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dragon nest tinkerer build

Hello, for those interested in taking on the Shooting Star branch of an engineer or any class one is not familiar with, its important to take in many insights to gain knowledge to help you understand the class that you want to play.

This build is hybrid build, so it is balanced with high DPS.

I shall now start explaining my skill point placements

Tinkerer Section

A few basic supports, passives and recoveries are maxed. Aerial Recovery has been placed at level 3 due to SP restraints. Slip and Slide is left at 1 for its movement boost.

lvl 17 Quick Shot VS lvl 9 Star Burst VS lvl 17 Napalm

This part is information from my experience from using these skills at the max level for the 50 cap.

~Quick Shot
Pros: Of the 3 in terms of DPS quick shot is stronger then the other two. Good for dealing extra filler damage against bosses

Cons: The bullets fired out of this skill are small making it hard to aim. Skill is meant for a singular target so it lacks AoE

~Star Burst
Pros: Can deal the highest instantaneous damage of the 3 in a single usage. Has moderate AoE so it can hit multiple mobs. Has the ability to stun. Useful for Pvp

Cons: Is a singular burst hit type attack so at the same time it can end up being the weakest of the 3 if it does not hit its full damage potential. Its stun effect is useless against Nest/Raid bosses

Pros: Of the 3 it is the most balanced. Has medium AoE so it can hit multiple mobs. There are 6 hits in this skill, the impact of the grenade and then 5 hits from the flames of this skill. An elemental skill, so Napalm will be stronger then the other 2 when the foe is fire weak.

Cons: Its greatest strongpoint is also its weakest; against a fire resistant enemy its damage will be the lowest of the 3. Its damage potential is only fully reached when the monster does not move from its AoE.

This information is to help you decide and to fill up the 45 minimum SP requirement to access the ultimate for engineer, my preference is Napalm for its balance.

Engineer Section

Rocket Crash and Gravity Grenade are utility skills and are not meant for damage, but for their effects, so all Gearmaster/Shooting Star builds must have this.

The 1st two skill trees to the left side are for Shooting Stars while the last two skill trees to the right side are for Gear Masters.

~Tower Tree

Gatling Quacker: After T4 it is badly nerfed even at level 12 its now the weakest of the towers. So left at 1.

Cannon Quackum: This tower’s damage at level 9 is the strongest, but due to its 4 hit limit, its potential is hindered. So left at 1.

Frost Tower: Not as strong as it used to be in T3, but is the balanced tower of the 3 having the ability to slow down the mobs it hits, hence it is maxed at lvl 5.

~Duck Tree

Shooting Stars don’t normally focus on this tree, but by adding SP into this tree you gain access to extra DPS.

Quack Shock: it is raised to level 6 minimum for the 6 second attack duration

Quack Patrol: left at 1, used only for its debuff. Cant control when to use this skill.

Kami-Quackum: Maxed out to level 7. Not only does it have high damage, but you can control when to use it.

~Bullet Tree

Super Ball: Maxed for is shmexy damage.

Make it Rain: Maxed for damage. This skill requires practice to use properly.

Chemical Warfare: Debuff skill so only need 1 in it.

~Alfredo Tree

Alfredo Stomp: I have maxed this out because I removed Alfredo Tornado from my build. So its a preference to me. hits moderately high and has a provoke ability.

Piping Hot Alfredo and Alfredo Tank are left at 1 to help give Alfredo uses while he summoned.

Highlight of this build

This build drops Alfredo Tornado. Why have I done it? It was an experiment and also because of how hard it is to control this skill and the fact that this skill gets wasted on the wrong target at times.

Here is a result from dropping Alfredo Tornado

A few things to note. When you use Alfredo Drop to resummon Alfredo, all of his skill’s cooldowns get reseted, except for Alfredo Smash. Now Alfredo Beam has a 24 second cooldown; By using this resummoning trick, this turns Alfredo Beam into a very spammable high burst damage skill for PvE and bossing, thus the name Laser Burst for this skill build.

Not only that, but because of the short cooldown of Alfredo Drop and Bodyguard, you also have alot more control over Alfredo with this build and the attacks he uses.

Skill Crests

There are 2 required skill crests for this build and they are Super ball DMG and Alfredo Overdrive DMG crests. The 3rd and 4th slot are recommended with Splash DMG and Frost Quacker CD. Optionals for the 3rd and 4th slot are Make it Rain DMG and Alfredo Drop CD.

This is it for now. Hope it helps you decide on what to build on If you decide to make a Shooting Star.

Credits go to Hamiteer.