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dragons prophet guardian skill build

Ladies and gentlemen, animals and freaks. Conan and I will now proudly present you our very own guide on becoming a proper guardian.

  1. Introduction
  2. Pros & Cons
  3. Fancy words and their meanings
  4. Skills
  5. Attributes
  6. Masteries
  7. 1h or 2h
  8. PvP guides/builds
  9. PvE guides/builds
  10. Dragons & dragon skills
  11. Equipment & gems
  12. How to play – PvP
  13. How to play – PvE
  14. Credits

NB: This is work in progress, and not complete! We will be working on improving this guide in the coming days.



1. Introduction


In this guide we will cover all the things you may ever want to know about playing the guardian. Firstly, we will tell you what’s good/bad about guardians so that you may gain some insight on whether this class is for you. Shortly after that we will go over the various attributes, skills and masteries that guardians have available to them. Once you’ve been well educated in what all of this stuff is, we will go on to the more serious matters of suggesting where you put your skillpoints, what masteries you should get, what dragons + abilities you should get and what kind of equipment + gems you should focus on for both 1h and 2h playstyles. Now that you know all of this, you’ll be ready to learn how to handle different situations and how/when to use your skills.
Now that you know what this guide is all about and you’re still interested in reading on, all we can say is enjoy, and keep in mind that this guide is simply our opinion on how to play the guardian. :)



2. Pros & Cons



  • Wears heavy armor
  • Best defenses ingame
  • Decent damage
  • Good utility (CC, survivability)
  • Fulfills two roles – Tank and/or DPS


  • Melee
  • AoE skills limited due to very short range
  • Minimal ranged skills


3. Fancy words and their meanings


Pros - What’s good about something.

Cons - What’s bad about something.

CC - Crowd Control – Skills/abilities that hinders others such as stuns, roots, freezes etc.

AoE - Area of Effect – Skills/abilities that affect an area rather than a single target.

Tank - A role where you have high defenses and you’re able to sustain lots of damage for your party members.

DPS - A role where you deal lots of damage.

1h - 1 handed – We use this to refer to guardians playing with a 1 handed weapon and a shield.

2h - 2 handed – We use this to refer to guardians playing with a 2 handed weapon

AP - Action Points – The blue bar that is spent on using skills/abilities.

Stagger/stun - We’ve found out that this is the same thing in Dragon’s Prophet. Attacks that staggers/stuns will render the opponent useless for a limited time.

Kiter - Person that deals damage to you while maintaining you at a safe distance, thus keeping you from hitting back.



4. Skills


Here’s a list of the skills that all guardians have, and what they do. They are listed by the buttons they are bound to by default.


skgrdbladeicon.jpgQSword Aura - Ranged attack.
skgrdmadicon.jpgEMad Dance - Deals good AoE damage + stagger/stun.
skgrddashicon.jpgVDashing Slash - Dashes to opponent + damage and stagger/stun.
skgrdparryicon.jpgRParry - Blocks damage by using your action points. If you release R and right-click right after blocking an attack, you damage and knock up everyone in front of you.
skgrdelecticon.jpg1Electric Dive - A skillshot that is a gap closer which knocks down.
skgrdslashicon.jpg2Slash - 3 hit combo. First knocks up, then down, then up again. Does good damage.
skgrdsunliticon.jpg3Sunlit Chain - Deals more damage than Mad Dance, but can’t hit targets behind you.
skgrdbattleicon.jpg5Battle Cry - 5% more physical damage for a limited time.
skgrdinvinicon.jpg6Invincibility - Removes any CC on you while knocking back enemies around you.
bashicon.jpgLeft-clickBash/Pursue/Bashing Swirl - 3 hit combo attack that damages and staggers.
skgrddesticon.jpgRight-ClickDestroying strike/Brute Collision/Starchaser/Sorrow Moon - It is something you add after your left clicks to do more damage and make a longer combo. If you hold down right click without left clicking it will charge up to Empowered Slash which deals a lot of damage.


5. Attributes


Here’s a list of the different attributes and what they do:


Strength - Increases physical damage and physical defense
Constitution - Increases health maximum and health recovery ability
Ferocity - Increases critical hit chance and critical hit damage
Intelligence  - Increases magic damage and magic defense
Focus - Increases physical defense and armor penetration ability
Charisma - Extends the dragon’s combat time and provides a boost to their basic attributes (also increases dragon’s capture duration).
Dragon Affinity - Increases magic defense and magic penetration ability


6. Masteries


If you want to see a picture of the masteries where you can hover over each ability to see what it is, clickhere and click the “Class Talents” tab.


