Gameplay Guide: Rumble Mode


Greetings everyone. I hope you all have been enjoying the few days of Rumble mode we have had so far, and continue to enjoy it with myself and many others in the days to come!

I have noticed a lot of players entering their first few matches and unsure of what they are doing. I am hoping that some of you that are in this position get some information from this guide and can spread the word, making good use of this information! Let’s begin.

1 – Introduction

Rumble Mode pits two teams of 6 players against each other on a large map. The objective is to obtain 30000 points. You earn points by killing mob camps that spawn on the field. You may also fight players of the opposing team and steal 30% of their holding points.

This match runs for 10 minutes, and is rather fast-paced. Most matches end around the 7-8 minute mark as teams close in for their last few points. This game is highly objective-based, as with many games that follow this format and thus, collecting points and working as a team is usually the key to victory in this mode!

2 – Map Layout / Camp Reference

3 – Scoring & Rules

There are three types of camps and two types of bosses in this game. Note that the drops are randomized, and these camps can also drop nothing.

Respawn timers start the moment a mob is killed. For example, if you let a buff spawn and then take 1 minute to kill it (Kill it at the 6:30 mark), then it will respawn at 3:30.

Small Camps – 3 Enemies x 150 points = 450 points total

  • 3 per side
  • Spawns immediately at the start of the match
  • Respawns once a minute
  • Drops:
  • – 10% Mana Recovery
  • – 10% Health Recovery
  • – 30% Health Recovery

Medium Camps – 3 Enemies x 300 points = 900 points total

  • 2 per side
  • Spawns immediately at the start of the match
  • Respawns once a minute
  • Drops:
  • – 30% Mana Recover
  • – 30% Health Recovery
  • – 30% Attack Boost
  • – 30% Defense Boost

Large Camps – 2 Enemies x 600 points = 1200 points total

  • 2 per side
  • Spawns immediately at the start of the match
  • Respawns once every 2 minutes
  • Drops:
  • – 30% Mana Recovery
  • – 30% Health Recovery
  • – 30% Attack Boost
  • – 30% Defense Boost

Buff Bosses3000 points

  • Spawns at 7:30 (2 minutes, 30 seconds into the match)
  • Respawns once every 3 minutes
  • Provides an Movement+Action Speed increase buff for 30 seconds to all teammates.

Elite Boss7000 points

  • Spawns at 3:00 (7 minutes into the match)
  • Spawns only once
  • Provides a Damage Increase buff (100% Damage) + Cooldown Reduction buff for 30 seconds to all teammates.

You can view how many points every player currently holds by viewing the scoreboard. (Default key for this is ‘Q’)

  • A killed player loses 30% of their holding points, giving them to the killer. This means a player with 6000 points will lose 1800 points and give them to you, resulting in a net gain of 3600 points!
  • Dying to a mob will only make you lose 50 points! This is very important as when you are low in health, you would rather die to one of them to reduce the impact of a death.
  • You can get a visual indicator of how many points players have by looking at the icon above players’ heads. They will be one of the following:
    • 1 Star: 0-2000 Points
    • 2 Stars: 2000-4000 Points
    • 3 Stars: 4000-6000 Points
    • 4 Stars: 6000-8000 Points
    • Crown: 8000+ Points

As a general rule of thumb, players are worth 2400 points once they hit 3 stars, and are worth farming at that point.

There is a teleporter on each side of the map. It can teleport you to the center of the map when you quickly need to engage enemies or help out teammates in that area.

As a final note, if mobs venture too far from their initial spawning point, they will become invincible, completely heal, and head directly back to their starting point. Be careful when luring mobs away not to go too far, or you will waste lots of time.

4 – Gameplay Mechanics & Strategy

Now you know the timers and camps, let’s talk a bit about how the game will play out. Please note this is still very new to us and we are always figuring out new ways to be one step ahead of our opponents.

You are more than welcome to share your own tips and strategies (or hide them and use them against us, hehe) to enlighten others as we continue to become better at this.


So you just joined your team and the game has started. What is the first thing you do? Find camps, quickly. Start clearing them before your opponents do. Once you get the clears going, you can keep accurate timers on them and be one step ahead of your enemies.

If you spot opportunities to steal opponents’ camps, make sure you do so!

For the first 2 and a half minutes, things are pretty calm as no one will be farmed up.

Try to notice when the timer is around the 8:00 remaining mark as that indicates you have 30 seconds before the first sets of buffs. Below is the diagram of the camps again with the buff spawn locations highlighted.


It is VERY important to secure your first set of buffs. If you do not, you will be much further behind. Your opponents can get the jump on you with additional speed and get back to clearing camps quicker than you.


By this point you and your team should have cleared your buff if you successfully prepped for it. You may have teammates trying to steal your opponents’ buff as well. If you succeed, great. But the important part is getting your own. With the buff, you have additional movement speed for a small period of time.

With one player now holding 3000 points, they have to be extremely careful. If that player gets killed, they will put the team at a 1800 point disadvantage, in the best case scenario.

This is what the Hunters’ goals are. To try to find the fully farmed targets and take them down to secure those buff points. By now you should have one player farmed around the 6000 point range and a few in the mid 2000-3000 ranges.


