the 10% Attack Speed another way.

Level 120 – Bloody YoYo
HP+15%, Def+100, Dex+10

The end game PvP YoYo at the moment. While technically, the difference in attack rating from Legendary Golden YoYo and Bloody YoYo doesn’t actually have a huge effect on HoP, they both have 15% HP, and a good Bloody is going to be pricey, the Bloody YoYo is still one sexy thing. The looks alone might be worth it. Good luck resisting it.

Level 120 – Vampire YoYo
Critical Rate+10%, Critical Damage+20%, Attack Speed+10%

This is the YoYo of choice for PvM purposes from 120 to Hero. So for your second pilgrimage from 60 (M this time) to 120, this’ll be your YoYo. Finally something that exceeds the Historic YoYo. For PvP though – the Bloody YoYo should still be our main weapon. It is however, also like the Lusaka YoYo, soul linked. Which means while it is stronger than the Hyoyo – you may consider holding out for the Ancient YoYo. However, for anyone that plans on staying at 120? This is the yoyo for you. For PvM purposes at least. Plus it looks pretty awesome. For PvP though – the Bloody YoYo should still be our main weapon.

Level 75-M – Crystal Lusaka YoYo
Critical Rate+10%, Critical Damage+20%, Attack Speed+10%

This is the exact same as the Vampire YoYo (see above). The only difference is how it looks, and the fact that the level requirement is 75-M. It is also soul linked. Its handy if you can get one cheap (but the droprates on the Savage Wilds look nasty so probably not) or if you plan on staying 80-M for the sole purpose of farming the Savage Wilds.

Level 120-M – Ancient YoYo
Critical Rate+22%, Critical Damage+36%, Attack Speed+22%

Upon reaching Hero (120-M technically), this badboy is ours. While the Bloody YoYo will (probably) still remain our PvP weapon, this is the weapon for all PvM purposes. This bad boy pretty much demands that you go full strength and still get 100% critical and 100% attack speed. Gotta love it.

Summing Up YoYos

Use the Guardian YoYo or an NPC YoYo until Historic YoYo/Lusaka. Use Historic YoYo until Vampire/Crystal. Use Vampire/Cyrstal until Ancient YoYo. Bloody or Legendary Golden for PvP.

Note – Bloody CAN be used for PvM. Historic and others are almost always better, but if you have an Ultimate Bloody YoYo with Fire As, then you may not feel like spending the money on getting a Historic YoYo up to par.


Acrobat Sets

Level 15 – Slepint/Stinger
1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+16, Dex+3
3/4: Def+36, Dex+3, FP+10%, MP+10%
4/4: Def+36, Dex+3, FP+10%, MP+10%, Critical Rate+10%

A low level set, this can be found in saint morning. Its actually surprisingly good and you could use it for your acrobat days if you wanted. 10% crit would help you out immensely, whether you were going bow or yoyo.

Level 30 – Layered/Miracle
1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+20, HP+10%
3/4: Def+50, HP+10%, FP Consumption-15%, MP Consumption-15%
4/4: Def+50, HP+10%, FP Consumption-15%, MP Consumption-15%, Attack Speed+10%

Like the Stinger set, the 10% attack speed could help you immensely in your acrobat days. So if you’d like to crit a bit more, go the Stinger route, but go Layered if you wanna pick up the speed of your attacks.

Level 45 – Cruiser/Hyper
1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+20, Bow Attack+10, Yoyo Attack+11
3/4: Def+41, Bow Attack+10, Yoyo Attack+11, FP Consumption-20%, MP Consumption-20%
4/4: Def+55, Bow Attack+10, Yoyo Attack+11, FP Consumption-20%, MP Consumption-20%, Critical Damage+40%

You see this? This is the set you wear until 90. You don’t absolutely need this until 60, as you probably wont have much critrate yet. But at 60+ its completely mandatory. It adds 40% Critical Damage, and considering we’re the class with the most critical rate….its basically an increase of 40% Damage. Without this we are nothing. You MUST get this.

Level 50 – Rorend/Rorient
Helmet:Resistances: Electric+8%, Fire+8%, Water+16%
Boots: Resistances: Electric+7%, Fire+7%, Water+14%
Gauntlet: Resistances: Electric+9%, Fire+9%, Water+18%
Suit: Resistances: Electric+10%, Fire+10%, Water+20%

Our Clockworks set. This set differs from other sets as the bonuses are piece by piece, as opposed to being based on how many pieces you have. While this is tempting by many YJs – it should be left alone in favor of the Cruiser. Getting critical is easy for us – so why would we use a set that added critical? We want the damage. Please leave this alone, I realize how tempting it is. This is really for bored Rangers. Or Rangers who want to PvP.

