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fiesta mage skill build


Thank you to all of you who liked my previous guide (levels 1 -59) for all of your kind words and interest. I have recieved many requests for a follow up guide, and so here it is. =)
I will try my best to ensure this guide will be updated with each patch that may affect it.
Before we begin, I’d like to once again state that this is just one way to play your mage, there is no right or wrong way, all that matters is you have fun. ^^

Ready to take your death dealing mage of destruction to the next level?

Hold on tight.. HERE WE GO!

The Famous Maiya’s Mage Guide for Level 60-119!

Congratulations, you are now an Enchanter!

There were some rough levels in there I’m sure, but you’re hard work paid off and now you’re a level 60 Enchanter!

Now what?

Table of contents:


Job Change Quest………………………………1
New Skills & Empowerments:……………….2
Player versus Player Tips:……………………3
Controlling Aggro as a "Mank":…………….4
Controlling Aggro as a "DD":………………..5
Knowing when to Stone & Pot:…………….6

Now it’s time for…

Level 60 Job Change!

a great guide for this already exists, so I don’t see a need of re-inventing the wheel here.

here is a lvl 60 job change guide from Fiesta Fan

Level 60 Job Change

This job change quest has 3 parts, good luck!

Over Time and Spaces Part 1

To Start the quest, talk to Grand Master Sean in Forest of Mist. He will ask you to deliver something to Town Chief Rumenus, this quest item will appear in your inventory.

Grand Master Sean will then teleport you to a "fake" Roumen, where you’ll see a few level 1 NPCs with "???" as names and Town Chief Rumenus by the fountain. Click on Town Chief Rumenus and all of them will turn into Zombies.

Zombies can cast poisons, but they don’t hit too hard (from a cleric’s point of view). Kill all the zombies, work your way up the town to where Grandpa Robin would be and you should find all the Zombies.

When you’ve killed all the Zombies, (it will count down for you from 10 zombies), you’ll be teleported back next to Grand Master Sean in Forest of Mist. DO NOT talk to Sean again unless you want to kill Zombies again. Go to the real Roumen and to the Town Chief to cash in your quest.

Over Time and Spaces Part 2

Once you talk to the Town Chief Rumenus you will be teleported to a weird room comprised of cards and everything you associate with a casino. In the center there is a roulette. You simply pick a dice and spin the roulette by clicking the pole thing in the middle. If your lucky the marker will land on the dice that you selected. In which case a barrier to another room is opened.

If you aren’t lucky and the light didn’t land on your dice, then the dice will turn into some mobs, which you have to kill before trying again.

You simply kill the Gambler King Joker. He’s relatively easy but he stuns. So don’t be stingy and use your potions. Kill him and it’s over. You will be teleported back to Roumen with the Town Chief.

Over Time and Spaces 3

Talk to the Town Chief in Roumen again. This time something strange happens and you are ported back in time, into the Ancient Elven Woods. You will be given 5 minutes to find Elf Chief Elderine and Hero Roumen (which isn’t hard at all, just follow the path and it turns towards the right).
You will find Elderine and Roumen standing by the campfire.

Then the next part lasts 20 minutes. Chaser Elves and Hunter Lizardmans will spawn. Your task is to keep Roumen and Elderine alive for 20 minutes. Monsters will spawn in waves, each wave with more monsters. Within the last minutes you will be flooded with tons of monsters coming from both directions.

The monsters themselves are pretty weak, but your goal is to keep the two alive. Mages AOE the heck out of the monsters, be wary that tab may cause you issues, so you may have to target with mouse.

In the last waves there are more monsters than any classes AOE can handle. In which case your main goal is to keep as many of the monsters off of Elderine and Roumen as possible.

Roumen and Elderine will heal over time in between waves, however if either of them dies before 20 minutes are up, you’ll have to do part 3 all over again.

When you’re done, you’ll be spawned back to Town Chief Rumenus and CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve completed your second job changes quest.

Mai Tips:

- Make sure you have a bunch of pots and full stones before going in.
- Don’t rely on too much on Tab. You will be AoEing alot and sometimes when massively AoEing, Tab goes abit wonky and doesn’t target. So if you are AoEing and need to take out an enemy, click your target.
(Im not sure if this has been fixed, someone please tell me if it has)
- Don’t forget to pick up the drop in part 2.

