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Pros and Cons of an Archer Class
Getting Started with an archer
Questing Information
Archer’s Skill layout
Skill Empowerments for Archers
Discussion of various Skill Usage
Stats Distribution & Calculation
Crossbow / Bow Discussion

More details of the guide is now available at our forum.
Topics are grouped according to colors fyi

PROs and CONs

If you are reading this now, you are properly one of those new archers on the block. So a very warm welcome to the archer family. Nontheless, this guide will not only help the newbie archer but also some of the older archers around in game I hoped. you have just chosen a class that will take you a fair bit of time to master than compared to the other class. 1st of all, you might wanna check out the pros and cons of choosing this class. Click on this link below to find out.…776#post112776

Ok, now that we know what to expect from a Archer class, let’s begin

Getting Started and Quests

Perhaps you would like to start by opening up the skill panel (hotkey: K) and select 2 production skills. I would like to highlight and possibly recommend Potion and Scroll production for starters. We will cover this later on in the guide.

Guide to production skill learning please click on this link below

Guide for starters please click below

Guide to questing/quest list please click on this link below

What I wish to impart here is how to use your archer effectively. Stats distribution, Skills explaination and Empowerment being the highlight.

Skill Explaination

Look at this link for your skill table –

(EDITED on 15/10/07)*
Aimed Shot – Direct Damage(shorter cast time than powershot)
Power Shot – Direct Damage(longer cast time, shorter range compared to aimed shot but more damage)
Fury impact(lv65/lv75) – Damage over time spell(20 seconds)/Daze effect
Bone Shot – Damage over time spell(12 seconds)
Venomous Shot(lv64/lv72) – Damage over time spell(20 seconds)
Multi-Shot – AoE rain damage
Nature’s Speed(lv60/lv72) – Increase attack rate(self buff)
Nature’s Mist(lv67/lv75) – AoE poison(20 seconds)
Piercing Shot(lv75) – AoE poison(20seconds)

Nature Protection skill – A aggro reducer. Do not work when there are no other players around. It work by reducing the monster’s hate towards you to the next highest threat player on the mob’s list thus making the monster go after that person instead. Work best in conjunction with the Fighter’s kick/AoE taut skill or simply in a party.

Arrow Rain – AoE attack skill, raining down a small area of arrow on the enemies. Able to hit up to >3 clustered mobs.

Empowerment of Skills

Skills introduction aside, let us get down to skill empowerments. Here is my 2 pieces of suggestion but i must stress this! The choice is ultimately yours to decide. Here’s a quick link to how to do skill empowerment if you are new.

Aimed shot – 5 points in improvement of damage/cooldown
Power Shot – 5 points in improvement of damage/cooldown
Fury impact – 5 points in cooldown of skill(Must have).
Bone shot – 5 points in cooldown of skill(must have).
Nature’s Protection – 5 points in SP consumption.
Arrow Rain – 5 points in SP consumption/5 points in improved damage.
Venomous Shot – 5 points in cooldown of skill.

Skills Discussion

Everyone must agree that aimed and power shots are the Archer’s main arsenal in burst damage, therefore there is a need to improve the damage base of this 2 skills to the max. You do not have the need for a faster cooldown for the fact that you might not live to see the cooldown of these 2 skills even with 5 points to cooldown empowerments. Your target must be down asap, number 1 rule for a ranged DPS. Cooldowns for these 2 skills seem to work just as well. If you can spam constantly, that means more DPS too. So either method is good.

Fury impact, Bone shots and venomous shots are meant to be cast constantly on your target to aid in bringing it down and therefore the DoTs (damage ove time) should not have a break in between for cooldowns or should u miss the 1st time u cast it. The faster you get it up on your target, the higher your chance to kill it. Cooldowns for this 3 skills are so important because be it you are soloing or in a party, you shld never depend on just your bow/crossbow base damage to kill the target. Every established archers should have realised by now that these 3 skills do more damage than you can even shoot in the long run. Some of you might argue that you do not need to cast these 3 skills a second time before the 20sec on Fury impact etc run out, and you can get the target down. But in late game, when you are leveling, it is not possible to be killing one mob at a time, especially when you are constantly in a party. It make common sense to DoTs one target and burst DPS on another mob your party member is handling, so by the time you get round to the 2nd mob, it should be almost half dead. And if there is a third? DoTs it! You got the fast cooldowns to do that dont you?