Level 60 – Rebron/Restron
1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+20
3/4: Def+48, STR+10
4/4: Def+48, STR+10, Hit Rate+15%

This set used to be a PvP set. That 10 strength was used to increase HoP. However, nowadays strength is a lot easier to come by with pets, awakenings, piercings, etc, etc. So this set is fairly useless. 15% Hit Rate would be cool if we weren’t a class that added dex for Crit Rate, or a class who was addicted to damage – and hence Cruiser/Restra. This set should pretty much be left alone, unless your trying to break some records. And even then this wont help you much ^.^.

Jester Sets

Level 75 – Katria/Kanarin
1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+20
3/4: Def+47, FP Consumption-15%
4/4: Def+47, FP Consumption-15%, Dex+8

This set is pretty much utterly useless. Don’t get it, and don’t upgrade it. Nobody wants it.

Level 90 – Restra/Rasra
1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+21
3/4: Def+49, Critical Rate+15%
4/4: Def+49, Critical Rate+15%, Critical Damage+40%

Hooray!!!! Change out of your smelly dirty cruiser and put it in the washing machine. Its been a tough 45 levels, but finally you get to switch out of this thing and change into a sexy sexy….wait….what the hell?? Its pink??? But seriously, while this set requires an investment in CS Fashion, it is the end all set for YJs. Upgrade it as high as you can as you will use it for your entire leveling/gianting/instancing career. You’ll probably even use it for a good portion of your PvP days. It adds a whopping 15% critical rate and 40% Critical damage. While the change actually has no effect on BJs, on a Jester this is huge. This set is not only the best set for YJs, but its arguably the very best set in the entire game.

Level 105 – Neis/Nation
1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+20
3/4: Def+48, Str+10
4/4: Def+48, Str+10, Dex+10

Pretty much useless – could be used like reborn but should be left in favor of the Jesis. The 10 strength is nice for PvP, but it should be left in favor of the HP/Block of Jesis. The 10 dex would be handy for PvM, but its a tiny bug compared to the might of Restra.

Level 105 – Jesis/Jenes
1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+10%
3/4: Def+10%, Ranged Block +10%, Short Range Block+10%
4/4: Def+15%, Ranged Block+15%, Short Block+15%, HP+15%

Ah….in v7 these sets were released. Every class has two 105 sets. Their own 105 set, and the 105 set that has the bonuses that every other class does ^.^. Like all other v7 105 sets, it adds 15% HP, 15% def, and 15% melee block and 15% ranged block. Most classes use this set to PvP and AoE. We Jesters cannot AoE – unless you’ve taken the PBJ route. But this will be our PvP set. It gives us HP =D which means we can tank, and of course kill. Since in serious PvP Jesters are primarily skill spammers, losing our Critical Damage is no big deal. The same could not be set about our Bow wielding brothers. The 15% block combined with Cats Reflex (12% block) and Perfect Block (20% block) means its quite hard to hit us, even though we have little dex. The 15% ranged block is one of the only ways to get ranged block, so it makes tanking BJs and Rangers a bit easier.

Level 120 – Velox
1/4: No effect
2/4: No effect
3/4: No effect
4/4: Str+10, DEX+10, Def+15%, HP+15%

A very disappointing 120 set. We already know Restra is our ultimate leveling set, so our hopes for a Velox would be a great PvP set. But lets compare to our other PvP set – the Jesis. 15% HP? Jesis has it. 15% Def? Jesis has it. But the almighty Velox is missing the block….an incredibly vital part of our survival. In its place we find 10 dex and 10 strength. The dex is pretty much useless for PvP, and the 10 strength is hardly noticeable. The Jesis is infinitely better than this set, but also infinitely cheaper, which is vital when it comes to awakens. Don’t use it unless you’re rich and you REALLY want to look cool. But if that’s the case there’s plenty of good looking Fashion CS.

125-H – Curio/Curena
1/4: No effect
2/4: No effect
3/4: No effect
4/4: Critical Damage+20%, Accuracy+20%, Evasion+20%, Critical Hit+20%

Meh. Its alright. It has 5% crit 20% accuracy 20% evasion over the restra set. But the restra set has 20% Critical Damage more. Its easily argued that more accuracy is not really needed. Maybe some tests will prove otherwise, but at the moment its safe to say its about useless. Evasion is fantastic if you’re trying to tank. But if you’re trying to tank you’re much better off with Jesis. While this set is good for some serious PvM like gianting and whatnot – the unbelievable increase in the cost of hunting down these pieces, awakening them and then upgrading them (and they’re soul linked too I think) is not worth it. Especially since Restra does more damage – and critical is more than easy to max with Ancient YoYo. To be honest this set is not worth getting.

Summing Up Armor: Basically, stay away from all these sets except for three. Get the cruiser by 60, switch to restra by 90, and get the Jesis for PvP when 1. you have enough money to maintain both restra and jesis, or 2. you’re done leveling and just want to PvP.