New Skills & Empowerments:

From Levels 1 to 59, you will have received 29 skill points.

Which if you followed the 1-59 guide You have used between 10 to 29 of your skill points.

5 for Magic Missiles Cool down (recommended)
10 For Fire Bolt or Fire Ball* (optional)
5 For Magic Blast (recommended)

*If you plan to PvP, Fire Ball will be an especially valuable asset

Leaving you with up to 19 skill points when you reach level 60
Gaining an additional 5 from levels 61 to 69
Another 5 from levels 71-79
5 more from Levels 81- 89
And 5 from levels 91- 99
and so on…

You will have gained 59 Skill points by level 119.

Level 60- 69 Skills (skill points used 5 – 10)

Frost Nova

Description: Chill your enemies in a pillar of frost that causes constant damage over time.
Target Object: Location
Casting time: 2 sec
Cool Down: 15 sec
Duration: 12 Sec

Effect: Damages multiple enemies every 3 seconds for 12 seconds
Level 1: 87 – 108 magic damage
Level 2: 91 – 114 magic damage
Level 3: 109 – 136 magic damage
Level 4: 114 – 142 magic damage
Level 5: 125 ~ 156 magic damage

When you get it:
Frost Nova 1 at Level 60
Frost Nova 2 at Level 65
Frost Nova 3 at Level 70
Frost Nova 4 at Level 75
Frost Nova 5 at Level 80

Recommended Empowerments:
+ 5 Decrease Cool Down. Making Cool down 10.5 seconds ( 15 sec – 4.5 sec)

Drain Mind

Description: Strike fear in to the heart of your target.
Target Object: Enemy
Casting time: Immediate
Cool Down: 1 min 30 sec
Level 1: 3 seconds
Level 2: 4 seconds

Effect: Causes Target to run around unable to pot or heal, and interrupts the targets cast time.

When you get it:
Drain Mind 1 at Level 60
Drain Mind 2 at Level 75

Recommended Empowerments:

If you PVP, add +5 Duration ( adds 3 seconds to the duration of Fear) If you do not PVP, do not Empower.

Chain Casting

Description: Removes the cool down of the next spell you use, so that it is ready to be cast again.

Target Object:

Casting time: Instant
Cool Down: 4 minutes

When you get it:

Level 60 from a quest

Recommended Empowerments:
None. It’s a little tempting when you first get it, but its not needed.


Description: Burn your enemies in a pillar of flame that causes constant damage over time.
Target Object: Location
Casting time: 2.0 sec
Cool Down: 40 sec
Duration: 12 sec

Effect: Deals damage 4 times over 12 seconds
Inferno Level 1 252 – 314
Inferno Level 2 312- 389
Inferno Level 3 343 – 482

When you get it:
Inferno Level 1 Level 67
Inferno Level 2 Level 77
Inferno Level 3 Level 87

Recommended Empowerments:
None/Optional You are unable to empower damage or duration, leaving decreased cooldown as the last decent empowerment option. I do not recommend empowering, though many others do, because 12 seconds off 40 at the cost of 5 empowerment points, just never seemed worth it to me, and I have yet to suffer for not empowering it. If you want to empower it, go ahead.

Level 70 – 79 Skills:


Description: Stifle your opponant and lower their casting rate.
Target Object: Enemy
Casting time: 1.8 sec
Cool Down: 1 min
Duration: 15 sec

Effect: Causes a delay when your enemy goes to use a skill/spell, as if they were very laggy.

When you get it: Level 73

Recommended Empowerments:

Spell Steal

Description: Steal a buff casted on the target with 50% chance.
Target Object: Enemy
Casting time: Immediate
Cool Down: 2 min

Effect: Removes the person you targets buff/scroll and gives it to you. *Only works in PvP

When you get it: Level 79

Recommended Empowerments:

Player versus Player tips:


*Always Steal and purge the buffs/scrolls whenever you can
* Be aware that pots don’t work while you are casting.
* Use lightening ball only when running away or if you have nothing else, FB/MB/IB, to cast.. The spell is bugged and the double animation takes precious time…and when fighting you need to be as quick as possible. Lightning Bolt is not bugged, and can also be cast when running.
* If you can afford to lose scrolls, SCROLL UP.

