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fiesta archer build

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Simple and quick guide to builds and skill empowerments.
In this fact I’ll go through the most known builds for archer. That have been tested and succeeded to a certain degree. If you got your own build and it works for you rock it out but I’m doing this just for the new people.

This build for an archer allows maximum output of dmg. For every every stat of str you have as a free stat. It gives you 1.2 dmg. Meaning that 5 points into str will come out as 6 dmg. Also str as a free stat ignores defense. So this means that it 6 damage no matter what.This is usually a must for all archers.


Due to archer’s low hp and def some usually put points into this. It’s up to whether or not you should put points into this. For each free stat you get +0.5 def and +5hp. Unless your going to go full end I find that putting any points into this stat is not really advised. I’ll explain why later in the article.

When you think of archers you think evade and evade = dex right? Wrong, in Fiesta adding dex as a free stat does not add much evade. You does add some but not enough to lose out on the dmg and defense you could be getting from the other builds.

Here’s a link in-depth on why dex isn’t that great.…3&postcount=17

Most people just pump this up into 25 so they can get a 5% critical boost. Because after 25 spr the critical boost drops from 0.2% crit rate to 0.1% crit rate a lvl. And so by then the boost from the crit isn’t enough to make up for the dmg or def/hp end gives.


Useless need I say more?

These will be the most common builds and have known to be effective. As I’ve had said before if you want to do something different then do it.

Full str

This is the damage dealer build. You’ll be doing the most possible dmg to monsters that they can. You make up for the loss of hp and def in End equipment.

25 spr rest str

This build gives you the 5% crit rate bonus and still a high output of dmg boost. Very effective build if you also has critical gear from the Fiesta store. With that you’ll be able to obtain around 20-30% critical rate.
Full end

This build allows maximum survival of archers. If you really like to kite and solo aoe then this is the build for you. You won’t get the benefits of the block rating but you’ll probably be able to tank to a decent amount when grinding or when your in a kq.

Full Spr

Ok Full spr as an archer gives you m.def a decent amount and will have your crit rate go through the roof. Although the crit increase drops from .2% to .1% once you hit 25 spr. This build is highly debatable and will be up to the user to choose whether or not they want this build. For more info visit this link.…=120277&page=6Post 57.


I will only go over the skills to empower. You should not be empowering anything else rather than these skills.

Why no sp consumption or effect boost?

Because the sp consumption is useless. You may think well I’m saving sp stones right thus saving money? No, because the amount of sp you’ll save won’t be able to make up for the damage your receiving. Because hp stones cost more than sp. So if you kill your monsters faster you use less hp stones.

No effect boost because it’s purely useless. An extra second or two of poison isn’t going to outdo a damage bonus from empowerments.

Which skills to empower and when?

I would begin by putting points into aimed and power shot damage. By lvl 20 you should have 5 points into aimed and power shot damage empowerment.

Now that leaves you with 16 points until you get Nature’s Mist. I would distribute the 6 points into the cooldown for either aimed shot or power shot.

Once you get to lvl 51 put the 5 points into cool down and damage for nature’s mist. From there you have 12 points until piercing shot. From here you can decide to max out the cooldown on aimed shot and power shot. Or you can decide to save up 10 for piercing shot cool down and damage.


Get end equipment plain and simple.

Being the paper self archers are(for any class really) you must get end equipment if you want to survive. Even if you are an end build end gears are a must for EVERY class. Some people like end/dex gears and other end/str 2 stats are almost always better than one. But being an archer a necessity is end equipment.

Cross bow(xbow) or the Bow? 
I’ll begin with stating the pros and cons.

Pros: More damage, Higher crit rate
Cons: Slower damage rate

Pros: Faster damage rate
Cons: Less damage, lower crit rate

You as an archer are a damage dealer. So your job is to output the most damage possible. That means always using your skills and spamming them.

Now why did I bring up this point? Because the cast rate of the skills does not depend on how fast your weapon attacks. Meaning that the xbow add bow have the same casting speed for all skills.

So unless you are using constant normal attacks which you shouldn’t then the xbow > bow. Due to the higher damage and critical on the crossbow.

How you should be lvling
This section will be quick if enough people want I can go into detail but for now it is what it is.

Do kqs slime and mara.

Quest and abyss

Quest and abyss

Quest and abyss

Quest and abyss, once you get here you can finally start kiting. Begin kiting using natures mist in the abyss.

Quest and abyss

Quest and Trump Remains. The 7x abyss is meh only used for money. You can get about 200s-300s a round.

Quest(lots of repeat quest I hear) and lvl in Burning Rock or Guardians Holy Shine 8x abyss is the same as 7x abyss. Not sure about the money though.

Where and what is the abyss?

An abyss is a pvp zone with monsters that give good exp, are easy to kill, and drop lots of materials to sell. The first one is open at lvl 20 and go in increments of 10. Meaning there’s an abyss for every 10 lvls so that you have to be a certain lvl to enter. An example is that the the first abyss is lvl 20~29 only and the next one is lvl 30~39 only.

You can locate the abyss by going to elderine. Behind Item Merchant Nina there’s is a guard that will warp you to the Forest of Perimeter. Once your there talk to the guards and find out which abyss you can go in.

***Note*** A recent patch has increased the lvls for abyss. I will keep up the original post in case this decide to change it.

Minimum level to enter Battle Field has been changed to level 10

- Abysmal Cave – lev 10 ~ 36
- Grave of the Abyss – lev 10 ~ 46
- Abysmal Summit – lev 10 ~ 56
- Passage of the Abyss – lev 10 ~ 66
- Dungeon of the Abyss – lev 10 ~ 76
- Relic of the Abyss – lev 10 ~ 86
- Holy Place of the Abyss – lev 10 ~ above

Battle Field rule changes:

- Cannot attack guild members
- Can attack enemy guild members even when in same party

Level restriction removed and players can use mounts in following Dungeons:

- Marlone Clan’s Hideout
- Graveyard of the Dead
- Concealed Peak
- Land of Trials
- Bonds of Darkness
- Trumpy Remains
- Guardian’s Holy Shrine

Kiting in General

This ability is only available to archers, and it is a technique that uses nature’s mist and piercing shot. An archer has the ability to run while using these 2 skills(not to mention the other 2). Anyway what you do is that you cast these 2 aoe poison skills while running. This will allow you to deal damage to the train behind you and avoid taking damage to some extent.

Now your thinking, well the mobs they catch up to me and hit me right? That is correct however you can reduce the dmg even more by buying a speed scroll. These scrolls will allow you to run faster when kiting.

T1 speed scroll: If you can’t afford t2 or t3 get these.
T2 speed scroll: This are good t2 scrolls give you enough boost to allow you to kite very well.
T3 speed scroll: This will help you exceed in kiting but they are very costly. So unless your super rich stick with t2.
T4: N/A


grecohawaii for the full spr build.
DF001 for helping me out a bit in regards to builds and stat distrubution.
otterfactory for the insight on dex.
FatalLace for the kiting section.
Everyone single person who has ever made a thread on what skills or stats an archer should have.

Credits go to illusiondiffusion.

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