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dragon nest tinkerer build

Before reading, let it be known, if a skill can not be lv6 or lv11 it probably isn’t the best thing to be putting points into. If I don’t say anything about lv’ing the skill don’t do it or look at my build closer.

Reasoning for skills ~~


Alley-oop! - You have to get this and its awesome. If you do both hits quiclky you can break things like.. CIRCLE SWING

Quick Shot - I heard it has decent scaling but, Imma do me, keeping it at lv1.
Napalm - Excellent for PvP. It pushes people away. So you can do some combos away from a wall then do BT, maybe wrench someone, it’s just THE RIGHT THING TO DO

Force Bump - lv1 mainly for utility(Good for combos) – See video below.

Star Burst - obv max
Slip & Slide - max it. 0.5 sec off each lv.
Bubble Trouble - Awesome growth and lv6 will be a monster.
Hyperspace Mallet = Bad from what I hear no point as a alch.
mp stuff – I didn’t feel I needed them so I don’t max them.



Volcano Punch - DMG soso, no real sa break but has some SA. DoT = bad lv6 for soso DMG and ex
Magma Momentum - Decent SA(can tank taunting howls and things of that nature) Good at catching aerials, can block people, has 3 ways to walk out of it good sa break. lv6 Pretty good DMG
Ground Zero = obv (lv4 DoT = 3xx DMG) At lv6 double and then some for the DoT?
Slime Shake- when you get 6 bubbles using this gives you -12%CD to all of yours skills.(or 14% if you tech. The tech is a ring.)
Salver Slime - Noop this is PvP
Frosty Fist - bad scaling, no DoT lv1, decent sa break, pretty good virtual hit box and no sa. Its a good skill to use in a wall combo since this alone can wall bounce. Also FF into magma momentum works well.(no wall needed)
Coolant - max this. Its pretty amazing with decent growth to boot. It doesn’t break sa saddly but, after something like poison pop/FB/ injection after FB on a wall..You can have them floating in the air. That is good for CDs
A “bait” you can do is… Alley-oop!>wrench>napalm>coolant>BT. This is how it works. I have had it where I can’t combo afterwords. In other words they don’t pop up on the ground like they should. If they don’t simply walk up to them, don’t get right on top but get really close. They will do they stand up atk but with -30% action spd. Walk away free BT. (HARD RESET/BAIT w/e you want to call it) Yes, I have done it to good players but no one really knows how to fight this class so meh.

Master Hand…BL’d.. lol

Slime Surge - lv1 This should only be used against ww/Temp and maybe guard/crus(BUT ITS NOT BL SO DO WHATT U WANT)
Toxic Twirl - Bad scaling, bad DoT, no SA/Break. This is just one of those skills you use because its great in a combo.
Poison Pop - Has enough SA to tank shin break and things like it, breaks most sa, good DoT good all around. lv5 then tech it for DMG.
Injection = no point lv this but decent sa maybe a little bit more than your nads. A cool little trick with trick with this is you can curve it but that doesn’t do much. Also do things like alley-oop, magma wave, VF, FB etc after to continue your combos.
Contagion - Good DoT, pretty good poke/DMG max it.
Toxic Spill - Biggest single hit DMG skill we have I believe, good sa break, no real sa tho, but its worth a MAX. A decent time to use this would be the following. Poison Pop>coolant>DO IT>combo some more


Slip and Slide - CD
Super Sop Cocktail - Duration. It goes from 15 sec to 18 sec.
Sleep Escape - CD
Roto-whirl - CD

My Choice of Tech Items

ear = Bubble Trouble (lv6 has great growth as you can see)
neck = Poison Pop ( to get lv 6 because of DMG boost at that lv)
Ring = Star Burst (55% stun..duh)
Ring = Coolant (Great DMG skill)
Something worth tech’ing/looking at would be ether of your adept skills.

Credits go to Hinichii.