1st Post:
[1] Introduction
[2] Why? Wynaut?
[3] Skills and Skill Builds

[3a] Tinkerer Tree
[3b] Engineer Tree
[3c] Gear Master Tree
[3d] Skill Builds
[3e] [Bonus] Unified Level Skills

[4] Equipment/Crests/Gems/Talismans

[4a] Equipment
[4b] [Bonus] Stats
[4c] Dragon Gems
[4d] Crests
[4e] Talismans
[4f] [Bonus] Costume Choices

2nd Post:
[5] Rotations, Tactics & Tips

[5a] Rotations
[5b] Tactics & Tips

[6] Closing Statements

3rd Post:
[7] Testing Zone

[7a] Testing Dancers Dance of Ecstacy 2 on Towers
[7b] Testing Cooldown Reduction Crests affecting Mechanic Mode skills
[7c] Testing Frost Quacker debuff stacking Nerf
[7d] Testing Mechanic Mode: Chainsaw Quackum Coefficients
[7e] Testing Mechanic Mode: Frost Quackum debuff duration
[7f] Re-Testing Mechanic Mode: Frost Quackum debuff duration
[7g] 21/05/15 Patch Update – Cooldown Crest
[7h] Testing Possible bug with Mechanic Mode Chainsaw Quackum beyond level 12
[7i] Testing Assassins Dedicate Crow and Raid on Towers
[7j] Testing Similar Ice Debuffs Stacking with Frost Quacker
[7k] Testing Final Damage Boost Unified Skill

[8] Skill Level Information

4th Post:
[9] Change Log

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[1] Introduction

Hello, I am a duck, quack. I have mained a Gear Master since I started playing and I wouldn’t trade it for any other class in the game. ^ 3^
I may not be the best Gear Master in the game or anything, but due to a lack of specific guide for Gear Masters I thought I’d make one. :3
In this guide I’ll provide a few suggestions, tips, tactics and general information on Gear Masters. This isn’t anything set in stone and I’ll update the guide from time to time if I find out anything new or people suggest I add something in.
Lastly, just remember that this guide is meant to do just that, guide you. It may be filled with my personal opinions and bias, but in the end it is your character to play how you want. :3

P.S. As an additional note, this guide is only meant to inform you of the effectiveness of Gear Masters in a PvE setting. I’m not a PvPer and cannot advise on what you should do to better yourself in a PvP environment. Sowwie. ( > 3<)

[2] Why? Wynaut?

Gear Masters mostly use their Ducks and Towers to deal the bulk of their damage for them. This gives them fairly decent constant and safe damage, but due to this they are unable to deal alot of damage in a short time, thus lacking burst damage. So if you like having your summons do a bunch of stuff for you while you dodge and position yourself for other things, play Gear Master. If thats not really your thing, you have a wide variety of other classes to pick from. :3

– Ducks! Lots and lots of ducks!
– Summons that fight along side you
– Decent consistant damage
– Summons can be double buffed by certain skills
– Can fit into any elemental party composition
– Very easy to gear
– Fairly safe playstyle
– Fun class to play (Totally opinion based)

– Lacks burst damage
– Some set-up required for consistant damage
– Lots of micro-management (Can be a pro for those looking for a challenge)
– Many summon wipes and high damage to summons in current end game content

[3] Skills and Skill Builds

In this section I shall be explaining all the skills in the skill tree, why to get them or not and a couple skill builds. Individual skill values are located in [8] Skill Level Information.
[Special Note: When leveling skills keep in mind that every 5 levels beyond the first will usually result in larger damage increases or greater increases to the skills effect than any other level up, which is usually why most skills are recommended for certain levels because they gain bonuses at these level checkpoints of 6/11/16/etc. However this is not true for all skills and maybe have the exact same increases from level to level.]

[3a] Tinkerer Tree:

Quick Shot [1] – A default skill that does very low damage even when leveled high and locks you into place for its casting animation. Just leave it at level 1.

