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So even though I’m quitting this game, I think I might just throw out this build here. It’s not really focussed on INT, but mostly on Dragon affinity.




First off, why did I go with int? Simple! Oracles have the abillity to stun lock if they have a dragon with Paralyzing current and Cyclone strike. There’s also a buff called Dragon Soul Spirit, which gives you +20 int and a extra 1%. The stats on equipment with this build will also focus on INT/CON. Besides, most people will know that pumping to much into int won’t make you “great” in pvp.



First off, put all your points into charisma till you hit the 140. You can also go 2:1 on Charisma/Dragon affinity.


After you’ve gotten to the point of 140 charisma, you’ll just go 2:1 DA/INT till you’re lvl50. Then you can make a choice. Do you want more HP or do you want more Magic damage? You could switch around to 2:1 INT/DA or 2:1 CON/DA.





For equipment, try to get INT and CON equips. Stats like FERO and DA will also work, but I’d say stick to more HP/Magic damage.



It doesn’t really matter which dragon you use, but I’d suggest getting a magic type that can heal and do damage. The skills I suggest on it are: Fiery Strike, Paralyzing Current, Current Strike, Cyclone Strike, Life Reflux and Healing Wind.


You should also get a pet who could take the aggro with you, skills on it shouldn’t really matter, but the passive that addeds 6% defense to everyone when it’s summoned is a nice thing to have.


The remaining slots should be filled with dragons for your soul skills.


[Soul Skills]:

Everyone has different oppinion for this one, but these are the skills I like to use:


Healing Light

Circle Claw

Corrosive breath (or Dragon Tornado)

Dragon Soul Spirit

Dragon Soul Heart



Magic penetration is more usefull then raw Magic damage. Even though it’s fun to look at the huge ass damage count, being a pure int a or 2:1 int/con or int/da build is just useless when it comes to end game.


Yes, this build is also made on fighting together with your dragon on PvE, but you can do insane amounts of damage with this build to, and it’s a nice build for PvP.


Is this the best build? I’d say no. There are a lot of rolls a oracle could take, this one is just focussed on a DPS/PvP role.

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