Here’s the list with an explanation of why/why not to pick the mastery.

Any mastery marked with * means it is an activated ability, which you gotta put on your action-bar.


Survival Instinct
% damage increase of basic attacks, which is a must for PvP, and PvE DPS.


Enhanced Collision

Phys. damage increase, which is a must for PvP, and PvE DPS. Choose this over the others in this spot, because this increases phys. damage, which is what guardians scale on.

Deadly Impact

Crits aren’t really worth it atm.

Flame Impingement

Just don’t pick this.



Pick this for PvP

Elemental Warshout

Pick this for PvE


Shield Mastery

Pick this if you’re a PvE tank.


One-Handed Weapon Mastery

A must for PvP with 1h wep+shield.

Two-Handed Weapon Mastery

A must for DPS with 2h wep.


*Shield Bash

A good skill which does decent damage, staggers and has a fast animation. (Very useful for PvP)


Threatening Aura

Nice for a PvE tank, since it increases your phys. defense.

Infinite Blade

The best choice for PvP, since both shockwaves staggers, and it deals more damage.

Blade Tornado

Useless mastery, since the normal blade aura already staggers.



A must for PvP to guarantee being able to staggerlock your opponent.


Bloodthirst Strike

Useful for PvP, because a bleed allows for you to damage an opponent even if they’re out of range.

Explosive Strike

Guardians want physical damage, not elemental. Don’t pick this.


Meteor Strike

Good phys. damage increase on your starchaser combo.

Purple Meteor

Guardians want physical damage, not elemental. Don’t pick this.


Shield Slam

A combo for Shield Bash. Pick this if you picked Shield Bash.


Blood Moon

Adds bleed to your sorrow moon combo. Definitely pick this for PvP.

Flame of Blood Moon

Guardians want physical damage, not elemental. Don’t pick this.


Mad Dance

A very good damage increase to mad dance. Pick this for PvP and any DPS spec.



This increases the damage you take so much, it’s not worth it.


*Spiral Attack

Does good damage to target/targets straight in front of you.


Flaming Slash

Guardians want physical damage, not elemental. Don’t pick this.


Improved Charge

Reduces ap cost and stuns for a long time if maxed. Good PvP skill.

Flame Charge

Guardians want physical damage, not elemental. Don’t pick this.


Guardian’s Flame

Good increase on M.def. Not sure whether this is useful or not.


*Grip of War

A definite must for PvP. Great for catching your running prey.


Spiral Slash

A combo for spiral attack. Pick this if you picked spiral attack.


Thunder Force

We’re not really looking for crit chance with the build we’re going for.


Defense Skill

Very useful for PvE, where you’d want to parry dangerous boss attacks etc.



This will might be useful, depending on the situation, but not for PvP, as we’re not building str.


War Slash

Level this if you have Grip of War. It does good damage straight after pull.


Cloud Body

A must for PvP so you can use invincibility twice.




7. 1h or 2h


1h - Sacrifices some damage to allow for more survivability, and utility.

Using a 1h weapon and shield will give you a great bonus to defenses, as well as granting access to awesome utility abilities such as Shield Bash and Grip of War on the expense that it does less damage than a 2h weapon.


2h - Sacrifices some survivability for damage, damage and more damage.

Using a 2h weapon will make you deal a lot more damage than usual due to the 2h weapons having more damage on them, however you will be more vulnerable.



8. PvP guides/builds


For PvP we’ve found that using a 1h weapon & shield is far better than using a 2h weapon in every situation. This is due to the increased tankiness, and the access to Grip of War, which is excellent in dealing with kiters. Because of this we greatly recommend that you use a 1h weapon & shield for PvP purposes.


Attributes for PvP:

For PvP you’ll definitely need survivability. This is simply because you don’t want someone to be able to kill you before you get the time to react.

You’d also want some damage so you can actually kill things.

Charisma isn’t really needed that much unless you want your dragon to be the damage dealer.


So how many points should you spend where?

We recommend putting the most of your points in focus, and only spec constitution if you feel your gear doesn’t give you enough. You may put some points in charisma as well, but as stated earlier, it isn’t really needed for PvP. The reasoning for putting points in focus is because:

1. It gives you armor penetration, which allows you to bypass armor.

2. It gives you a ridiculous amount of physical defense (5 per 1 point).

3. You don’t really get much damage from strength.


As for masteries you MUST get Grip of War (because it’s so good in dealing with ranged classes) and Cloud Body (so you can use invincibility twice). Shield Bash is also good since it’s another ability with a fast animation that damages and staggers. Other than that you’d want to get the masteries that increase your physical damage, and the masteries that gives your attacks bleed effects, stuns etc.



