Quest and Title Guide

some of you might wonder how you go about finding out you have new quests in other areas, or how to go about picking through available quests according to rewards. this is pretty easy once you know where to find your quests! I’m going to show you how by using a title quest as an example. if you don’t know about title quests, this is a great time to learn about them: title quests are ultra simple daily quests you can do to earn experience (1 exp token), as well as a shiny new title to wear over your head. they are always given by an npc in pokari, and can be done on any realm. currently eso isn’t handing out title quests…but hopefully they will be back soon!!

to open up the quest window, you can either press the Q button, or hit the quest key (the green star) on the keybar at the lower right of your screen

in the upper left of your quest window is a button that says "available quests" – if you hit that, a second window will open

this second window will show all of the TYPES of quests there are. you’re probably familiar with the training quests, which you should try to finish. you may have noticed that the training quests are always yellow. title quests are considered to be a FUN QUEST, so click fun quests, which are white

once you open it, a full list of quests will open up for you. yours will be different than mine, as I have skipped a LOT of quests. familiarize yourself with your quest lists so you know what to look out for, and what you’d just rather skip!

if you see a quest you think might interest you, give it a click. it will give you a breakdown of the quest and what rewards you can expect. most quests will tell you what you have to kill, but not all of them do. some also leave the rewards a mystery. however, title quests always look the same. it gives you the name of the quest giver as well as the information you’ll get about the quest. at the bottom is your single exp token.

auto route or walk to the npc giving the quest. you just have to read what they say, and voila, you get a title and an experience token!

one of the great things about eso is that there’s always a variety of quests you can do. not all of them give out epic rewards, but there’s always SOMETHING to do!

happy questing!

Credits go to Luckigrrl.