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dragon nest lunar knight equipment chart

Goal of these charts: To be a simple answer to the threads that seem to appear once per day with new people asking “I am going to be a(n) __class__, what should I craft/spark, which accessories should I use?”

There are two version for every class with the exception of a couple. One chart is for FD, one is for Pure Damage. FD is obvious. Pure Damage is made for alts or those who cannot afford to purchase FD accessories/crests. Please remember this as you comment. Now to the charts:

Details: I accept that there can be varying ideas of what should be equipped. Please try to keep in mind the idea behind these charts is a simple (generic) display for people new or unfamiliar with the class.

If you believe I should change something on any of these charts, please comment. If there is a general consensus, then I will change the chart.

Updated Charts will be kept at the following links:
Gladiator Pure DMG Chart
Gladiator FD Chart
Lunar Knight Pure DMG Chart
Lunar Knight FD Chart

Credits go to Castorre.