9. PvE guides/builds


For PvE you can pick whatever fits your playstyle, whether that be 1h or 2h. We recommend you go for 2h if you want to deal damage, because it is simply better than 1h when it comes to just that.


Attributes for PvE:

For PvE you’re not that reliant on constitution, unless you’re planning on being a tank. You can choose to ignore constitution completely if you’re good at dodging boss attacks etc.
The attributes you need, however, is strength and charisma. Strength to increase your damage, and charisma to allow for keeping your dragon out during the whole bossfight.


So how many points should you spend in each?

About half in each is balanced and playable, but it’s really up to your own personal preference whether you want to deal more damage vs. having your dragon stay out longer and deal more damage.


When it comes to masteries for PvE it’s almost purely personal preference, aside from the obvious that if you’re going to be a DPS you’ll have to take the masteries that increase your damage, and if you’re going to be a tank you’ll have to take the masteries that increase your defenses. On masteries that allow you to choose between granting an attack increased physical or elemental damage, always go for physical, since that’s what strength improves.



10. Dragons & dragon skills


As a guardian you’d want a supportive dragon that heals you. The dragons that excels in this are the gliders (and some flyers), as these have highest intelligence.


Here’s a list of the dragon skills that are interesting to a guardian:


AoE Healing Spells
Lightwell:  Releases a spring of light well on the ground, restoring health and action points to friendly targets within range. (Better than downpour)
Downpour: Releases a circle that buffs player and nearby allies, restoring health and action points over time. (This skill is plain worse than Lightwell, and they do not stack).
Angel’s Embrace: Continuously heals player and nearby allies around the player for a duration.
Battle Action: Converts the player’s health into action points
Blood seal of life: Instantly transfers 15% of your pet’s hp to yourself. Pet must be summoned to use.
Blood Pumping: Increases the physical damage of the player & the dragon by 30% for 15 sec.
Blade of Protection: Does physical damage based on the player’s physical defense in an AoE around the player. Also applies a stacking buff which increases the player’s physical defense by 4%, stacking up to 3 times (+12% Phys.Def in total).
Dragon Strength: Increases caster, caster’s pet and caster’s party members’ strength.
Dragon Soul Heart: Increases caster, caster’s pet and caster’s party members’ Constitution.
Battle Cry: Increases caster, caster’s pet and caster’s party members’ physical damage.
Dragon’s Blood: Increases basic health by 30% for 20 seconds.
Total Defense: When activated, this ability wards off an attack within the next 15 seconds.
Shell Protection: Increases target’s resistance by 60%
Dragon scale defense: Increases caster, caster’s pet and caster’s party members’ physical defense.
Squama Protection: Increases physical and magical protection by 15%
Heals that the dragon itself can use
Life Reflux: Heal over time buff on the player & the dragon for 20 seconds.
Healing Wind: Large heal for the player & the dragon. (The best instant heal)
Life Recovery: Medium heal for the player & the dragon.
Dragon Heal: Medium heal for the player & the dragon.
-You don’t really want any of the buffs in the defensive category for PvP.
-Heals are most important, so that’s what you gotta look for.


11. Equipment & gems


For PvP:

Go for equipment with constitution/health on it, and spec it full with gems that has constitution/health. You may also consider strength, but you should mainly focus on constitution/health.


For PvE:

Go for what your role demands. Damage->Strength, Tank->Constitution/Health.


For taming:

Feel like dragonhunting? If so, we recommend you get a set of gear that has charisma on it to make dragons easier to capture.



12. How to play – PvP


Here we will write different situations and cenarios, as well as explaining how to handle them. We are currently testing this, and we’re not sure just how to write it yet, but rest assured, it will come soon.



13. How to play – PvE


Here we will write different situations and cenarios, as well as explaining how to handle them. We are currently testing this, and we’re not sure just how to write it yet, but rest assured, it will come soon.



14. Credits


Creating/writing the guide:

Conan – most ideas & testing

Zeykes – most writing


Information sources and/or people that has provided useful information:








Hope you enjoyed the guide and found it useful!


We are eager to see your feedback on this guide, and we accept suggestions etc. with open arms, so feel free to reply and saying what we did good/bad or what we should add in the future.