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fiesta stats guide

(Im just trying to get the basics up there , ill make it pretty and easier to read when its up)

So, you want to know about stats and how they work? How they effect your charecter? Which stats do what and whats best for you to use?

Well I have spent a lot of time looking into these same things myself. There is a bunch of information out there, but nothing compiled exactly on point. And some of the stuff is not explained very well. So I thought I would take some time and write this out.

Now this is my first attempt at an official guide, so be gentle.
What are stats:

Stats are the numbers that effect how hard you hit, how much damage you take, how many hit points and SP you have, and more.

There are two catagories reffered to in game. One is called base stats, those are numbers that go up each level or are effected by the gear you wear.

The second is call Free stats. These are the points that you distribute each time you go up a level or complete the job change quests. First we will go over the base stats.

When you bring up your character window with “c” or using the icon on the bottom, you see a list of numbers and information that show how your character is built. We will go over them one at a time.


This stat effects how much damage your physical attacks do to players or monsters. It is combined with your weapons attack damage.I will go over the damage range at the end of this list.

Each base stat added to this value by level or by gear increases your minimum and maximum damage range by 1.


This stat effects two things. Your evasion score, and your aim score. Evasion score helps you avoid monsters or players attacks. You will have succesfully avoided attacks when you see a big “Miss” on the screen instead of damage. Aim helps you hit monsters and players. So more Aim means you miss less often.

Each base stat added to this value by level or by gear adds 1 point to both Aim and Evasion.


This stat effects two things. Your max HP value and your defense rating. HP is pretty self explanatory. I will cover how defense works at the end of this section, as it is pretty in depth along with damage.

Each base stat added to this value by level or by gear adds 5 HP and 1 defense point.


This stat effects your magical damage attack rating. The higher this is the more damage your player wil do to other players or monsters with thier magical based attacks.

Each base stat added to this value by level or by gear adds 1 point to the minimum and maximun range of your magic attack value.


This stat effects two things. Your maximum SP and your magical defense. SP is pretty easy to understand. The magical defense part works the same as regular defense, so that will be covered at the end.

Each base stat added to this value by level or by gear adds 5 SP and 1 to your magical def rating.

Free stats

Free stats work differently then base stats. They do have some similar effects to your character as base stats, but depending on how you distribute them, can make two fighters as different as night and day. The only way to get these stats is by leveling or by completing the job change quests.

Each level gains you 1 free stat point.

The first job change gives you 5 bonus free stat points, and the second awards you with 10.

We will go over these one by one. Many people know what they do, but there seems to be a lot of comfusion as to how they actually work.


Every free stat point you put into strength increases the END damage output by 1.2 points. Now that may sound confusing, and at this point it kind of is. But for now know that it adds to the damage of an attack after the defenders defense is taken into account. What that means is the more free stat points you have in here, the harder you will hit physically on a player or monster. I will go over how his works in the defense and damage part of this guide.


This free stat has two effects to it. It is also one of the trickiest to get a handle on in the game. Every point added to here adds to your evasion% and Aim% scores.

Think of it like the odds of a lottery. In a lottery you are given a chance of say 1000 in a 100,000 to win a prize.

This will work for both scores the same in this example.

Now every point you add to your base scores in these two areas would increase the part by 1. So adding 5 point to Dex in the base would make it look like:

1001 in a 100,000 chance.

But free points add a % increase to these chances, not to the base. So adding 5 free point of dex would make it look like this instead:

1000*(1%) in a 100,000 chance or 1010 in a 100,000.

It modifies the base score by a % increase instead of a direct value. As your base score gets higher so does the effect of the free stats to those base scores.

If your base score was 300 adding 5 point of dex to free stats would make it 303. If it was 500 adding 5 point makes it 505.

