[ESO] Imperial City Sewers – Simulacrum of Molag Bal – Duo Kill

First rule of IC, when possible always stay hidden. Large AoE attack with stun. Block or avoid. Rune minefield, it will melt you, must get away from asap. Adds spawn, time based. The channelled missiles are not hitting hard but if you can interrupt. Meteor storm. Medicore damage. Frontal attack, walk away, keep turned away from allies. Combos like that can be deadly = minefield + meteor + smash Another add spawn. They will be using attacks like negate, ice ring (heavy damage if you stay on the edge). Lol rip snowy. Run! On death Molag Bal explodes with massive sized AoE with significant damage (~20k).

Most of DPS must run away or shield up, tanks can just eat it. Right after explosion when you are stunned is the favourite moment of gankers to backstab you. Stay alert!.

As found on Youtube

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