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ether saga birthday

Hello, I spent some time making a spread sheet of all the skills for dragoon which I think would be useful for one who leans more to the attacking side; rather than defense. I know he is primarily a tank; but some people (me) like spears / glaives and want to be an attacker with them.

Anyway, I analyzed all possible out comes for each of the 3 races as a Dragoon; and here is what I found to be the very best birthday per race:


Renzu: 8/09

1st skill: Decrease targets stamina
2nd skill: instant regain of 30% of hp
3rd skill: Attack x 2. (I’m guessing for some period of time)

Why this is a good date: The first skill isn’t great, but the next two combined I think are better than other options for Renzu. This will give you a good balance of attacking (the x2) and defending / healing (the 30% hp).


Shenzu: 4/28

1st skill: decrease time to catch pet by 2 seconds.
2nd skill: +30 attack speed (i guess over a certain period of time)
3rd skill: Attack + 20%, and weaken surrounding enemies

Why this is a good date: If you are like catching pets, then I guess the 2 second skill will be helpful; especially since you get it early. Also it has increased attack speed which is always good; along with increased damage skill later that also weakens enemies near you. In my personal opinion, this birthday + race combo is the best option for Attack-centered Dragoon.


Yaoh: 3/08

1st skill: Increased move speed.
2nd skill: Silent target.
3rd skill: x2 attack damage (i guess over a certain period of time)

Why this is a good date: Increased move speed is always helpful when running around killing things; or traveling between places for quests. The silent target I personaly dont think is too useful, though it could be helpful in pvp vs. mage types. The 3rd skill is obviously very useful for an attack-centered Dragoon.


Note: This information is skeptical and I’m not sure how much will hold up. I have never played the game..and CB I will be trying. This is all from what I’ve pulled together from resources I’ve found online based from the Chinese client. I put this together to save other dragoons who are seeking to be attackers the time of looking for the best birth date. If none of these sound good enough for you, look for yourself! Diversity is great. I just thought I’d share.

Credits go to ragekai.