The numbers seem small at the lower end, and they are. But they grow to actually make a pretty sizeable impact. With the cap at 79, a full Dex free stat build would have a total of 14.4% Eva% bonus. With the given numbers above, 300 would become 343.2, 500 would be 572. That may not seem like a lot, but evasion scroe in small numbers is pretty effective none the less. Think of it as avoiding 14.4 more attacks per every 100. So a non dex build may get hit 90 times out of 100 , but a full dex build gets hit only 76 times out of 100.

This effect doesnt show on your stats window itself, but it does perform that effect when every attack you make is attempted.

The amount of % increase in this free stat changes after a certain amount of points.

For the first 50 points Evasion% is increased by .2%, after the first 50 it is only increased by .1%.

For the first 33 points Aim% is increased by .3%, from 33 to 67 Aim% is increased by .2%, and from 67 on Aim% is incresed by .1%.



This free stat performs exactly like Strength free stat, but for magical damage. It adds damage to the end of an attack, after the defenders magical defense is taken into account. Every free stat point added into this increases the end output damage of magical attacks by 1.2 points.


This free stat has some of the most complicated features that took me a very long time to figure out.

Like base stat end every point adds 5 HP to your max total.

The second thing this free stat modifies is your Block%. The Block% only applies to fighters and clerics, as these are the only two classes that have shields. Much like how Evasion works, they also have a chance to block an incoming attack. Every shield has Shield Def % on the item. This refers to the chance that shield grants its user to block an attack. The added effect of Block% stacks onto this. So if a shield has a 5% block rating, and you have 1 point of free End, then you have a 5.1% chance to block.

For the first 50 points of free stat End you add , your shield block% is increased by .1%, from 51 on it adds .05% block%.

The third thing Free stat End does is it will modify the damage done to you directly from an attack. AFTER the defense and damage parts are calculated. This is something that will be covered in the defense and damage part of this guide.

Every free stat end point adds .5 to the defense reduction part.

Spirit free stat points effect your critical hit rate, your max SP, and your magical defense.Much like Endurance does for physical aspects.

First every free stat spirit point adds 5 to your max SP total.

Secondly for each point you add to your spirit free stat, you increase the chance of performing a critical attack. Critical attacks are attacks that hit for double the damage that would have been done normally by that attack. This effects both magicall and physicall attacks. Each point adds a % chance increase.

For the first 25 Spirit points you recieve .2% critical chance, for every point after 25 you get a .1% added chance of performing a critical attack.

The last thing it does is the same thing endurance free points do for physical damage. Each point adds to an end effect reduction in the damage you recieve from magical attacks after the attackes magic damage rating and your magic defense rating are taken into account. Since it works the same way as defense, it will be included in the damage and defense part of this guide.

Each point added to free stats here increases the magic damage reduction by .5.

And now what you have all been waiting for… the second part
Damage and Defense, How it all comes together.

Damage Rating

In your stat window you will see a stats called damage or Dmg as its shown. This stat here looks like the following: Ex 600~800. Now as I am sure you have seen, you never hit like that on pretty much any monster. That is because this stat is used as a base attack rate before defense is applied to it. The only things that can make this go up are to increase your base strength stat through leveling or by gear with +str on them, or by equipping more powerfull weapons.

Defense Rating

Just to the right of your damage stat is your defense stat. This number is used in the damage calculation to reduce the amount of damage you take on physicall hits. The way it interacts with attack damage is not really complex itself, but as a rule of thumb, higher is always better for this. As your defense gets higher and higher you will take less damage. However there is such a thing as a declining return on it, where increasing it has less and less of an impact of effectiveness. A little later down this I will explain why. The ways to increase this stat are by leveling your base endurance stat or by equipping gear with +end on them.

The Meat and Bones

Ok here we go.

Now every time an attack is perfomed, there is a calculation done to determine the amount of damage actually done to the defender. This calculation takes into account the attackers damage rating, the defenders defense rating, the attackers strength modification, and the defenders defense reduction. Now I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how this actually all works behind the scenes. And after much math, and number gathering I was able to determine a formula that very very closely outputs the correct damage for defense. Now there was a slight margin of error given for this, because not every attack hits for the same amounts. There are random variables thrown into it which made it very hard to pinpoint.
Here is the approximate formula the game uses to determine damage:

Damage Rating = (damage rating min value+((max-min)*rand(.0~1)))

Damage = ((Damage Rating)*(Damage Rating/Defense stat)) + (free str)-(free end)

As you can see there are 2 parts to the formula. The first part randomizes the value used for attack, then the second part uses the variable to determine the actuall output of damage.


