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THIS GUIDE IS PARTIALLY OUTDATED AND IS SET FOR THE 70 CAP. I will be updating it over time, so please bear with me!

Edit: I’ve started updating this guide and have the basic skill trees uploaded. I’ll be trying to learn more about 80cap playstyle as I find a way to cap my LF/LB between school hours ><. If you have any tips, please don’t hesitate to tell me!

As mentioned in the title, this guide and all its contents belong to and are from the international Dragon Nest community. I have played Light Fury just as much as the average DN NA player: not at all! But amidst the hype I’ve done quite a bit of research and have read and watched dozens of LB tips, threads videos. As such, a lot of the information in this guide, including build ideas, videos and images do not belong to me – I will include sources often and where appropriate. Thank you!

tl;dr I dislike going through tons of sites to find information on Light Fury so I wanted to consolidate as much information as possible in this thread.

Because this is a Community guide, advice and edits are more than appreciated, they are requested!

If I make a mistake, remember that LF=LB for localization.

Table of Contents:
1. Overview and Playstyle
2. Skill Builds

a. Assassin (Base Class)
b. Taoist/Bringer (First Advancement)
c. Light Bringer/Fury (Second Advancement)

3. Gear
4. Tips

a. HoC Trick
b. Double Buffing
c. Skill AoEs
d. Helpful Videos
e. FaQ

5. Acknowledgements

{Section 1} Overview and Playstyle
Light Fury/Light Bringer is the support-specialization of the Bringer/Taoist class. In no way do LBs replace Saints. Rather, they act as an additional support class with a sub-DPS role if necessary. When playing solo, you can dish out quite a bit of damage thanks to your summons, buffs and skills such as Strike Ring.
In a party or during raids, your main role is – and always will be – to support. You don’t have as much burst heal as a Saint does. Instead, you have lower heals more frequently with skills like Chakra Healing and Energetic Chakra. On the upside, your heals have gigantic range and, as an assassin, you have great mobility. Don’t focus on trying to deal as much damage while in a party (unless you’re seriously the only person who can DPS). Support first, DPS after. Know where your party is, what they need and do it!

If there is a Saint in your party: Your main role is constant healing and damage buffing, with the occasional Sunshine Spark to ramp up DPS. Your Saint, if good, is in charge of the major burst healing and mobile curing.

Without a Saint: No being lazy! It’s your job to keep everybody as alive as possible and cure as often as possible with your amazing ~10sec Chakra skill. Expect to move around more frequently to meet your party’s needs.

Solo or with low-DPS parties: Solo, well… kill everything lol. If your party is severely lacking in DPS, you can act as a near top-tier damage-dealer on top of your role as a support, so feel free to attack as much as possible.

If you decide to play LB: get used to seeing this…

{Section 2} Skill Builds
I’ll be using a foreign skill simulator found here here.

DO NOT FOLLOW BUILDS BLINDLY! Everything in this guide is a suggestion based on popular opinion. If you find something wrong or ill-suited for your playstyle, fix the build to suit yourself. (And please respond here with your opinions, too!).

The builds included here do not use all your SP, I will discuss the best skills to dump leftover SP at the end of this section.

Assassin (Base Class)

This is a fairly easy choice, as most base class builds are.

Fan of Blades/Edge: will be your most damaging skill as a base Assassin. You can hit all 6 strikes on a large boss to get significant damage off. This is kept at 21 at minimum as an SP dump for first job and can even be brought up to 26 if you wish.

Feint: is a useful skill that can quickly and passively heal if you hit a low HP and grant 3 seconds of invincibility. Though, as an LB, you have tons of heals anyway. This skill’s CD reduction is not worth investing SP into, as well, so keep it at 1.

Decoy/Fake Clog: is your power-tumble and applies a debuff to enemies which guarantees critical hits for a short period of time. Kept at 4 for utility as a minimum. If you wish, you can keep this at 1 and spend the SP on something like Fan of Blades.

Raid: costs no SP, and provides a +10% critical dmg buff for 300 seconds to your party. Super useful and costs nothing, so take it.