Alley-oop! [1] – Same as above, a default skill with low damage. It can be used to knock some enemies into the air, but won’t work on large enemies or enemies with alot of super armour. Leave at 1.

Napalm [1] – Same as the previous two, a default skill that does very little damage over a small area with a fairly odd hitbox. Leave at 1.

Slip and Slide [8] – This is one of the Tinkerers greatest mobility skills. By creating an area of slippery wax on the ground, you and your party members move faster to get to certain locations sooner or to get out of the way of an oncoming enemy attack. Also useful for tripping certain enemies for specific raid nests. Max for reduced cooldown!

Bombs-a-daisy [1] – Right-clicking while airborne will drop a grenade in front of you. This skill has two uses, the first being that it gives you a little bit more air time. When used with your default normal air attack, it will let you leisurely jump over many ground based attacks. The second is that it can be used to cancel your jump if used early enough, in case you jumped too early and it isn’t safe to use the exteneded air time to jump over something. It takes alot of practice to use it for its secondary feature, but most people just use it for its first feature.

Roto-whirl [5] – It’s the Tinkerers version of a tumble to dodge out of the way. It also has an iframe (invincibility frame) which can dodge attacks that seem like they should actually be hitting you. Max it for a shorter cooldown!

Force Bump [0 or 6] – Even though this skill isn’t all that great, it’s not bad to have for emergencies. By default all this skill does is push enemies away from you, but by leveling this skill to 6 it adds a short backwards jump, giving it a little bit of utility. The skill can be quickly used right after certain skills like Mecha-Mode Frost Quacker, Mecha-Mode Chainsaw Quackum and Gigaton Quackum, where you normally can’t Roto-Whirl right away. The added distance to Force Bump isn’t significant so be sure that if you’re using it, that it can push you far enough away to dodge an attack (This generally requires alot of practice with trial and error). Skip it or get it to 6 if you like.
[Special Note: This skill does not grant an iframe, but it does have an unusually high amount of Super Armour compared to its non-“ex” counterpart.]

Rise and Shine [1] – This is the Tinkerers “wake-up” attack. Using it at the right times can protect you from many attacks with its iframe, so don’t use it as soon as you can and save it for when you need to get up fast and move or to dodge an attack.

Alfredo Drop [1 or 3] – This clunky Robo-Butler can do very few things well and many other things poorly. You can either level this skill to 1 as a pre-requisite for the main reason you get Alfredo, which is Alfredo Tank or level this to 3 to also use it as a body blocking shield with 600% of your maximum Hp.

Bodyguard [1] – This skill costs 0 skill points and allows you to bring Alfredo to your side, which can help you position it for Alfredo Tank. No reason to not get it.

Aerial Evasion [4] – This is the skill that allows you to recover in mid-air. Like with Rise and Shine, don’t always use it right away in case you know you will need it shortly after to recover from a specific attack.

Health Bolster [7] – Max this for the added health. It can mean life or death in some situations.

Mental Fortitude [1 ~ 7] – This skill increases your maximum Mp. If you didn’t pick up Force Bump, then this is one of the skills you can dump your extra skill points into. Minimum level 1 to get Attuned Mind and anything higher if you need to fill the Tinkerer Tree up.

Attuned Mind [4 ~ 6] – Getting this skill increases your Mp recovery. Level 4 is the minimum needed to fill out the pre-requisite 45 skill points in the Tinkerer tree. Also, like I said above, if you didn’t take Force Bump, then this can be where your extra points go.

