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Ranger Guides


So we will begin with Rangers 
Rangers is a little weird class its not only a range fighter is everything you need close fight combat with good dmg,range dmg(MUCH) and can fast change from range to close battle GREAT KNOCKBACK SKILLS


I believe that ranger dont need that much STR at the beggining Focus will do the work for you i give most of the points into Focus and use much of them on Charisma  too.
Ranger can equip both Cloth and Light armors I am a light equiment guy BUT in game until now i got better stats from cloth so take your time and see what is better for your stats
About weapons he can equip Bow-two handed/Gunblade-With shield for off-hand
At the beggining i was like WOW Gunblades but now i got my hands on some epic bow so I LOVE BOWS mass dmg low on def cause you dont have the shield but i get use to it
Gunblades have lower dmg than bows but you can use some unique skills for gunblade from your masteries


Rangers i think they dont need a tanky dragon not at all if you get used to use your Shift-A or D dogde skills or just R you will never die(it works like this on Duel too) i believe a high Intelligence dragon is better for a ranger cause Intel is the only thing Ranger dont have Magic Dmg.I got several dragons but i believe the best compination is Buff skill for STR (cause you will give points on this late) ,passive Heals 1 or 2 will be better  and some Froze/Paralyze skill he can cast like Glacier Strike 




1.You will sure need one heal dragon skill massive one[light well]

2.You will need one buff skill 8-10min[Dragon strength]

3.Absosrb dmg skill[cant reacall the name]

4.Increase dmg[blood pumping 30% more dmg]

5.Attribure buffer[Attribute wheel](its risky but ilike it)


About crafting for me better is to lvl up Armorsmith at the begginig so you can have the choice about Cloth or Light armors? Next Weaponsmithing would be nice so you can make some easy Gold


About lvl up points you got 3 every lvl i wasa using 1 Focus/2 Charisma but that is why i want to capture rear dragons fast Better for you would be like 2 focus/1 Charisma and after 30 lvl put some points at Str and Ferocity 

1-10 lvl —-> 2-Focus/1Charisma

                 10-15 lvl —->1Focus/1Charisma/1Ferocity

15-30 lvl—–>2Focus/1Charisma


     After this make your choice by looking your gear


Hard to choose so lets see mine.Masteries go by lvl first 5 unlocked at lvl 15 and next at 25 .. E.t.c

 at 15 —> 1(5/5)  3(5/5)  

 at  25 —-> 2(2/5)  5(1/5) 

                                 at 35  —-> 2(3/5)  3(1/5) 4(1/5) 5(5/5)

I am still experimenting so its not so accurate

Photo example later 






For Farming do every single public event once a day you got massive dmg and you can handle tanking a lot of mobs i got on me at 46 lvl mobs over 8 at a time



1.Qx3 click leftx1 Q again      


2.Dragon breath          


3.Aut-hit x3 , right click once to restore your points  


4.Spread shot(if you got the 35 lvl masterie you will healed too)