Armor Weapon Showcase of the Outlaw Style in The Elderscrolls Online (ESO)

Hello everyone and welcome to my armor and weapon showcase of the Outlaw Style in the Elderscrolls Online. My name is Tianlein and in this video i will show you the Outlaw Style in all armor and weapon classes.

For male and female characters Take a look in the description if you want to go direct to a specific armor or weapon. You can obtain the Outlaw Motif chapters by killing World and Dungeon bosses in Hew’s Bane To access Hew`s Bane you need the Thieves Guild DLC Bahraha`s Gloom is located west of Abah`s Landing.

From the Boss there you can get Outlaw Boot, Bow, Chest, Mace and Sword chapters. At the western coast of Hew`s Bane you will find The Thrall Cove. The Boss here drops Outlaw Dagger and Glove chapters. Southwest of Abah`s Landing is Ko Estaran located and you can get from this Boss Outlaw Axes And Belt Chapters.

The Shark`s Teeth Grotto is found on the southern Coast of Hew`s Bane and the boss there can drop Outlaw Helmet, Leg, Shoulder and Stave chapters. To craft the Outlaw Style you need Rogue`s Soot which can be found by harvesting nodes in Hew`s Bane. Unlike other Styles for the Outlaw Style there is no Robe available Enjoy the Video and it would be great if you subscribe, like or leave a comment I wish you a nice day and until next time.

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