Yum-a-tron [1] – This is another skill that costs 0 skill points, so you may as well pick it up, even if you don’t use it often. Using this skill will drop down a vending machine that will spit out a random food item every 5 seconds for 30 seconds. If you have it teched it will spit out 2 items instead. The food items I know it can drop are:
Drumstick +10% HP, Rotten Meat (Should be Tasty Meat) +20% HP, Roasted Meat +30% HP
Mana Herb +10% MP, Green Mana Herb +20% MP, Wild Ginseng +30% MP
Crunchy Apple +10% HP & MP
Jug of Milk +15% Damage, Silce of Cheese +30% Damage
Roasted Clam +15% Defence, Shrimp +30% Defence
Lizard Kabob +50% Critical Chance
Honeyed Sweet Potato +50% Paralyze Chance
Red Mushroom +50% Stun Chance
Chili Peppers +50% Movement Speed

All items, besides the HP and MP healing items, have a duration of 30 seconds.
It may be possible for the Yum-a-tron to drop Purple Grapes, Fruit Basket, Wheel of Cheese and Boiled Crab, but I haven’t seen it drop these items myself.

Bubble Trouble [0 or 1] – I personally don’t use this skill, but I do know that some people have made use of the skills mini shield and immobilizing effects. So get it if you want it or don’t, but I can’t really comment on it, as I haven’t really ever used it effectively.

Star Burst [0] – This used to be a decent skill to pick up, mostly because it filled the necessary skill points needed in the Tinkerer Tree to unlock the Ultimate in the Engineer Tree and it did a decent amount of damage. This is no longer the case as there are more than enough skills to put points into now and it’s damage is low compared to the rest of the skills you have available to you. Leave at level 0.

Hyperspace Mallet [0] – Although it’s somewhat fun to use at times, I recommened just leaving this at 0. Any time where you could smash a stunned enemy with a giant hammer, you would be better off using another skill that does more damage. Recommended to leave at level 0.

[3b] Engineer Tree:

Super Ball [1] – Throw a ball of energy with your cannon that bounces from enemy to enemy up to 8 times, dealing bonus damage if there are no enemies to bounce to, depending how many bounces are left. This skill used to be great for Gear Masters before the revamp, but due to the overall playstyle of Gear Master and certain skill fixes (no longer able to use Super Ball while in Mecha-Mode), it’s not really worth getting anymore. Either get level 1 as a pre-requisite or if you really really want to use it, level 11 or 16.

Lock and Load [1 or 11 or 11+1/2] – This is a fairly new skill added to the Engineer Tree to change up the play style of Shooting Stars. You swing your cannon in front of you to knock up weak enemies and load a bullet. As a Gear Master, if you want to maximize damage in certain nests and raids, then it is recommended you get level 11 to reduce the skills cooldown, since you’ll be using it often to store bullets. So get level 1 as a pre-requisite to unlock the next skill or level 11 to reduce the skills cooldown. It’s also possible to further level Lock and Load once or even twice, with certain items, to reduce the cooldown by 0.5~1 second more respectively.
Note that this skill can also be used by right clicking after using any non-Gear Master skill. Right clicking after any Gear Master skill or any Gear Master+ skills results in either nothing happening or you use your default special attack, Wrench Womp.

Chemical Grenade [6 ~ 10] – This is the main debuff that all Engineers have access to. It reduces all elemental resistances by 15% and reduces critical resistance by 15%. The main reason to max this skill is to extend the duration of the debuff. Some people pulls points off of this skill to level other skills, since they know they will have some kind of cooldown reduction on their raid teams. So recommended max for 18 second duration, but you can get less depending on your raid team (if you raid).

Make it Rain [0 or 11 or 15+1] – This skill will fire a cluster bomb into the air which will explode and rain down 20 pellets a set distance away in a random scatter pattern. If you’re going for a pure Gear Master Build then leave this at 0. If you’re going to go hybrid Gear Master to maximize your damage, you can either go for level 11 where it gets a damage boost or go for level 15 and get a Technique Ring/Skill-Up Crest to push the skill up to 16 for its next damage boost. It’s mostly personal preference for what skill level you want to get, should you decide to pick up this skill.
[Special Note: Keep in mind you can only use Make it Rain while NOT in Mechanic Mode and although you may think this makes the skill not worth using, it still provides a large amount of damage faster than any other skill you have, granted you have bullets stored beforehand.]

