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ether saga dungeon guides

Well, it’s obvious from the level range suggested that once you are going into CoH (Crypt of Hunters), to achieve a successful and clean run, it would be best to go in there with an average party make-up of level 20. This will help ensure your group will have a better chance of minimizing wipes depending on if your party consists of the right classes and builds. Here is a look at the central chamber in the Crypt of Hunters.

Anyhow, this is what those who are getting ready to go into ESO’s first instance should do in preparation for CoH

1) BUILD YOUR TOON! One of the most important things you can do to help yourself while playing ESO is to make sure you go with the right build when it comes to adding points to the Affinities that best suit your class as you level up.

*You can hit the "L" key at anytime in game to bring up the guide ESO provides. Next, click on Classes and view your chosen class description. Here you can find out which Affinities might be the most important to your class. You will receive 5 points every 5 levels that you can distribute into them so choose carefully. You should also check with the Class Discussion forum for more insight pertaining to your class.

2) GEAR UP! Get yourself geared up prior to queing up for CoH by either finding someone who can make you gear, looting gear off of fallen enemies, locating an NPC that can sell you gear, or with the proper Vocations you can learn from the trainers at Lvl 15.

*Again you can hit the "L" key at anytime in game to bring up the ESO in game guide. Then search for Vocations to find out who the trainers are that can help you. Then click "M" while in Pokari to bring up a list and "double-click" on the trainer’s name you need to visit if you want to learn to make the gear yourself. This is the more popular choice and having these skills can be very lucrative.

  • Mystics and Conjurers – Arcanecraft/Skinning
  • Dragoons and Shamans – Guardiancraft/Mining
  • Rogues and Shamans – Scoutcraft/Woodcutting

3) LEVEL UP! Work yourself up to a few levels above 15 so you can have a better impact on the outcome of the run while inside the instance. No one wants to carry around dead weight, as this is what you are most likely looked upon as at such a low level.

*ESO has plenty of ways for you to level up and grind while you wait for the right time to jump in there. Having more experience with your class will also give you a better chance of being added to another player’s list so they can contact you later on down the line. You never know, you might just find a real good player and you can help eachother out many times in the future.

4) FIND HEALS! Try and set yourself up with at least 2 Healers, as this will help the party out greatly. Having 2 Healers is much more sensible than just one. As a Tank with a number of DDs (damage dealers) might seem appealing, it’s really not the best make-up at the lower levels.

*To do this, you can attempt to contact a few healers and see if they’d like to join the CoH party prior to porting inside the instance. Hopefully, your healers will also be experienced and skilled in their class so they can keep everyone alive. Invite them to your party.

5) FIND A TANK! This is very important as well and the party definitely needs one. A decent Lvl 20+ Dragoon or Shaman with the proper stats and experience is ideal. If the Tank knows how to handle itself the party should do well.

*Once more attempt to find the next class that the party needs, which is a Tank this time, prior to porting inside the instance. Tanks are the workhorse of the group and will be taking the brunt of the enemies onslaught. Again, I must say that it would be in the group’s best interest to find an experienced Tank that knows the role needing to be filled. Invite the Tank to join the party.

6) GRAB SOME DDs! Fill the remaining slots in the party with some decent DDs that are familiar with their class and can throw down some good damage without wiping the group.

*I know, I know, sounds like alot of work right? It’s not as difficult as one might think. Just give it some time, never burn your bridges, and soon enough you’ll be putting quality groups together almost instantly. Anyway, once you have the party together you will soon find yourself pressing on into the challenges that await. Invite the DDs.

7) STRATEGY! Once you are all inside the instance, I recommend that the party clears all the trash (guards) one mob at a time to ensure a smooth run. After the trash is cleared, the group can then prepare for the Boss encounters.

*Tanks and DDs should be the ones clearing the trash in the instance while the healers keep them topped off at all times. When the group is preparing for a Boss encounter, the DDs should allow the Tank a few seconds to build up some threat on the Bosses prior to jumping in with their DpS (damage per second). This will make the healing easier as the Bosses will focus their attacks on the Tank.

The Bosses of the Crypt

Blackbear Sovereign

This is the first Boss seen when you enter CoH. He is located around the first bend once you enter the instance and will have 2 guards forming a barricade in front of him. These guards will support Blackbear when the party attacks him, and vice versa. The best way to go about this Boss encounter is to pull the 2 guards away from B. Sovereign and dispose of them on the far side of the room. This way, the Tank will be able to handle Blackbear alone and there will be less confusion while fighting the Boss. These guards can be handled along with the trash in the early stages while clearing the instance if preferred. As said before, allow the Tank a few moments to build up sufficient threat on the Boss before sending in the DDs. Doing this, along with making sure the healers are dropping heals on the Tank without hesitation, will give your party the best chance to down Blackbear. This is a very simple fight, after all, and a good introduction for those new to ESO.

Buffalero Magistrate

This will be the second Boss encounter you will face inside CoH. He can be found just past Blackbear’s cavern, down the tunnel towards the largest expanse in the instance, and inside the next cavern to the right . At the entrance to Buffalero’s cavern you will see 4 guards protecting the entrance, with Buffalero stationed at the back of the cavern alone. These guards will pose no threat as long as the Tank, DDs, and Healers are all on the same page. Also, these guards can be cleared along with the trash just like Blackbear’s guards can if the party chooses to. This will leave B. Magistrate with no defense, aside from his own. The party should handle this encounter the same way they handled Blackbear. Allow the Tank to aggro, keep heals on the Tank, and then send in the DDs. Once again, a very simple fight.

Baahu Magebane

This is the final Boss found in CoH. He will be located down the tunnel, which is found directly across the large expanse from Buffalero’s cavern, and around the bend inside the final cavern. Although, standing outside of Magebane’s cavern you will find a host of guards ready to protect Baahu. These guards can be cleared with the other trash when the party first enters CoH as well. Once your party is ready to down Magebane, take a moment to go over the strategy of this fight with the group, and the Tank especially. Reason being, Baahu has an AoE (area of effect) attack that will cause severe damage to anyone who is located in front of him that he cast a few times throughout the encounter. The Tank’s objectives in this fight will be to aggro Baahu, and then turn the Boss away from the other members of the party by positioning on the other side of him. If this is accomplished, and everyone does their job, then Baahu Magebane will fall and your group will have conquered CoH.

Now you and your party are ready to throw down and turn CoH inside out multiple times if wanted. You will also not likely lose that ever so precious XP you have earned if you take the time to organize a successfull party. Well, good luck all and thanks for reading Preparing for CoH 15-25.

Edit: The NPC you need to visit in order to Queue up for CoH, and other instances in ESO, is Chauncey – Adventure Dispatch. Chauncey can be found in Pokari.

Credits go to Soulstrike.