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ether saga shaman build

No one actually has any idea of what a Shaman is supposed to do, and therefore our class, as a whole gets tossed as "hybrid tank" that supposedly can’t do anything important well.

This is true to a certain extent, as, well, we don’t do anything exceptionally well. However, given our class features, there is a definite way to play your shaman.

Your affinity

The dirty truth to this is that, as long as you have maximum widu, your other affinities don’t really matter. Ignore everything you know about + points due to affinities and all other crap like that. It really *really* doesn’t matter. Each affinity has their own benefits and tradeoffs in which I will attempt to explain. If you made a crazy Oora/Widu shaman, you’re still in the game. If you made an Unda/Widu shaman, you’re pretty ridiculous later, etc. If you followed the typical Pyra/Widu shaman, well.. err..


Erda gives you defense. It does not give you a meaningful amount of defense. Defense’s usefulness is also vastly swingy. What Erda gives you however, is accuracy. Increasing your hit rate from 80% to 90% is an 11% increase in DPS.

The second main benefit of Erda is that it reduces damage/curses from Unda spells: Rangers. Conjurers. Mystics.

Erda’s common ethyrs, by and large, generally suck. The only one that stands out is Kyrin’s Claw which is, by and large, one of the best skills to start a "pull."

Summary: Erda, prevents huge amounts of unda damage in PvP. Increases your DPS hit rate. Allows you to hit with one skill, Kyrin’s Claw, which is pretty uesful.


Unda is the color of damage and support for Shamans… wait what? Damage?

Unda gives you some slight minor hp benefits, which is nice.. but not really incredibly helpful and helps reduce damage dealt by Pyra. Late game, Pyra spells in PvP tend to be only used by Conjurers, and they tend to use Unda like crazy as well, so.. no help there.

So why is Unda good? The answer lies in the fact that Unda’s common Ethyrs are some of the most useful and powerful Ethyrs in the game. Additionally, Mystics can raise Unda affinity by an incredible amount so Unda affinity is guaranteed to be at least 10-15 points higher than any other affinity you can buff, even after master titles/pet fusions.

Notable Ethyrs: Demon’s Edge. Drunkard’s Remorse. Cup of Life.


Aah. Pyra. Long a favorite because of it’s intelligence benefit that lures people away. Unfortunately, the intelligence benefit that Pyra gives is pretty much *the only* benefit it gives.

Across the board, Pyra Common Ethyrs suck. Pheonix Rage is a pathetic attack skill. Stardust fusion is useful, but has an incredibly long cool down. Pyra deflects Widu damage.

That said, hey, you have something like 150 more intelligence than the others. That counts for something, even if you get none of the other benefits that Oora/Erda/Unda would give.


People hate Oora. Oora has one defining characteristic that will by and large, overpower any complaints about it in the end-game.

It will crit you dead. That is all. With +2.5% critcast rate…

That said, Oora Ethyrs aren’t the best in the game, and Oora Shamans shine only when they’re converting all their base strength to intelligence…

It’s a very very long road. But the shaman at the end of the Oora/Widu road is a burst damage machine + the fact that you won’t really feel too horrible if you simply bash someone in with Tushin’s Hammer.

How to play a Shaman.

What you *cannot* do as a shaman.

1. Kite. No. Don’t even Start. You can’t kite. Just stop thinking about it. You can hop around and Miasma Nox, but you can’t run circles around the boss and kill it effortlessly.

Your class highlights

1. We have high defense if we choose to get defense. And yes, you should choose to get defense. Why? Because arguably, the Dragoon and the Shaman both handle outdoor PvE the best of any other class. You can get every monster in your level range to do minimum damage to you and still AoE like mad.

In fact, Shamans are *the best* at outdoor PvE mobbing. If you need to kill 600 of something without the risk of dying, that’s the Shaman’s job. Your innately high resilience and defense (supplemented by fusions/gears) make you the best suited for this cause.

2. You can do everything well except kiting. No joke. You can have access to a wide variety of snares.

Your class downsides

1. Because you can do everything well.. you have to learn how to play everything well. Learn how to tank. Learn how to heal. Learn how to DPS. If there’s a role vacant in your party, you must know how to do that role.

2. It is much harder for you to do dungeon bosses unless you’re in a party.

Dungeons: What other players would like the Shaman to do

1. Your primary role in a party is to ensure that the main tank/kiter is shielded at all times. Essence Aura. That is the #1 benefit you bring to a party.

2. Your secondary role in a party is to ensure your healing over time spell is on the kiter most of the time. This is the #2nd benefit you bring to a party.

3. 90% of the time, you always save your resurrect for the Mystic. The mystic is the most important person in the party. If the mystic "accidentally" goes down, your #1 job is to resurrect him/her. Screw the rest of the party.

This applies even if you have two or more mystics. If one of the mystics is spending time resurrecting the other mystic, your main kiter/tank will die and the rest of your DPS will soon follow.

4. If you’re not Unda or your party doesn’t need the extra healing, the rest of your time should be spent Miasma Nox’ing the boss. If your party does need the extra healing and you have Cup of Life, well.. it’s pretty obvious then.

5. Crit buff everyone. This is the buff you bring to the party. It’s not actually that good (it amounts to a 4-5% increase in damage at most, over time.)

