Guide to Halls of Fabrication


*Disclaimer* I don’t know everything there is to know about everything. No one does or will except the devs, however this is what I’ve been able to pick up from my times in the PTS server as well as working with the amazing people in my guild and what they’ve told me/ experienced. I’ve never gone up in the second boss so that one in particular I ask you take with a grain of sand (salt? I have no clue…). That bit is just what I’ve heard, I’ve never so much as seen that as I always play healer. Then again I trust my friends so… *shrugs*

Before You Start:

-This trial requires 2 tanks, 2 healers, and 8 DPS.
-Split everyone into two groups, 6 people in each group consisting of 1 tank, 1 healer, and 4 DPS.
-We’ll label these groups as Group A and Group B.
-Everyone should be able to slot purge, the more that slot it the smoother the run. At the very least have each healer and each tank running it.

Adds/ In-between Fights:

-Kill order is as follows: Spheres, Mittens, Two-Handers, Kagouti Fabricants, Centurions, everything else.
-When there are spheres be sure to spread out, at least one per sphere and interupt them.
-Spheres can do a lot of damage that can kill anyone who isn’t a tank in a matter of seconds.
-Spheres also shoot out electric bombs that detonate when someone enters their AOE circle doing loads of damage, be wary of where you step.
-Two-Handers are a tank’s priority as they are capable of one shotting especially squishy DPS.
-Two-Handers do a kind of spin attack and Kagoutis do a charge that can one shot squishy DPS that are too close, melee beware.
-Centurions and Kagoutis have far more health than the average add making them more of a priority than most of the others.
-Centurions spawn nearby spheres when defeated.
-Watch where you step!
-Electricity lines slow you down and drains Magicka.
-Wait for them to turn off or roll dodge through them.
-There are places where there are large bodies of water, do not step in the water as it has the same effect as the electricity lines.
-Spinning blades will constantly hurt you as long as you stand in their AOE.
-Thankfully they are easy to anticipate since they are always on a set track, avoid these tracks at all times if possible.

First Boss
Hunter-Killer Fabricants:

-Split off into groups A and B.
-Tanks will keep bosses separate and un-tethered.
-Keeping the bosses tethered heals the bosses and empowers them.
-Easiest way to go about this is have one boss in the middle and another on the outside with the outside boss moving as necessary.
-To balance this tactic out the group with the higher DPS should be on the moving boss.
-Everyone, including tanks, must be careful not to step on the lightning pools that the bosses place under the tank’s feet as it deals massive damage.
-The bosses will occasionally stun their tank and start eating them, it’s crucial that someone interrupts the boss at this point or its a one-shot to the tank.
-The bosses will occasionally fire balls of lightning in the direction they are facing which stuns any player they hit.
-Its recommended to always face the bosses away from each other and the groups during periods where the DPS are focusing the boss.
-Each group will attack their respective boss, making sure to always keep the two bosses at about the same health.
-Starting at 85% global health DPS needs to stop attacking their boss.
-At this point both tanks need to find the sphere adds and link the bosses together so the line overlaps the sphere until the shield is down.
-As soon as the shield is down DPS must attack the sphere until it is defeated.
-Continue until no more spheres remain then un-tether the bosses and resume DPS once more until adds spawn again and repeat the cycle.
-Everyone needs to be careful not to stand in the tether line as it does a lot of damage.
-When adds are up its important that purges are going off regularly.
-The spheres have a poison attack that if un-cleansed will kill within seconds.
-If one raptor dies before the other the adds become enraged.
-After defeating this boss make sure to grab your loot from the chest that spawned right away, cause if you wipe on the next pull it disappears.
*Note* I do not encourage doing this boss the way that alcast does unless your group has good coordination, high DPS, and everyone is running purge.