As a LB, you do not have to waste SP on your MP passives as you can regain MP using Chakra Healing later!

Otherwise, you want to max your tumble for mobility and aerial evasion for a lower CD to prevent juggling in busy dungeons.

Bringer/Taoist (First Advancement)

Outbreak: brought to 6 only to unlock its EX version. The damage is pretty low, though the passive buff at Lv65 helps to increase its damage a little.

Effect of lv65 passive:

Originally Posted by iCerulean
[Passive]: +10% Light [permanently] and +10% pAtk for 10sec [after casting Outbreak or Miracle]
*Miracle automatically procs your Passive when you use it.

Energetic Chakra/Chakra of Energy: is a pretty decent burst heal that is frequently used. At the current 80cap, this skill is maxed for higher heal percentages and is often even tech’d.

Ring of Chakra: Kept at level 1 since you gain +50%
movement regardless of level. The damage reduction is not worth it. Good utility skill otherwise (doesn’t work on slopes/hills). Use this skill to speed up grinding and, later, to help direct your party during nests/raids.

Strike Ring/Ring Strike: One of your most damaging skills. Before the 80cap, I would highly recommend getting this skill to 15 and teching it, but there are some other options discussed below. 11 is absolute minimum. Pressing spacebar can cancel the skill early and deal a few more hits in case you cannot get all 20-something hits off on a boss.

Chakra Healing/Healing of Chakra (HoC): you are a whack LB if you don’t max this skill! Your famous meditate not only heals HP, but it also gives MP and a crazy damage buff while casting (+about 2 seconds after) to your party, at the cost of your immobility. Getting a tech ring for this should be high-priority. In addition, you can use this skill to double buff your summons for significant damage increase (explained later). This skill also lets you dodge most ground stomp skills from bosses while you are in the air.

Pulse Ring/Ring of Energy: kept at 1 since only the damage increases with investment. Mainly used for the debuff.

Illusion Strike: kept at 1 since it doesn’t provide a significant damage increase

Night Burst/Night Explosion: another damaging skill that’s kept at 1 for utility and prerequisites

Nether Burst/Plasma Burst: same as above. Can be used for extra air time if needed

Dark Focus/Shadow Focus: can only be used on enemies inflicted by dark burn. Kept at 1 as a prereq.

Dark Line/Line of Darkness: good burst damage and can be casted up to two times. Lv11 for decent damage or 13 if you wish.

Dark Conviction: very good PvE ulti for burst damage. Max.

Spectral Gaze: supposed to block stuff. Not so useful for PvE. Skiiip

Balm/Healing of Azuna: Your not-so-favorite bunny. The healing most of the time is going to be overshadowed by your other heals. If you can find SP to invest, then you can if you want.

Note: This skill has gotten more popular in the new 80cap and I will discuss its viability below.

Blessing of Azuna: A raccoon that will constantly buff you for +%light an +%dark. Must max and always resummon after bosses kill it!

Pact of Azuna: The cat’s growth is pretty bad, so we keep it at lv1. Still a really good summon for constant damage as you meditate.

Summon Shadow: Max max max max max max max max. No if’s or but’s!

Chakra Cure: Having this maxed at 10 will decrease its CD and teching it will help even more, but there are many other great skills to tech as well!

Chakra Punch: Not needed. Skip

Chakra of Illusion: useful because of mobility, so take it as Lv1.

Light Bringer/Fury (Second Advancement)

Really no reason for me to show this. Like most 3rd jobs: MAX ERRTHIN!

Miraculous Chakra/Chakra of Miracle: Great heal with a 1 minute CD. Unlike your other burst heal, this hits all members in a ridiculous screen-covering range. Check videos in section 4 to see.