The second buff phase is even more dramatic than the first, as both teams are now closing in on the 30,000 point mark if they have been adequately farming. If by this point you notice that the opposing team has close to 25,000 points and securing your buff will not win the game, you have to consider your options.

Buff stealing equals 6,000 points and can generally decide the game if you can manage both buffs. Another option is to completely shut down the player that’s really farmed up. You probably need a squad to take them down by this point.

Being ahead means you have less pressure and only have to keep up with farm and secure the buff kill.

Speaking of securing buffs, when an enemy approaches your buff and attempts to STEAL it, crowd control and disable them instead of attacking your buff. You are better off making sure they can’t do anything and have your teammates get the finishing blow than to risk getting it stolen. In addition, save your big burst to fire off in the very last 10% of a boss’s health.


If for some reason your game managed to get here, it must be really close. There will now be a giant epic boss spawned in the middle of the map. And unless you wipe out the other team, both teams may try to aggressively take it.

Usually both team totals will be so close to 30,000 that two or three camps cleared will win the game, or getting the kill on a priority target with 4 stars or a crown will also win it. (A player with a crown turns into a 5000+ point advantage if killed)

Be cautious if you are a farmed player, be aggressive and seek out your targets if you are hunting. Every last second counts in this final phase. Again, save your big burst skills for the epic boss if for some reason both groups get it low. At the same time, be careful with the PvP and PvE chaos in the middle.

It comes down to the split-second decisions at this point.


Now that I pointed out the important phases of the game, just a little touch on some strategies I have found players using that may or may not help you. These are just what I’ve observed and while myself and my teammates have put some into practice, there may be better setups and strategies we do not even know about yet!

Experiment, but keep these in mind.

First, splitting your teammates with a few goals:

You don’t want every teammate farmed. There are 7 camps, 5 on one minute cooldowns. Generally three or four players is all that’s required to keep these farmed. Two or three players should focus on shutting down farmers. And perhaps one player should focus on camp stealing / disruption.

These terms are used by myself and are to be taken lightly, with just the goals of them in mind:

  • Farmer – A player who will mostly run camp to camp, clearing mobs quickly and stacking up points. These players may work best as ones who are not necessarily comfortable with going all-out in PvP, and try to minimize taking damage.
  • Hunter – A player who minimizes farming, taking only what can be stolen to minimize damage to the team on death. These players are generally more capable in the PvP department as they can handle themselves well.
  • Disabler – A player who sets up during buff phases and even during farming phases to not only distract players but steal away objectives, creating a gold drought for the other team. One or two of these could turn the tides of the game. These players should be pretty capable in the PvP department as well, but may be of a more burst-type/Crowd-control type class.


With an adequate team setup, and players understanding their duties, you’ll have some players farmed up while keeping other farmers on the enemy team shut down.

Again, I generally see 3-4 Farmers and 2-3 Hunters/Disablers. Keep in mind that Hunters should also protect farmers as losing them will cost valuable points and much farming gone.

If you see camps up and around a field and you are not contesting a big objective, make sure to clear it. Every point counts!

DO NOT waste your cooldowns and time on other Hunters/Disablers trying to get you! Look at their score / star count and decide if they’re worth your time. Most players at full HP take about a minute to kill. In that time you could’ve cleared enough camps to make more than double the amount of time spent.

If you are constantly being bothered by a low-point attacker, get some teammates of your own to help fend them off. Generally they will move away when they realize they could be farming up someone/something else.

If you fight in a group of monsters, be wary of the HP drops that may fall. If your opponent picks them up, they will be close to impossible to kill. Sometimes it’s smarter to lure them away from the group of monsters before dealing with them.

Map awareness! Try to stay within close range of 2 or 3 teammates. They can help you if something goes wrong, especially if you are well farmed.

General Tip: Group when you have to kill someone massive. (A player with a crown turns into a 5000+ point advantage if killed) Split up when you need to farm efficiently.

Use pings! For those who are unsure, here are the default bindings:

  • F1 – Heal me! (Use this if you are low in HP/MP. Let them know you are in danger.)
  • F2 – Attack! (Use this to indicate ‘I want this person/buff to die!’)
  • F3 – Follow me! (Something of interest is here! Come this way everyone. Use this right before a buff is about to spawn. Lead the way.)
  • F4 – Step Back! (I can’t take anymore, I’m backing off. Let your teammates know you are running.)
  • F5 – Stop! (Same as above. More direct, use when your teammates are making a bad choice. Like running 3v6 into death.)
  • F6 – Help! (Something bad is happening to me! I can’t do this alone!)

Hopefully that gives you an idea. The more you communicate and work together with your teammates, the more successful you can be. Always keep that in mind.


I hope this mini guide has helped others understand what they are getting into and what to expect from a Rumble match. Maybe you even learned something! It’s great fun and I really hope to see you all on the battlefield!

In addition, feel free to share your own advice, thoughts, even provide criticism if you think something I said just doesn’t seem… good to tell others. I’m quite open-minded and hope to develop more in this game mode with you guys.


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!