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fiesta mage stat build

There are always lots of questions regarding mages, and they are always the same ones! What do I empower? Where do I put my stats? What weapon do I choose? Can I solo? I am hoping to answer as many questions as possible.
Before we begin, I would like to say that there are different types of mages, and different ways to play them. This is only one example of the type of mage you can be, so please don’t be upset if you have created your mage differently. There’s more than one way to skin a cat yea? (Although who would skin a cat, that’s pretty nasty!!!).
Moving on…

So what kinda mage will you end up with if you follow this guide?

An insanely powerful damage dealer, that deals damage on such a massive scale, they should come with a warning label.

Want to be a weapon of mass destruction? This guide is for you!

So you want to be a Mage…

Before creating:

What you should know…

Pros: Mages are ranged damage dealers, intended to cause the most damage out of all the other classes.

Cons: Lowest HP. You will die..a lot. Also at lower levels, monsters mdef is too high and most upgraded lvl spells are pointless compared to lvl 1 spells.
On the plus side, think of all the money you’ll save on skills in the begining.

You’re a mage now what?

So your love of blowing things up has outweighed your fear of dying.
Welcome to Mage-hood.

Getting started:

Okay, you’re in this town called Roumen, there are shrooms everywhere, Npcs want to talk to you, what do you do?

First let’s add your stat point.

We do this by clicking the character icon,

Your character screen will appear and you’ll see that you have 1 stat point.
Add this point to INT (Intelligence) Adding to INT will increase the amount of damage you do,

Next up is equipping your weapon.

Go to Inventory

And equip your staff.

You equip by right clicking on your staff.

It is important to always have your staff equipped, without it you will be unable to use your spells, and mages are not meant for hand to hand combat, so DO IT!

You may also notice you have a spell, Magic Missiles. For the sake of simplicity, let’s move MM to Hot Key spot 1 by clicking and dragging it to the 1 spot.

If you happen to slip up and now MM is missing, don’t worry! Just click the Skill menu icon

This will open up the Skill menu. Now try again by click and dragging MM to Hot Key spot 1.


*please note the Skill Empower button on the bottom of the box. Every other level you will get a skill point, you can use these skill points to make your spells better by clicking Skill Empower, dragging the spell on the new window that opens and choosing how you would like to empower it.

Now how to use your spells!

Target the monster you want to attack by clicking it or pressing tab till it has a circle under it. Now press 1 to shoot it with your Magic Missiles spell.

Brilliant! Now talk to the NPCS, do quests and familiarize yourself with the game.

*While out there, try to make friends with some clerics, you’ll benefit them by helping them level up quicker, and they’ll benefit you by saving your life.

Active Spells & Empowerment

——— Mage Starting spell ———–

Magic Missiles: This is the spell you start with. It doesn’t cost much sp and has a short cool down, making it very spamable. Consider this spell to be your machine gun.

*Keep at level 1/ do not upgrade*

Empowerment: When able, Max cool down on Magic Missiles (5 skill points)

Mage Spells Level 1- 19

Available from Skill master Ruby in Roumen

(This is dark times my friends, it is quite boring not getting able to buy tons of new skills, while your mates of other classes get to run off and buy theirs…but there is a Brightside, you’re spells are awesome from the get go, and you will save loads of money that will come in handy later. )

Ice Bolt: You can purchase this spell at level 3, it has a chance of slowing down the enemy.. but don’t count too much on it. What’s good about this spell is its long range. When luring this spell is a great one to use if it’s available. It has a long cool down though so you won’t be able to use it all the time if you’re the luring for the party.

*Best off keeping at level 1/ do not upgrade*

Empowerment: none

Fire Bolt: You can purchase this spell at level 5. This is your big gun, your bazooka!

*Best off keeping at level 1/not upgrading, I played around with it up to it’s highest level, and did the math for dps, and keeping it at level one is the best route. Unfortunately. *Update* Upgrade at to lvl 8 at lvl 47!!*

*optional*Max Damage & Cool down on Fire Bolt (10 Skill points) *Updated Firebolt 8 is more powerful then Magic blast 4 and fireball 1 after the June 9th Patch! Plan accordingly.

Lightning Bolt: You can purchase this spell at level 7. This spell has a chance of causing additional damage. But really, like ice bolt, it’s just another spell to use while your good ones (MM & FB) are cooling down.

*can keep at level 1/ upgrade if you want*

Empowerment: None.


WizMage Spells Level 20 +

Available from the Skill master in Elderine

(You need to advance to WizMage at level 20 before using these spells.)

Magic Burst: You will receive this spell as a quest reward at level 20, you can also buy it from the item merchant in Elderine, but I highly suggest doing the quest. Magic bust is an AoE (Area of Effect) spell, it can hit up to 5 monsters within a 1.5 m radius of you. When you first get this spell, party mates probably will not appreciate it, however at higher levels people will want to party with you because of it.

