ESO Morrowind: The Regalia of the Scarlet Judge Costume & Sir Socks`s Ball of Yarn

Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today i show you where you can obtain the Costume the Regalia of the Scarlet Judge and the Furnishing Sir Socks`s Ball of Yarn. Take a look in the description if you want to go direct to a specific topic. First you have to travel to the city Suran in Vvardenfell. Next to the Suran Wayshrine you will meet the NPC the Scarlet Judge Talk to him to start the Quest The Scarlet Judge and he will ask you to assist him in his investigations in Suran. The Scarlet Judge Quest is really great and a quite long Quest I enjoyed this quest a lot and i really don`t want to spoil this story for anyone.

But as a reward for completing the Scarlet Judge Quest you will receive the Costume the Regalia of the Scarlet Judge. I like this Costume a lot and you can easily get it for free to extend your Wardrobe in ESO. So don`t miss the opportunity to get this beautiful Costume and help the Scalet Judge in Suran. Also you can change the colors of your new costume when you visit a Dye Station. To receive the Furnishing you have to talk to Tilenra Sildreth in Suran which will start the Quest Nothing to Sneeze at.

I found this quest quite amusing and you should experience this small little quest without spoilers too. For finishing the Nothing to Sneeze at quest you will be rewarded with Sir Socks`s ball of Yarn. You can place this small Yarn Ball at your House or apartment and let your pets play with it. I hope this small video gave you an idea where you can get this new Collectibles and how they look like without spoiling the story for you. Thanks for watching and it would be great if you subscribe like or leave me a comment Have a nice day and until next time Tschüss!

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