Welcome to the Skills section of the guide. The following are pictures and information on the Acrobat and Jester skills, as well as what levels they are available.

In the end, what you max I’ll leave up to you, but if I advocate it heavily, its generally a good idea to max it.

Acrobat Skills

Pulling – Level 15
Pulls the enemy toward you. It has its advantages in the mine, while trying to separate agros. And its handy when a psykeeper satans you or a Merc/Blade/Knight sneakers you, and you’re trying to pull them toward you. Or if you’re pulling someone off the ledge of the arena.

Fast Walker – Level 18
Increases your running speed by 50%. Godlike while moving inbetween spawns, and incredible in PvP as well. Speed is amazing..and it has the same cooldown as DI, which is small considering.

Dark Illusion – Level 30
Another incredible skill. Allows you to be invisible for 14 seconds. Same duration and cooldown as fast walker. Allows you to be invisible for more time than you are visible.

Perfect Block – Level 45
Adds 20% melee block. Incredible skill – helps you live while leveling, and stops melee classes in their tracks in PVP.

Slow Step – Level 15
Has a small chance to slow the enemy a little bit for a very short period of time. Not very useful at all…

YoYo Mastery – Level 20
Adds 42 YoYo damage, sounds good to me.

Snitch – Level 35
Steals a tiny tiny amount of penya. Not very useful…just more annoying than anything.

Deadly Swing – Level 50
Relatively strong acro skill, has a chance to put a DoT on the enemy, but all in all semi-useless.

Crossline – Level 30
Not the strongest of attacks, but its spammable and can stun so its very handy in PvP, or when you get in trouble while leveling.

Counter Attack – Level 40
Yet another fantastic skill. In PvM it allows you to dodge the next attack, hit the enemy, stunning it 100% of the time. Incredibly useful while gianting, or while leveling in dangerous conditions. In PvP it can be used to avoid moves that would kill you, and still has chance to stun. However, it only works if the enemy is close so if you lag….it might not work. Raising it past lvl 1 only increases its power, not the chance to stun or the duration of the stun. So there is no real reason to get it past lvl 1.

Jester Skills

Enchant Poison – Level 60
Adds a chance to poison and 60 damage. This is what you should use to level as your YJ. It adds the most damage, simple at that.

Enchant Blood – Level 60
This was supposed to add Critical Damage but it does not. It has a DoT just like Enchant poison, but does less damage. So don’t use it.

Escape – Level 60
A skill that is supposed to help you get out of sneaker and sanatology. It does not. It gets rid of some mage skills, which is completely useless. Broken, useless skill.

Critical Swing – Level 65
All other classes wish they could have a buff like this….this buff adds 40% Critical Rate. Combined with our natural Crit Rate per dex, this makes us killing machines. And this is also an explanation to all you confused people in the build section.

Sneak Stab – Level 70
Handy skill, I recommend maxing it at some point or another. It has a chance to stun, but can only be used from behind. Handy in PvP coming out of DI (if a Vital/HoP combo won’t kill them).

Enchant Absorb – Level 70
Enchant absorb adds less damage than Enchant Poison, and has no DoT. The amount absorbed is insignificant, so it is not useful to gain back HP. The only reason this should be used is if you do not want a DoT for PvP reasons (I will explain this in the PvP section).

Penya Strike – Level 75
Your PvP skill. It is powerful, and based on strength. Use it. It has a short cooldown, and is the second most powerful skill in the game. This is why you became a YJ ;D.

Vital Stab – Level 80
A YJs second most powerful skill. It has a chance to double, and when it does it can be devastating. It can only be used from DI, and is often coupled with a nice strong HoP right afterwards.

Special YoYo Mastery – Level 60-M
The Master skill – adds yoyo damage. Enough said.

Silence – Hero
This move makes it so the target cannot use any skills that use MP for 6 seconds at maxed. Fairly disappointing Hero skill, but just be glad we aren’t RMs.


Standard Jewelry

Gore Necklace
HP +118 to +1018

The Gore Necklace adds HP. Not a lot of HP – but honestly the rest of the necklaces are even worse. So this should be your Necklace of choice for grinding, but dont spend too much money on it because it barely matters.

Mental Necklace
MP +57 to +227

MP does nothing for Jesters – theres no point of this necklace. Other necklaces may be useless but this one is utterly so. Dont get it.

Pension Necklace
FP +57 to +227

Sometimes useful in PvP if you’re a high strength build and find yourself running out of FP fast. You can get a +19 one cheap, so if you’d like to use this – go for it. But altogether its fairly useless.

Plug Earring
DEF +44 to +310

Plugs add defense. Significant amount too. However you are a YJ, are are 1v1, so please NEVER use plugs on a Jester. Defense is fairly useless in PvP too, so YJs should never touch plugs. If you are an early pipeline-BJ, then plugs might be for you. Otherwise, don’t touch them.