* upgrade

- level 2 at level 31
- level 3 at level 42
- level 4 at level 53

Empowerment: None. While it may be a good idea to Increase damage or decrease SP, this guide has bigger and better plans for your skill points

Life Tap: You will be able to get this spell at level 20. Life Tap may at first seem suicidal, and let’s not kid ourselves, it probably is, but you will come to appreciate this spell, because if you have no SP, you’re as good as dead anyways. Life Tap allows you Convert your HP to SP. Try not to use this in combat, and only when you have a cleric in your party to heal you.

*Feel free to upgrade
- level 2 at level 29
- level 3 at level 38
-level 4 at level 47
-level 5 at level 56

Empowerment: None.

Dispel: You will be able to get this spell at Level 25. With Dispel you’ll be able to remove curses and debuffs from yourself and others. Handy spell to have. You cannot cure poison or bleed.

*Upgrade this spell
- level 2 at level 48

Empowerment: None.

Mana Burn – You can get this spell at level 31. This spell drains the targets SP. It is only useful in PVP (Guild wars), if you use it on a monster and drain all of the monster’s sp, the monster can still use its special attacks so it’s pointless to use on monsters. Great tool in PVP though. Has a long cool down.

*Upgrade this spell
- level 2 at level 42
- level 3 at level 53

Empowerment: None.

Purge – You can get this at level 37. Purge removes one buff from the target. Like Mana Burn this is a PVP Spell.

Empowerment: None.

Magic Blast – You get this beauty at Level 49. Magic Blast is a more powerful and brighter version of magic missiles. It has a short cool down, and does good damage; the casting time is a bit long though compared to your other spells. If you’ve been following the guide you should have skill points ready to enhance this bad boy right away.

*Upgrade this spell

-Level 2 at Level 57

Empowerment: Max Damage (+5 skill points). Some will say that it is pointless to empower this spell because it is good as is and will save their points for decking out the DOTs. But I strongly disagree with them. You need something to quickly kill while your AoEs are in cool down, to get those pesky ranged enemies and to kill other players with who have the sense to avoid your AoE area which is clearly marked. Maxing damage on Magic Blast makes it your hands down best sniper spell. Every 4 seconds (+cast time) you do insane damage. And if you’ve saved your points as the guide suggests, you will be able to make it awesome as soon as you get it.
*Warning: Due to the high amount of damage, you may on occasion take aggro from other party mates unintentionally, especially when in combination with using your AoE. This is okay as long as you have a competent party, which at this level one hopes you do.

Ice Blast: You get this spell at Level 51. It is your new improved version of Ice Bolt…and much like it’s predecessor it kinda sucks, only more. Unlike Magic blast and Fire Ball, this spell shares a cool down time with its original version. It’s supposedly good for kiting, but leave kitting to the archers and their DoTs, Mages aren’t built to kite even with this crappy spell. Ice Blast gives a chance to slow the targets travel speed. Like Ice bolt it has a long cool down period.

*Upgrade this spell

Level 2 at Level 59

Empowerments: None.

Fire Ball: You get this spell at Level 52. It is the new version of Fire Bolt. It will be your high damage spell.

Empowerments: *optional* Max damage and cool down (10 Points)

(you will not have enough to get it to 10 until lvl 61, if you have chosen to empower Fire Bolt to 10)

Lightening Ball: You get this spell at Level 57. This spell replaces your Lightening Bolt.

Empowerments: None.

Mage Builds

There are several mage builds, the most popular three are:

1. Full INT
2. Full SPR
3. Hybrid: 25 SPR; Rest INT

Full INT – Intelligence increases magic damage. Some mages believe to do the most damage they must go full Intelligence

Full SPR – Spirit increases critical rate (chance of getting double + damage), and magic defence (good against magic using monsters and other magic users in PVP), it also raises the amount of SP you have. Some mages hope that at high levels their high critical rate will make them out damage the other builds.

Hybrid: 25 SPR; Rest INT – +25 Spirit gives a 5% critical rate bonus. After 25 points, Spirit decreases in benefit. This guide recommends this build.

Why Hybrid?
It’s been shown time and time again that on average the Hybrid mage will out damage both the Full INT mage and Full SPR mage. Hybrids have more SP, higher Magic defence and a higher critical rate then their INT Counterparts, and they have more magic damage then their SPR Counterparts.

When do I add the 25 SPR?
In the beginning of your mage career, INT will be your most important stat point. You can wait till later on to start adding SPR, and also keep in mind that it takes 5 SPR points to equal 1% Critical bonus (After 25 this decreases). You will preferably want your 5% Critical bonus (+25 SPR) in your level 40s. (I believe I reached it at level 45), as this critical rate will be most beneficial once you start constantly grinding on red monsters in Uruga, Ancient Elven woods (AEW), and Forrest of Slumber (FoS).