Dungeons: What Shamans would like the other classes to know

1. Don’t ask us to tank unless you’re a mystic or there is another shaman in the party. Ever. Between our healing over time and our 25% reduction spell, we can make you the best tank in the world. However, if we’re tanking and casting reductions and heals on ourselves the fight will go on ridiculously long because we can’t keep the boss fixated on us.

2. Don’t waste our resurrects by being reckless. They’re on a 5 minute cool down and they bring someone back up to almost full working condition. If you’re being reckless just because there’s a shaman in the party, we’re *so* not ressing you. We’ll save our resurrects for, you know, non-idiots.

Solo’ing in Dungeons

If you’re solo’ing in some of the harder dungeons, you’ll realize your main flaw straight away. Many monsters are in multiple packs that are hard to tank. And of course, we can’t Kite. This is why every Shaman should carry Kyrin’s claw.

I have not encountered a single pack that I could not pick them off one by one by pulling with Kyrin’s Claw when approached from the correct angle. This has proved true up to D5 and all of D4.

Yes. Even those multi-spawn leader packs.

If no one can Kite

In the *rare* instance that no one can kite and there’s a shaman *and* a mystic around (and indeed, there are some bosses that are quite hard to kite successfully, Gildent being one of the hardest due to the stun)…

1. Your tank needs to have the appropriate –Morph. If you don’t have this, give up.

2. You must shield him at all times.

3. He must be defensively geared.

This only works up to D3 or 4 or so. It tends to break down after that because the defensive diplo armors aren’t in game and so it’s pretty impossible to reach defense levels that matter.

My personal best is taking only 550 a whack from Pride of Inari (D3 final boss) and 850 from Crabbins (D4 first boss) Terrapin however, still stung, doing 1250. :<

At D5 levels, I take roughly 3200 from Mr. Crabbins which is the limit of what a single mystic/shaman combination can heal.

A note on your fusion

1. Get a fuse with (Your element)/Resilience/Accuracy. There is a reason why these pets are good. Resilience and Accuracy are among the hardest stats to raise.

A note on Demon’s Edge, Unda, and DPS

Demon’s Edge is an incredibly fast (1s attack), that blends perfectly well with the Shaman’s two other 1s attack skills. By alternating Miasma, Void Clap and Demon’s Edge, the Shaman will be spamming 1 second attack spells constantly.

Why is this important? It’s important to understand the concept of Damage Per Second and how intelligence factors into damage. Let’s compare the following spells:

1. Illusory Ghoulfist (2.8 second cast), + 758 damage.
2. Void Clap (1s cast), + 39 damage, Demon’s Edge, (1s cast), +134 damage.

Now, Illusory Ghoulfist looks like it deals a trillion damage here, but factor in intelligence equipment and you get..

2000 + 758 over 2.8 seconds or… 2000 + 39 + 2000 + 134 over 2 seconds.

That means that the Void Clap and Demon’s Edge combo did *more* damage over less time. That’s the core of why Demon’s Edge is good.

On crit buffing:

Honestly, if the DPS is stupid enough to over aggro, they’re not very good DD’ers in the first place and should be thrown out of the party for someone who knows what he’s doing.

If your DPS dies, 99.999% of the time, it is his fault and only his. Either he’s standing in the wrong place or he refuses to pot or he drew aggro. It is not my job to resurrect DPS classes who think they are better you or the mystic because they have higher numbers and therefore they can play poorly and spam all their skills.

This naturally leads me to resurrections where..

On resurrecting non-mystics:

Resurrecting people who overly DPS tends to just encourage them to over DPS some more. I will not have ANYONE make the mystic’s job (with her constantly tracking/switching targeting) more difficult because THEY can’t control their DPS. Often times, this makes the boss take longer as everyone has to stop and shift gears as well.

(Especially if said idiot doesn’t run and then we all have to run before we get blasted by a frontal AoE.)

On Oora:

There was a reason Oora was better than the others at high burst effects, but I can’t recall it directly (as it was explained to me). I believe it was something like, at higher levels, you get *so* much critstrike/cast bonus damage that the crit % chance starts overpowering any other effects that you may have, especially with the multi-hit skills. That and you aren’t affected by the int conversion because you have a str-int conversion spell.

On Tanking:

For dungeon bosses, I normally would agree with you (due to the stupid lack of ranged bosses after D3 and the fact that diplo defense gear isn’t out). But for most named monsters bosses outside of dungeons (like overworld metallon cavern, I.E. the delicious mobs in the world dungeons), they generally have tons more hp than dungeons mobs but lower damage. They’re generally better tanked than kited (due to the low amount of space you have to kite because of the respawn rates.)

That said, I mostly agree with you on the crit/res part and I would agree with you on most of the other subjects you have if you are with a party you trust. With random people though, I remain inclined to be super prejudiced against rangers who can’t kite, conjurers who spam spells and rogues who spam spells and refuse to pot through AoEs. I mean, at least if the Dragoon draws aggro, he pops his invincibility shield and then for 30 seconds we all have a good time.

On the oora part, However, since I don’t have a level 98 and can’t confirm for myself, I’m going to have to stick with what my higher level alliance shamans tell me. *if* I were to create a Shaman, I would most likely be Erda/Widu (for the accuracy innate) and attempt to get more Unda by any means possible (Pet fuse, master title, buffs, necklace, etc.)

Credits go to xypherous.