Second Boss
Pinnacle Factotum:

-One group’s DPS will need to spread out and pick one of the blue pads each.
-During the fight when Fyr says “Some of you should get up here.” The DPS need to go to their respective pads and synergize to go up top.
-Once the door opens the DPS must kill the add in front of them.
-One DPS will be charged, its important they go and help the others kill their adds as being charged makes the adds go down quicker.
-After all the DPS have killed the adds and are ready to press their button they must all press it at the same time and immediately run back to the pad and go back down.
-On the bottom, one tank must tank the boss in the middle where he spawns while the other tanks the centurion adds.
-When the group goes up the boss will turn into shades and the tank will see a circle on the ground, if the tank moves out of the circle its a one shot.
-DPS must be careful of their surroundings this entire fight.
-Don’t stay too far away from the boss for too long or risk a one-shot.
-Should always be a loose stack on either side of the boss, but not in front or behind it.
-Don’t get too close to the boss or risk lots of damage.
-Never stand too close to other players or risk killing each other.
-Centurions and conduits should always take priority with conduits being most important.
-Conduits empower the boss and deals damage to the group.

Third Boss:
Archcustodian (The Janitor):

-The boss has a shield that cannot be DPSed through.
-Everyone must run in front of the boss, careful not to get too close to the shield.
-Ideally the entire group will run to the first pylon and wait for the boss to approach.
-A two hander will spawn that one of the tanks must take to the pylon line to be DPSed down with the boss.
-The tank without an add must find the pylon and press it when the boss is near, essentially tripping it.
-When the boss goes down from the electricity line is the only opportunity DPS have to attack the boss, ultimates are recommended here.
-Rinse and repeat.

Fourth Boss
Refabrication Committee:

-Group A and Group B split and each take the right and left bosses; if the group is having a hard time one DPS from each side can focus the middle boss and watch for adds.
-Tanks must make sure that none of the bosses are linked.
-Left boss has a fire AOE that must be purged if it hits you, it has a similar effect to the raptors’ poison.
-You can tell its coming cause he kinda spins then slams his weapon down.
-Beware of the grabby hands, they drag you into the ground and do lots of damage, they are easy to spot and dodge but if caught a break free will get you out.
-Right boss spawns the grabby hands, he sticks his weapon in the ground and launches the grabby hands outward.
-Adds will sometimes spawn and slowly walk towards the middle boss, those take priority cause if they reach the boss they will run to a random player and explode.
-You can tell adds have spawned when an electricity ring appears around the middle boss.
-When one of the bosses become invulnerable the group DPSing that boss must move to the middle boss until it becomes invulnerable.
-Once all the bosses are invulnerable the tanks need to pull the bosses in and form links with each boss.
-When this happens the bosses will all be stunned momentarily giving DPS a good chance to ulti bomb.
-Once bosses get up tanks must break the links once again.
-Rinse and repeat.

Fifth Boss
Assembly General:

-Group A and Group B must split and take the platforms on the right and left of the boss.
-Both tanks will be in-between the platforms in front of the boss.
-One tank will take the boss, making sure to stand toe-to-toe with it.
-The other tank will bring any adds that spawn down to the middle, this will bring the add down behind the boss grouping it nicely.
-Tanks must beware the boss’s foot stomp as it sends a shockwave.
-Everyone must beware of the poison that gathers behind the boss during the arm stage, it will kill quickly meaning everyone must be in front of the boss.
-DPS and healers on the platforms must stay close to the edge by the arms and DPS down the arms.
-If not enough people are on a platform the boss will use that respective arm on the tanks instead dealing more damage than the tank can probably take.
-If anyone is too far from the boss at any time he will jump, if he jumps 3 times the entire group will wipe.
-Once the arm falls off, the side that it falls off of must immediately jump down into the middle with the tanks, making sure to stay close.
-After both arms fall off the boss will walk towards the middle of the room.
-DPS must form a loose stack behind the terminal (where the boss was just standing) and DPS it down.
-Spinning blades and electric lines will appear, be wary of them and do not stand in them.
-After the terminal has been destroyed clear any adds remaining.
-Do not attack the boss during this phase or he will shock the group.
-After the terminal phase the boss will walk to the next area of the room.
-Both tanks need to be in-between platforms in front of the boss while the DPS and healers go to the right and left platforms where his arms are.
-Rinse and repeat a total of four times, one for each terminal.
-After he has gone to each side of the room and the terminals have been defeated the boss will enter his execute phase.
-The boss will walk to the center of the room and start filling the room with poison and shooting missiles at the group.
-This part is a DPS race and requires lots of healing.
-Adds will be spawning throughout this phase, tanks need to round them up and keep them from attacking the group.

And there you have it! I hope this helps at least one group get through or past something they struggled with or just simply to know why you should do what you do. <3


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!