Duelyst Budget Lilithe Decklist and Guide by DuelystLilitheAlt

I’m an S-Ranked player who wanted to learn Lilithe, so I made a new account, disenchanted all non-abyssian cards, and started climbing with only...

Duelyst Backstabhai S-Rank Deck Guide by karsticles

I hit S-Rank for the month! It took 65 wins total, which is a new record for me. Here is my current version of...

Duelyst Solo Challenge Solutions Guide by ElDynamite

Notation: As there is no standard Duelyst notation, I set out to create one, and recommend that you adopt it as well. First, I suggest an A-E and...

Duelyst Swarm Abyssian Guide by alpha_century

Swarm Abyssian in the current meta? I know what you’re thinking, young Duelyst, Swarm Abyssian isn’t even IN the current meta. How can a...

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