Nature’s Protection and arrow rain are most commonly used togather. You usually cast these 2 spells togather when your party get swamped. And when you do, you do not wish to be using too much mana/SP because you do not really have much to spare with so many mobs to deal with. So therefore the choice to get 5 points in SP consumption empowered. Also I would take this chance to explain why these 2 skills are used togather. When your party get swamped by mobs, the most logical thing your Fighter/Tanker will do is to use his AoE taut and he will then focus on one of the mobs. After about 5 seconds, you start realising your tanker might not be coping so well, next logical thing u would wanna do would be to do a Arrow Rain to clear the mobs fast, but the taut effect is over, 1 or more of the mobs will turn their attention on you if you do a AoE attack, Nature’s Protection comes into play, therefore keeping the mobs’ attention on the tank, while u can still spam your skills away.

Stats Distribution (STR/DEX/END/INT/SPR)

Critical hits % is a pirority for Archers, you need them to double your base damage once in awhile so that your target will go down faster. Be it skill spamming or just plain old shooting, critical hits will occur. Problem is, how often do you actually want it to proc/happen? Weapons itself have their own critical %, but it is low. SPR increase your critical percentage. 25 points in SPR give u a bonus 5% critical chance, would you pass that up? Any points after 25 will only give u a 0.1% critical increase, therefore not worth the trouble to get any point after 25 points. Beside, Archers! You need SP for your spell spamming so why not?

SPR – Invest 25 points only (+.2%crit(1~25)/.1%crit(26+), +.5Mdef, +5sp)

(EDITED on 13/10/07)*
This is also highly debated, do archers need DEX in this game? The amount of DEX u get when you level is alot unarguebly, so question is, do u still need more? Well my answer is Yes they do. Simple test i done. By using a Tier 3 Evasion scroll, i went on my merry way to take on a yellow named mob solo. I couldn’t kill it fast of course, but i managed to dodge a amazing 8/10 hits. I tried about 20 mobs to come to my conclusion that a high DEX rating in this game actually does improve your Evasion % not forgetting Aim %. High Aim% not improve chance to hit BUT also improve your chance to hit with spells. You can hit a mob with your spell and land an amount of damage on it, but your spell effect like poison will not take effect WITHOUT a slightly above average aim %.

DEX – Invest 25 points or more (DEX = +.2%evade(1~50)/.1%evade(51+), +.3%aim(1~33)/.2%aim(34~67)/.1%aim)

(EDITED on 13/10/07)*
Now for STR, right now, i have seen how many people have mentioned in the forums regarding the extend of STR usefulness. I have no correct data at the moment regarding the damage you can get by having points in STR. But i give it a shot anyway =P the belief at the moment is 1 point in STR = +1.0 damage. 5 points = +6 damage. The description on "Free Stats" states that you get a bonus damage if there is 5/10/15/20/25… (block of 5) points invested.

STR – Nil (+1dmg)/+6dmg(every 5 points)

END give you more health and defense increase. People have been saying No! Archers do not need END. Now given my own experience, this build is meant for archers who want to solo most of the time. It is an alternative to investing points in DEX because when soloing, you tend to take hits from mobs more often than not. Why risk the fear of being one hitted KO by a powerful monster if u can at least take a few hits and pot along the way.
DEX in this game does not = permanant evasion. There is still a possibility to get hit once in awhile. There is also the fact that archers do not use a shield, therefore the chance% to block is not a option for archers. So its a 50/50 call for you to decide in the end. My suggestion for this is an ideal 10-25 points and not more.

END – Invest 10-25 points (+.1%block(1~50)/.05%block(51+), +.5def, +5hp.)

INT is not a valid point for Archer***

Crossbow / Bow?

Lastly, I will explain the option of using a crossbow or bow and maybe help you decide which best suit you. Answer my questions below and make your decision at level 20 when the time come for you.

Do you like to spam your skills when killing mobs or do you prefer to conserve your energy and just shoot at mobs using normal attacks?

If your answer is YES, I spammed my skills constantly be it solo or in party. I suggest you use a crossbow for the higher critical chance % and damage base of the weapon.
1.Reason being you hardly use the crossbow for normal attack.
2.You still get to enjoy the higher crit chance and base damage of the weapon when your skills hit the target.

If your answer is the latter, prefering to conserve energy/SP for long grinds with a party or just soloing. A regular bow will be a better option for you. You make up for damage by attacking faster simple as that. Not forgetting the fact that bow users get an extra bow skill compared to crossbow users. Thus making a bow user slightly on par with a crossbow user in term of DPS tho not the best.

Finally, i come to the last part of my guide. Answering why did i recommend potion and scroll making for the Archer class. Undeniably archers use hell lots of scrolls and potions when soloing no matter what build you are. So I am just trying to help you save up some money ok thats all folks. Welcome any feedback and hope this guide helps!


Credits go to Ucanius.

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