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dragon nest moon lord build

My quick insight on a Hybrid Moonlord ( yes even in t4 they are good )
Physical branch
-Frenzied Charge can be use in PvE & PvP as it is great for iFrame and DMG on HIGH Magic Resist Mobs and nest bosses/Mini-bosses as well as DMG to a player near a wall.
-Hacking Stance (lvl 1) still great control on a PvP standing if used correctly.
-Foward Thrust- obviously a good skill- iFrames quick PvP effects such as stun
-TripleSlash has great crowd control and push(when used correctly) and is good at stunning in PvP
Destructive swing(lv1)- mainly PvP for ladder/BL users as it WILL DESTROY cleric class shields.(also good for them pesky orcs xD)
Rising slash(lv6) has extremely great PvP purposes(great combos) and has great dmg on mini-mobs
dash skills-(slash&combo) great for mob clearing
Magical Tree
Moonlight splitter- BEST Quick DPS Skill on Swordsman tree
MoonBlade Dance- BEST DPS skill Overall
cyclone slash- mob control
crescent cleave- Bosses worst nightmare.(even more so when EX)
ccleave does massive damage to long framed bosses(seadragon/apoc/manti-side)
halfmoon slash if action speed crest 50% is available lvl this skill to 6
BladeStorm great dmg and crowdcontrol
flash-stance ONLY PVP Purposed
impact wave- i dropped this skill due to play style its up to you. ill have 2 builds in warrior tree.

about me/ and this build
when 50 cap hit i was a tad meh about Hybriding a MoonLord because of the DMG increases and t4 update w/ nerfs, now after a quick test-drive i like the DMG as well as increased evasion.

Skill Build1/2 Warrior tree
Skill build 2/2 warrior tree(w/ impact wave
Skill Build Swordsman tree
Skill Build LunarKnight Tree

Credits go to WantSumCandy.