Alfredo Smash [1] – Alfredo hovers briefly and then smashes into the ground. This is a toggle skill and as long as you have it on Alfredo will use this skill whenever it’s off cooldown. Just a pre-requisite, no need to level it beyond 1 as it just increases damage by a little bit. It’s also a medium range AoE taunt so not bad to turn it on should you desire a little less attention.

Piping Hot Alfredo [1] – Also just a pre-requisite, level 1 is enough. Alfredo will use this skill on it’s own to increase it’s damage, movement speed, action speed and reduce the damage it recieves for a short duration.

Alfredo Tank [1 ~ 5] – This is what you got the previous 2 skills for and what Alfredo is truly around for. This skill transfers up to 60% of the damage you and/or party members would have recieved to itself for up to 36 seconds at max level, which still works even if it dies or is unsummoned. Since this is a damage transfer and not just a damage reduction effect, it stacks multiplicatively with other damage reduction skills. Example, you have a Priests Protection Shell (at level 6) buff on you and then you turn on Alfredo Tank (at level 5) and you’re about to be hit for 100000 damage, what you receive would become:
100000 – 24% = 76000 – 60% = 30400
It doesn’t stack additively with other defensive buffs, but it does reduce damage by quite a bit regardless. Level 1 is recommended at least, but level 5 is nice to have for the increased % value and a longer duration.

Gatling Quacker [1 or 11 or 16] – There are many varied opinions on this skill. Some people like it for the higher damage output overall and others dislike it for its lack of range and directional locking when firing. I personally prefer leaving this skill at level 1 as a pre-requisite but it’s not bad to level this skill if you like it. Just remember its damage is spread across 20 shots, so even at level 16 it does 70.5% damage per pellet in 1 direction. A mobile boss that runs everywhere will negate more of the damage by simply running around and even some less mobile bosses (not including immobile bosses) need only move slighty while attacking to achieve the same effect. Level this skill at your own discretion.

Cannon Quackum [11 or 15+1] – A decent summon and a great filler skill combined into one. Leveling this skill gives you two things, a decent damage over time summon and a spammable filler with respectable damage. Overall it isn’t exceptionally amazing with only 892% at level 15 (968% when teched to 16), but it’s both a summon and one of the best filler skills in the game. I recommend maxing and teching it to 16, but if you need points to pull you can drop it to 11.
[Special Note: Mechanic Mode: Cannon Quackum has a cooldown of 0 which lets you spam it as fast as your character can manage to fire, this does however require that you keep moving in a direction or left click to cancel its aftercast animation.]

Frost Quacker [1 or 6 ~ 9] – A nice little summon that reduces enemies Ice Resist by 30%. This is what made Ice Engineers a very popular for a long time. This was because you could stack the Ice resist of Frost Quacker and Mecha-Mode Frost Quacker for a total of 60% reduction in Ice Resist. With the April update they patched this and both effects no longer seem to stack sadly. It’s still a nice summon to have, especially to help an Ice Witch/Adept with Ice Stacking. Recommended to get at least 6, but you can put extra points into it for extra duration for the debuff.
[Special Note 1: Through extensive testing, I’ve found that the duration of Frost Quackers debuff is dependant on the targets Ice Resist, despite being a skill that reduces Ice resist. So keep that in mind when choosing what level you want to level this skill to. See the Testing Zone for information on my results.]
[Special Note 2: An additional choice is to just get level 1 as a pre-requisite. The reason for this is to favor Gatling Quackum as your 3rd tower to increase your total damage instead of Frost Quacker. I don’t particularily favor this as any raid team should have an ice stacker of some kind and the extra Ice Resist reduction is always helpful. Another reason I dislike not leveling Frost Quacker to level Gatling is due to Gatlings general inaccuracy and inconsistent damage. Even if I had Gatling, I would probably not summon it in favor of just summoning Cannon and Chainsaw quickly to deal more damage myself.]