Mage Weapons: Wand or Staff

After a mage completes their level 20 class change quest and becomes a Wiz-Mage, they will be given the choice to continue using a Staff or to use a Wand.

Staff: Staffs are more accurate! And have more masteries then a wand.

Wand: Wands do more damage and have a higher Critical rate.

Oh no! What to choose!
There is no wrong or right weapon choice. In my personal opinion Staffs look way cooler then wands!! However if you are following this guide, Wand should be your choice.

Why wand?
Well the point of this guide is to make you the most deadly damage dealer you can be, and wands offer more damage and a higher critical rate.
*Green wands (special wands with stats on the dropped rarely by monsters, the term green comes from the fact that the wands name is in Green ) anyways Green wands can offer 5% crit! Add that to your 5% crit rate from having a hybrid …10% Crit! You will most likely end up with earings that give 2% crit…that’s 12%!! And if you purchase the store crit suit/dress… you can have up to 17% crit..*drools*

*AHEM* anyways yes…. and while Staffs look way cooler, and offer better accuracy, the lost accuracy of using a wand can be made up by using a power scroll (Which are mislabelled and are really aim scrolls ) So wands are the way to go for this build.

Mage: Solo?

Is it possible for a mage to solo? Yes.

Is it expensive? Yes.

Where to solo?

Someone else has created a very nice map for you!

Stick with greens and yellows to be safe.
Go after Reds if you’re crazy, it’s absolutely possible that you can solo some red monsters, it’s just not practical, good fun tho. “Give me exp or give me death!”

My suggestion…Don’t solo unless you have to!
The quickest way to level up is duoing with a cleric.
Together you will be able to go to higher level places then you would be able to do alone.

How to use Pots and Stones while soloing *new*

See how much damage the monsters you are fighting do to you.
For example.. 3 monster hits bring you down a half of your hp.
See how much hp your pots & stones restore
For example: say they restore a little less then half of HP.

Wait until you are half your health. then stone
Wait until you are half your health. then use a pot
Wait until you are half your health. Stones should be ready to use again, use it.
Wait until you are half your health. Pots should be ready to use again, use it.

Do not spam stone and pot, then you’ll end up with them all on cooldown and you will die. When in a dangerous situation, remain calm, and be aware of your enviorment and HP. You will increase your chances of survival.

(the examples above are just that, you will need to figure out independently how much the monster you are fighting do to you damage wise, and how much the pots you are using give back to you.)

If you are unable to do this, due to the monsters hit being more then you can stone, (unless the monster hits slow) you shouldn’t be fighting that monster.

You should find more then enough info on it here:

Level 59

(Pre- Cap raise)

FAQ *new*

To start, thank you for all the kind replies, It makes me really happy that I was able to help you with your mage, or just give you something nice to read.

I’d like to answer a few questions that pop up quite a bit in this thread and other places that I wasn’t clear enough on.

Again I’d like to reiterate that there is no right or wrong way, this is just one way to build your mage.

Q: Why do we have to keep our MM at level 1? Doesn’t it do more damage if we upgrade?

A: Yes, and No. On paper, if you read the descriptions, MM 8 does extremely more damage than MM1. However in game, they are actually quite equal damage wise.

This is because most of your spells damage does not come from the spell itself, but from your stats and equipment, especially free stats.

Monsters defence plays a huge role in the amount of damage you do to it. The free stats put into INT are immune to damage reduction, your spells base damage, are not.

An example:
I hit an orc with MM1 for 756 damage.
I hit an orc with MM8 for 800 damage.

That 44 damage difference, may seem large, until you take into consideration the lower cool down on MM1 (1.3 seconds fully empowered cool down compared to 2.8 fully empowered cool down of MM8), which allows me to cast it again(while the first MM8 would still be on cool down), bring the total to 1512 damage for MM1, compared to 800 damage for MM8. Also MM1 uses only 3 sp per cast, compared to 87 sp each cast.

That’s 581 damage per second with MM1
And 285 damage per second with MM8

This is why I advice that you do not upgrade.

Q: What about levels 60+?

A: When I wrote this guide, the level cap was level 59. I am working on a guide for level 60 -79. I am still testing various combinations for empowerment for these levels, and waiting to see what skills will be released for levels 80+, although I may release sooner.

Q: But if I do the empowerments you recommend I won’t be able to empower all my level 60-79 skills, is it worth it?

A: This is a concern with any guide. To which I must reply… And if you don’t empower them, you will have a harder time getting to level 60, and if you use all your points between level 60-79 (35 needed, you’d have 38 if you empowered nothing up until then), you won’t be able to empower all your level 80-100 skills.

