elman0’s Fists of FU Magician Class Guide

Contents 1. The Magician 2. Skill Tree 3. Skills -Fireball -Boulder Bash -Thunderbolt -Heavenly Staff -Freezing Blow -Brutal Staff -Dragon’s Rage -Radiant Burst -Passives 4....

gm_blades’ Fists of FU Divine Swordsman Guide

Hi, Fu-natics, Here I would like introduce you guys the Swordsman, which can be created after you finish your class promotion. Swordsman Fierce and mighty, the Swordsman...

wardomic’s Fists of FU Leveling Gift Box Item List

Leveling Gift Box Level 1 – 40 Gift Box Level Character Class Gifts Quantity Time (Hour) Level 1 All HP Potion 10K 1 0 EXP Book (30 Minutes) 1 0 Leveling Gift Box(level 2) 1 0 Level 2 All Peach Ice Nectar 10 0 Leveling Gift...

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