Sunshine Spark: such a happy skill name for a cool-looking skill! It increases damage received by enemies by +20%

So beautiful, yet so slow O: (I believe this gif is with an Action Speed plate)

Outbreak EX: increases dmg by 30% and allows you to dodge out of the skill at the cost of the last hit

Energetic Chakra EX: Cures more people (up to 3) and gives you a short movespeed buff

Strike Ring/Ring Strike EX: adds more AoE and damage! Nothing much else to say

Chakra Healing EX: more AoE and 50% damage reduction. Gives you the ability to use Sunshine Spark immediately after this by using your normal attack button

{Section 3} Gear

As you are a support class, you don’t need to stack pAtk, %dark, %light and FD as fast as possible. It is also important to maintain a high HP for survivability and heal potential.

Credit to Bella from my first source (see section 5)

More HP= more power for a LB. Not literally, of course. Vit/ HP does absolutely nothing to increase your damage. Don’t be daft, that would be witchcraft.

However, having significant amounts of HP as a LB is very important to maintaining your role.

So, all in all, getting fat= more HP= you can tank hits= your noob DPS people can also tank hits= safer run= marginally higher chance of clearing= farming end game equipment= profit.

Ways of getting fat:

-Use 9x Vit jades, be awesome like me.
-Use Vit based accessories (and by accessories, I mean technique ones. A non-technique accessory using LB is 99% always going to be trash at what they’re support to be doing). Don’t try to pull off stupid nest set accessories, nor try to use tough necklace/ earrings+ 2 60L rings. You’re a Light Fury, not a **** Raven.
Focus on your real job.
-Obviously, 3rd opt HP/ Vit plates are always a luxury, but those really aren’t recommended. Will later explain why. If you’re on a budget plan and don’t want to buy 3rd opt pAtk plates, then buying 3r`d opt HP/ Vit is probably a stupid idea too. Just stick to plain plates, they work just fine.

tl;dr Use pAtk jades for your weapons rather than %ele or crit.
Using Wind(a.k.a. Agi) dragon gems is preferred over strength because you gain additional critical chance & resistance over a measly .005 extra pAtk for each point of

Str instead of Agi.

Originally Posted by QDesire
1 STR – 0.38 Pdmg
1 AGI – 0.375 Pdmg

*Note: These numbers are fairly ambiguous and various internet sources will show Agi giving more pAtk than Str. Regardless of the number difference, agility will always be better to stack.

Tech Rings
Necklace: Miraculous Chakra for more heals
Earrings: I prefer Chakra of Cure for a total 10CD cooldown, but you can also take Blessing of Azuna

1. Strike Ring can go up to 16 for much better damage
2. Either Chakra Healing or of Energy for better healing. I prefer Chakra Healing since you meditate more often.

Skill Plates
You actually have a lot of choices for skill plates and it’s really up to you what to choose. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to list them!

List of useful plates (from Bella, too)

Chakra Healing + Action Speed
Chakra of Cure + Action Speed
Chakra of Cure –CD (8 seconds CD with max +1)
Sunshine Spark+ Action Speed
Strike Ring + Damage
Dark Line+ Damage
Dark Conviction + Damage
Miraculous Chakra –CD (48 seconds CD)
Energetic Chakra –CD (12 seconds CD)

I would definitely recommend picking up skill plates for Strike Ring (DMG) and Miraculous Chakra (CD).

For the other two, you can choose between:
[indent]Dark Line (DMG), Sunshine Spark (Spd), Energetic Chakra (+Heal or CD), or Healing Chakra (Spd).

With the Miraculous Chakra CD plus Alchemists’ buff, you can get the CD to about 40 seconds instead of 60.

If you prefer, you can also replace a skill plate in favor of action speed increase for Sunshine Spark, allowing you to use it out of Chakra Healing EX within the 2 second buff duration (see video section for a bossing example of this).

*Note: The Action speed for Chakra Healing only affects the speed at which the pulses are released, not how fast you float up.

Click here for a useful forum thread about plate options and the community’s opinions

{Section 4} Tips

HoC Trick
Meditating is boring, right? If you do it all the time at least. That’s why you shouldn’t be doing it all the time for your summons! Luckily, there’s a little Healing of Chakra/Chakra healing trick (I’ll call it the HoC trick since that’s what it’s referred to as).

Basically all you want to do is this:
1. Meditate and wait for the first pulse to be sent out
2. Immediately right click out of the meditation
3. Spam your summon shadows/pact of azuna and your shadows/cat will be summoned with the additional atk%!