+1, +2, or +3
Melee Block +3%, +6%, +10%

They add some melee blockrate. Its not bad. It’s maybe sometimes useful for tanking, or SOME PvP. However, they should NEVER be used for leveling, and Demols add so much damage that the scenarios in which speedos should replace them are quite few. Plus Speedo’s are hardly worth it unless you get +3 – which is quite expensive. So not that worth it.

Demol Earring
Additional Damage +10 to +375

Damage damage damage!! Yum. Not to be confused with +Attack, +Additional Damage is an insane boost of damage. Unless you have one of the new jewelry sets, this is a must have. Lots of damage for both PvP and PvM. Get it and upgrade it. These add more damage than Vigors in both PvP and PvM – so I highly recommend you concentrate on upgrading them before other jewelry (other than set jewelry). Also please keep in mind standard demols add damage to every class.

Vigor Ring
Str +1 to +40

Yum strength. The jewelry of choice for PvM – and great jewelry for PvM if you are getting your critrate without them. YoYos are based off strength, so enough said. Even if you do use Areks for PvM – switching to vigors for PvP is a good move.

Intelli Ring
Int +1 to +40

Adds intelligence – useless for Jesters. Dont ever use them.

Stam Ring
Sta +1 to +40

Sometimes useful when trying to be a tank for dungeon runs, or trying to tank something in PvP. Overall I’d rather say switch between a Uni and Tiger, or if you are done leveling – put the sta in your build. However these can be nice if you have extra money. But certainly not a must.

Arek Ring
Arek +1 to +40

Dexterity! As explained in other sections of the guide, Arek rings can be used to attempt to maximize your critical without putting dexterity in your build. Thats what these are perfect for. However – if you have the necessary critical rate without them – there is little point.

Jewelry Sets

Defender’s Set
1/4: No effect
2/4: No effect
3/4: No effect
4/4: HP Recovery+500, MP Recovery+100
5/5: HP Recovery+500, MP Recovery+100, Immunity+100

The rings of this set are similar to stam rings, and the earrings are similar to plug earrings. This is a heavy tanker set, and pretty much useless for YJs. Even for the YJs trying to be a tank for whatever reason at endgame are better off using Champion Set.

Adept’s Set
1/4: No effect
2/4: No effect
3/4: No effect
4/4: Spell Maximizing+20%, Decreasing Casting Time+20%
5/5: Spell Maximizing+20%, Decreasing Casting Time+20%, MP Recovery upon killing NPC+500

The rings are basically intelli rings, and the earrings are basically magic-specific demols. Adds nothing for the Jester there is NO point to it what-so-ever. Obviously don’t get it.


1/4: No effect
2/4: No effect
3/4: No effect
4/4: Rooting+20%, Bow Range+20%
5/5: Rooting+20%, Bow Range+20%, HP upon killing NPC+1000

The rings are basically Areks, and the earrings are basically demols except yoyo and bow exclusive. This can be handy for PvM purposes, but the Champion set is good for PvM too so….to me this is mostly a bow set. However if they fix the rooting – Jesters might have some use for it.

1/4: No effect
2/4: No effect
3/4: No effect
4/4: HP+20%, Melee Block+20%
5/5: HP+20%, Melee Block+20%, Damage Reflection+50%

Great for PvM and PvP. The vigors add strength and critical damage, and the demols are the only jewel set demol that applies to all classes. The bonuses themselves aren’t that PvM related, but they are godlike in PvP. A very very nice set. Deadly.

Piercing Cards


Lightning Card
Atk +2%, +3%, +4%, +7%

Volcano Card
HP +2%, +3%, +4%, +7%

Earthquake Card
Def +2%, +3%, +4%, +7%

Vacuum Card
FP +2%, +3%, +4%, +7%

Ocean Card
MP +2%, +3%, +4%, +7%


Fire Card
D Card: Str+2
C Card: Str+3 Critical Damage+1%
B Card: Str+4 Critical Damage+1%
A Card: Str+7 Critical Damage+2%

Electric Card
D Card: Dex+2
C Card: Dex+3 Critical Rate+1%
B Card: Dex+4 Critical Rate+1%
A Card: Dex+7 Critical Rate+2%

Wind Card
D Card: Speed+2%
C Card: Speed+3% Attack Speed+1%
B Card: Speed+4% Attack Speed+1%
A Card: Speed+7% Attack Speed+2%

Water Card
D Card: Int+2
C Card: Int+3 Decreasing Casting Time+1%
B Card: Int+4 Decreasing Casting Time+1%
A Card: Int+7 Decreasing Casting Time+2%

Land Card
D Card: Sta+2
C Card: Sta+3
B Card: Sta+4
A Card: Sta+7

Credits go to heos.

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