Yes, I thought you might feel that way. What good does this do? Well for starters this helps us to actually understand certain things about how our attacks and defense work. As with any MMORPG, the core purpose is to kill things to level up. Thats really it, and the two most important factors to this are doing damage and recieving damage.

The first thing to point out about this is the effect that the Damage Rating actually has. The calculation that is performed, for those that know thier math, shows us the damage rating is in the numerator of the scond part of the equation. It is also in the fist part as well. Bascially what that states is that if you were to increase that number, say from 600~800 to 900~1100, you wouldent see a 300 point increase in your damage even against the same monsters. That is because its modified by itself as a fraction.

The same thing goes with defense. But since it lies in the denominator section of the equation it means youll see a HUGE return on the lower end of the range. Basically from a defense of 400 to a defense of 600 is a big reduction, but from say 1200 to 1400 the reduction is probaby hardly noticable. This was part of what I had origionally noticed when I first started this project of mine. The declining return factor. I must admit I made a huge mistake in regards to this, an understandable one, but a mistake still.

My boo-boo.

I assumed that there was a static variable in the numerator above defense.And that it was universall for all monsters. Using this idea would have meant there was a soft cap for defense, where someone could stop worrying about adding more and focus on other areas like spirit or strength. But as I went further and further into it I couldent get the numbers to synch up for different monster types. that led me to think there was another thing in the top, and that it was related to the damage since it was the same pattern of a decline. That made things twice as hard.

What it means now, is that the defense effect on reducing damage is specific to each monster in the game. For every monster type there IS a point where there is no point in adding more defense as it simply has little if any noticable effect. But that doesnt matter one bit for the next monster type.

So how exactly is this usefull?

Well there are a couple things about this that help. The first is we can now approximate any monsters average attack strength in the game if we want. Just solve for Y. (as in y=f(x).) If someone were to go through and gather a tiny bit of data on monster hits and how much defense they had on at the time we can guess-timate what thier attack is, and figure out the ideal amount of defense we should use. Maybe we really dont need that 1Hs and shield, we can swap out to an axe and not notice a thing. Also if raid instances ever come outlike they are talking about. The raid can make sure the tanks have enough defense to actually survive if someone had mapped out the boss’s attack. And finally, we can make sense out of the oddball damage stats we see on our weapons.

Im sure down the road too, as the game evolves SOMEONE will figure out something I havent thought of yet, now that they have the foundation to build on.

And finally this shows us how the defense and damage in the free stat window are applied. They are added or subtracted at the END of the calculation. This is actually kind of a big point. This shows that these two stats have a MUCH greater impact on damage and defense then the base stats do themselves. Adding 1 point in free Str is much more efficient then adding 100 damage to a weapon. Adding 1 point in free stat End is a lot better then adding 50 points in defense. Sure all your armor is +9, but that still doesnt compare to a capped End build with even +2′s. They will still take less damage (most likely, again its monster specific). I could do specific xamples, adding in free stats into the formula, defense stats, damage rating etc etc and showing numerically which is better. But thats just boring.

Q & A

As people put up questions and inquries, I will do my best to answer them here. I am also open for debate, and by putting this up here I am in no way saying “I am right, this is it, there is no blue pill…” Im simply putting up what I have found out through my own work. I admit there is a chance Im way off base, maybe Im totally off the path. But if you do think I am wrong, have something to help show me why. I cant figure out the right way if I dont know what I am doing wrong.

Looking forward to your input, and hopefully all this junk helps you understand stats and how to perfect your “super strong like bull” character.

Credits go to Horinia.