[Please note that these are just basic generic tips, and won’t work 100% of the time, it is up to you to develop your own tactics based on the situation]

Against Warrior

Battle begins!

Make sure you are at a distance from the warrior before the battle starts.

-Ice ball/slow the warrior as s/he runs towards you, before the warrior gets into melee range (close enough to stun/hit you) Chain cast Fear, and blast away.

-When fear ends, If the warrior has run a good distance from you, ice/slow, and blast away till the warrior is close, but not close enough to hit you, then fear again and resume blasting.0

- If the warrior lives through this, cast ice/slow, then stifle(this will cause the fighter to cast skills much slower), use your lightening skills while running back a bit to give you more distance if possible (warning if you try this too far away, you’re toon will actually run towards the fighter, and you don’t want that!), Prepare for close up melee fighting, cast your AoEs, Nova, magic burst, Inferno, on top of yourself, so the fighter must stand in it to hit you.

In Melee range:

uh oh, you are now in the Warrior’s zone, Fear and chain casting are prolly still cooling down, as is stifle, how do you surivive?

- First know that you cannot pot whilst casting, and be prepared for that. Stone to replenish health while casting your aoes, and pot in between. In Pvp, especially with a fighter, keep your HP as high as you can.

- Need a second? You have 1 more trick up your sleeve. Mana burn. Fighters have very low SP, and they depend heavily on it for their attacks, with the exception of generic attack. Your Mana burn, if up to date, should completely wipe out the fighters SP (unless they’re using cash shop extenders). The fighter can of course pot or stone the sp back, but you have just bought yourself a second, use it wisely.

- It will be much harder to kill the warrior when they are in melee range as they can stun you. Unless you have a speed 3 scroll, you won’t really be able to kite them much. Focus on survival and hitting them when you can, you may get lucky. Once fear is about ready to cast again, drop an AoE, you’ll prolly be stuned agan, once that stun wears off, and fear is ready cast Fear

Additional Tip: *Dispell can remove some fighter’s debuffs, be aware of this and if you have time, remove them, to quickly target yourself press F1.

Against Cleric

Battle begins!

The key to killing most clerics is getting the cleric to around half health.

You could do this several ways…

You can Stifle while hitting to slow down the clerics ability to heal. Cast AoEs on yourself, so the cleric has to stand in it to hit you. Don’t forget Magic burst. Once the cleric is low chain fear.

Alternatively, you can AoE and blast the cleric with spells till they are almost half health then chain cast fear, and before the last fear runs out stifle, then mana burn.
Another option is to do the same but chain cast stifle instead of Fear.

Against Archer –

Battle begins!

The worst part of fighting an Archer is their DoT’s. Prevent the Archer from using them.

*be sure to steal their buffs/purge their buffs
Chain cast stifle, cast 1 stifle, blast away, when it runs out cast fear, blast away, cast the stifle, blast away. (Don’t be afraid to Mana burn, Archers need SP for their skills too, but not that much so to make sure you wipe it all out don’t waste it when they have full sp.)

Sometimes Archers will be tricky, and try to kite you. They have a longer range then you, and can cast more spells whilst running then you. Do not fall for this. If the archer starts to run away let them, and run in the opposite direction to avoid their range. If they want to fight, they’ll have to come to you, and once they do, get em in you range and punish them!

Against Mage

Haha Maybe I’ll tell you once I’m done playing.

Creating an AoE Chain –

Level 60 to 66

1.) Magic Burst -> Nova -> Magic Burst
2.) Magic Burst -> Chain Casting ->Nova -> Magic Burst -> Nova -> Magic Burst

Level 67 -89

Magic Burst -> Nova -> Magic Burst -> Inferno -> Magic Burst -> Nova ->Magic Burst

Controlling Aggro: How to Mank

Mank… the icky sounding abbreviation for Mage –Tank, is when the mage takes the role usually reserved for fighter, controlling aggression by taking all the hits.