It’s a tough decision, there is no right answer and ultimately your own to make.

They do sell skill reset scrolls in the Fiesta Store, but not everyone can afford to get them.

The game may very well end up going to level 150. Unless you buy skill reset scrolls each job change, you are never going to be able to empower all of your skills. So you have to decide when are these skills most valuable to you.

MM1 max cool down, is so valuable, I still use it and will probably always use it.

Fire Bolt on the other hand is very useful up until level 53 when it gets replaced by Fire Ball. If you choose to Empower it, you will have a much easier time from levels 5 – 53.

That’s a definite 48 levels of usefulness.

It also takes 10 skill points for max damage and cool down. Which you’ll need at higher levels for higher level spells when Fire bolt becomes extinct.

So, when is it important to you to empower your skills?

I’ve put a lot of thought into this.

Mages are weakest in the beginning of the game.
Empowering your skills will help make you stronger.

The recommended empowerment is MM max cool down and Magic Blast max damage.

Why Magic blast? So that when you do get your amazing AoEs you aren’t a 1 trick pony.

So you can easily and quickly kill that annoying ranged monster who refuses to join the rest of the mob in your circle.

And to help you in PVP, as anyone who knows what they are doing in PVP, knows to run from the spot where the mage casts Nova and Inferno.

And finally, because I find it painful to watch a mage use their Nova on a single enemy because all their other skills suck.

Optional empowerments are Fire bolt max damage/cool down and Fireball.

As stated earlier, Fire bolt is extremely useful from level 5-53 and then never to be seen again.

I empowered it, and after I got nova, bought a skill reset scroll and took the skill points out of it when it as no longer useful.

I understand that not everyone can do that, so if you are one of those people who can’t, you have to decide.

Max dmg/cd Fire bolt helped me a lot till level 53. I do not regret empowering it.

And empowering Nova all at once, is nice, but not as necessary to your levelling as Fire bolt was at levels 5-53. Your unempowered Nova can kill a whole mob, and a lot of the time you may be partied with another mage, who will also be casting nova at the same time as you, making any empowerments you added, not important. And touching on something I said before regarding the monsters defence determining damage, my level 1 unempowered nova did equal and often more damage than mage’s lvl 67+ with empowered novas, because they had less INT.

I’m not saying empowering Nova is wrong, I did it, and I enjoy it. What I’m saying is, in the big picture, the benefits to you are greater when you empower fire bolt, although those benefits are temporary, then the benefits you receive empowering the already great Nova.

As for Fire ball, I do have 4 or 5 points into max damage, and while those 1255+ are yum *drool* and I have no desire to remove them,
You don’t really need 2 sniper spells. Empowering it is totally optional and not doing so won’t hurt you. If you can never get a skill reset, and don’t pvp, and always party, dont empower it.

You get a total of 38 skill points from 3 – 79
5 – MM
10 – FB (optional)
5 – MB
20 leaving you with 18 (13 if you do fire ball)
18 is plenty to play with. You won’t be able to empower everything, but you were never meant to.

Of course it is important to keep in mind that if you use all your points by level 79, you’re not going to have much to play with once the cap is removed.

*UPDATE* After the June 9th 2008 patch, Firebolt (8) is more powerful then magic blast 4 and fireball 1! Making it worth the empowerment. I regret that I took the empowerments out of it, wow.

Q: Why don’t you include the END build in your guide?

A: The guide’s sole purpose is to make you the best damage dealer you can be. Adding End handicaps your damage. A level 79 END mage doesn’t deal as much damage as a level 79 INT or INT/SPR mage.

They have sacrificed their guaranteed damage, greater SP, magic defence and a critical rate in exchange for more HP and DEF (and a block rate that they can never utilize because they lack a shield.) They kill slower in exchange for being only slightly harder to kill.

If you want your mage to be a great damage dealer and have more hp and def, use Vitality & shield scrolls; get a buff, +9 your armour, get some greens with end. Adding free stats to END, is in my opinion, not worth the sacrifice in damage.

Also, NEVER add STR or DEX to your mage, you will regret it.

I hope this answers a few questions.
Level 60+ guide coming soon

Final words:

Well that all about covers it! To do even more damage, you can try enhancing your weapon, but be weary that it’s quite risky! Your weapon can break and be destroyed! Or it can degrade meaning you lose your previous enhancement. However, the reward is great!

Don’t Kill steal, i.e. hit monsters someone else is hitting
Don’t Train people, i.e. lure a bunch of monsters over to an unsuspecting player
And be a good player! Give the rest of us mages a good reputation.

Good luck playing your mage! I hope this guide has been helpful. =)

If I have left anything out that you would like info on let me know and I’ll update. Don’t be upset if your pre-existing mage doesn’t follow this template,
this is only one persons opinion after all.

Credits go to Liala.