For a neat little trick, you can also double buff (see below)

Double Buffing and When to Buff and When not to Buff
Credit to SaitoHikari (post #116) on http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/21…6.html?nxid=62

Double buffing is a concept using the idea that summons take the exact attack value of the caster at the time that they are called onto the field. However, the summons themselves don’t differentiate between base attack and enhanced attack from buffs when copying their owner’s stats, which means they can be ‘double buffed’.

Um, look at it this way.

– Priest 1 has 100 magic attack. He summons Lightning Relic. Lightning Relic has 100 attack as its base. He casts Blessing of Strikes (+27% attack in this demonstration) after. Both the Priest and the Lightning Relic now have 127 attack.

– Priest 2 also has 100 magic attack, but casts Blessing of Strikes to increase his own attack to 127. He then summons Lightning Relic after. Lightning Relic is summoned with 127 attack as its base. He then casts Blessing of Strikes again. His own attack value doesn’t change as he is merely refreshing his own buff, but the Lightning Relic’s attack is further increased to 161. The concept is why you see experienced Priests cast Blessing of Strikes immediately after summoning Healing Relic to drastically increase heal amount, and the few Screamers that exist use Grudge Formation before summoning Spirit Gate.

It’s also why Bringer summon shadow is insanely broken. Each clone is already summoned with 200% of the caster’s attack, the double buffing concept increases that to sky high levels. Maxed Chakra Healing (meditation) already grants +48% attack to everyone, the Bringer canceling that, quickly summoning the shadows before the 2 seconds are up (not sure if possible without Spirit Boost, but keep reading), and going back to meditating again…

– Let’s say the Bringer has 100 base physical attack. He uses meditation to increase his own attack to 148. He cancels, and quickly summons shadows before his own meditation buff expires, resulting in shadows with base 296 attack (instead of 200 without the buff). He goes back to meditating, and the summons receive the meditation buff to further increase their attack to 439.

I believe summoning shadows is possible within the two seconds if you quickly cancel the mediation immediately after the first pulse to stay as close to the ground as possible (an action speed plate may help to get the first pulse out faster) and summoning shadows after.

Never continuously cast Chakra Healing for your summons while playing solo unless you do not have your main DPS skills like Dark Line, Strike Ring, etc off cooldown to use. HoC/Healing Chakra does, however, have the potential to out-damage many of your filler skills in combination with your summons. It is recommended, instead to quick-cast Healing Chakra for your summons then use your burst damage skills while playing solo/casually.

Also, it is strongly recommended that, if you are in a party or raid with good DPS characters, you should save the Healing Chakra buff for their damage during the burst window rather than quick-casting for your own skills/summons.

There’s also another useful summon-buffing method
(Provided by Melonee in the second source below)

But there’s a easier way to boost your cat:
When entering dungeons (or some portals inside of dungeons) all of your summons will get resummoned. Which means if you HoC in the portal you will have the HoC buff while loading the stage, and once you enterd the dungeon (or the new stage) your cat will get resummoned WITH the HoC buff, making it stronger.

(Need to confirm that this works in DN NA after release)

Skill AoEs
Provided by second source

Images that showcase the pretty big range of your support skills (taken in Arendel instance)

Helpful Videos

Open this up on Youtube to see helpful English annotations on skills.

Videos for Speed Comparisons for skill plates:
Chakra Healing/HoC
Sunshine Spark

Pretty good representation of what LBs do during raids (BDN, in this case)

A demo of Sunshine Spark with Action Speed following HoC

Both Energetic Chakra and of Miracle have gigantic ranges!


Ask me questions!

{Section 5} Acknowledgements
Builds were inspired and provided by the following:
^ For gearing help, too

^ For skill AoE pictures

^ For skill images for Taoist and LB, too!

^ Video description shows LF roles clearly and his build is set for 80 cap and was useful.

^ Helpful transition into the 80 cap after I rejoined
Plus all of the videos made by their respective owners

And all the people who made me edit corrections and add stuff xD

Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!