When Manking you will need a lot of Defence. You can gain additional Defence by, using gear high in END bonuses, Enhancing your Armour to +9, Using T3 and T4 Shield scrolls, having a full party, you can also boost defence by purchasing some cash shop items, such as outfits that boost defence and Charms of Defence.

Luring as a Mank -

The easiest way to grab aggro is of course to run by the monsters, but there are also a couple other techniques you can use:

To grab aggro of multiple enemies, use your magic burst, this will not only grab aggro but raise your aggression level, making it less likely that the clerics (some of whom will instinctively heal you) will take away the monsters with their heal. (If you have a problem with a cleric taking aggro by healing you while you lure, politely request that they use Restore instead of heals when you are luring)

To grab aggro of a single enemy, use your lightening spells, Lightening Bolt 8 and lightening Ball as you can cast them while you are running; making less likely that they can hit you until you stop, and increasing your aggression.

Killing as a Mank:
Once you are ready to exterminate the enemies, use your AoE chain described above.

Again for level 67+ it is:
Magic Burst -> Nova -> Magic Burst -> Inferno -> Magic Burst -> Nova ->Magic Burst

Magic Burst is quick and generates a heavy amount of aggro so always start with that if you can.

*if the mob is too strong to be defeated in the 7 spell combo, try this 10 spell combo:

Magic Burst -> Nova -> Magic Burst -> Chain Casting -> Inferno -> Magic Burst -> Inferno -> Magic Burst -> Nova ->Magic Burst

If it requires more than the 10 spell combo, use this 12 spell combo:

Magic Burst -> Nova -> Magic Burst -> Chain Casting ->Inferno -> Magic Burst -> Nova ->Magic Burst -> Inferno -> Magic Bust -> Nova -> Magic Burst

If by some reason they have survived the nuclear attack you have laid upon them … maybe you should consider adding another DD to the party because 30 seconds per mob is a long time. XD

Also, while Manking, always be aware of what is happening to your party mates, Watch their HP, if they are being hit, try to take the monsters off of them, so the Clerics do not have to split heal.

Controlling Aggro as a Damage Dealer:

Controlling aggro when you are not the Tank requires waiting and the knowledge of what other class’s skills look like.

How to not take aggro from a Mank – Wait until the Mank drops their AoE, before dropping your own. If you are out powering them still, ask them to Burst before they drop, so they gather more Aggression.

How to not take aggro from a Tank – When partied with a fighter, be a dear and wait for them to cast Mock, the animation for Mock has changed, so be on the lookout for a subtle ring over the fighter’s head. Once you see that, it is safe to attack, after you attack, the fighter will most likely devastate to maintain their aggro.

How to party with a Clank – Wait until the Clanker casts their AoE Heal called Recover. Recover looks like Rain coming from the sky, and helps the Clanker generate aggression.
In Dungeons, Clanking changes as Clerics need more aggression to hold aggro off of you, you little Damage dealing God you. In Dungeons wait for the cleric to cast rejuvenate twice.
If you are with a non-experianced clanker, gently fill them in on this aggro-generation tip.

How to not take aggro from an Archer Tank –

Archer Tank…. Anker? Tacher? Tarc? Tarcher! Ah whatever you want to call them, if you have an Archer tanking for the party, the best way to avoid taking aggro from them is to wait until they cast their AoE Poison, twice. You will know when they cast it, because you will see a bunch of arrows flying through the air and the mob will turn green.

Please be advised, that even following these precautions, that you may still risk taking aggro.
So it is good to know how to properly pot and stone…

Review from Previous Guide:

Knowing when to Stone and Pot:

In my last guide, I mentioned self-healing techniques, to save you the trip of going back, I’ll mention them again.

Self Healing in PvE (Player versus Environment) –

When Soloing or fighting without a cleric, against normal monsters, take in to consideration how much the monster hits you for.
How much your stone and Pots heal you for.

Alternate between using stones and pots. Keep in mind that you cannot pot whilst you are casting your AoEs.

Never let your HP get low/below half. (in case something spawns near you)

Self Healing in PvP (Player versus Player) –

Similar to PvE, but it is important to make sure you always keep your HP as high as you can, through the alternating of stones and pots.

This is in case your enemy criticals you.

Credits go to Liala.