Quackum Crash [1 or 6] – Mecha ducks! Fire a metal egg that deals damage and hatches into a Robo-Quackum. One of my favorite things of this class are these little guys, they’re just so cute! They may not provide the best damage, but they have great utility purposes. Either get level 1 as a pre-requisite to get other skills or level 6 as a pre-requisite to upgrade your ducks with the EX.

Quack Shock [1 or 11] – Give your Quackums the ability to short themselves out and generate a small field of electricity. This skill gives your ducks a little extra damage which they will use on their own whenever it’s off cooldown. Either level 1 as a pre-requisite or maxed for a little extra damage for your ducks.
[Special Note: Quack shock has an unusual effect of canceling boss mechanics and attacks sporadically, the higher the level, the longer the shock effect stays on an enemy, increasing the chances of this happening. Its not a reliable way to skip boss mechanics, but it’s something that may happen, so keep that in mind if you ever level this skill high.]

Quack Patrol [1] – This is a great skill for your ducks to have (ignoring the low damage values). It has the ability to remove enrage buffs from some bosses and silence some enemies, making them very helpful in preventing accidental deaths in nests and raids. Even with its utility, level 1 is enough as leveling only increases damage slightly and number of buffs removed.

Kami-quackum [1 or 11 or 12] – This is a pretty decent skill with a little bit of damage and reduces damage that enemies deal by commanding your ducks to explode (they explode but don’t self-destruct). Some people like it, some people don’t. I like having it as a cushion for myself and my allies in case someone makes a mistake. Either level 1 as a pre-requisite or level 11/12 for maximum duration and damage reduction.
(Note: Kami-quackum caps at 36% enemy damage reduction at level 12 and maximum duration of 12 seconds at level 11. So it’s personal preference if you just want the 12 sec duration with 33% damage reduction or that 1 extra level for an additional 3% reduction)
[Special Note: Due to the nature of the debuff, it stacks additively with Mercenary damage reduction debuffs, like Taunting Howl or Devastating Howl.]

Mechanic Mode [13] – This skill, like Lock and Load, is fairly new and is what makes a Gear Master, well a Gear Master. It boosts your damage by up to 30%, reduces the damage you recieve by up to 22% at max level and turns all of your tower skills into active skills. (Example: Instead of dropping a Cannon Quackum Tower, you shoot out a cannon ball.) You’ll find yourself turning this skill on and off often to re-summon your towers (and/or to store more bullets) but try and have it on as often as you can as a cushion with its damage reduction. Additionally this skill has an iframe on activation, which you can use to dodge some attacks. Keep that in mind, as it is a valuable tool to have for an additional iframe when you can’t actually get out of the way in time or your tumble is on cooldown.

The Quackums [1] – This is your Ultimate skill, which is actually quite lackluster. It does its damage over a short period of time and locks you in place for a little bit before and after casting. Level 1 is enough as just a pre-requisite to unlock the Gear Master tree, but you can level it to 2 if you really want. Just keep in mind its a fairly weak skill compared to the rest of your arsenal for what it does.

Rocket Crash [1] – This skill is a must-have. It allows you to quickly move out of the way of enemy attacks by right clicking while using Roto-whirl. The added mobility this skill offers shouldn’t be passed up and I highly recommend getting it, but its not worth leveling up, as all that does is increase the damage you deal slightly while using ths skill.

Flashbang [0 or 1] – Most people will say to get it (I’m one of those people), but you can choose to skip it it you really want 3 extra skill points. If you’re confident you can dodge eveything and feel like you don’t really need a recovery skill, then you can skip it. If you’re not so confident or just like having a quick recover, then pick it up. It can help you avoid follow-up boss attacks if you time it right, but don’t bother leveling it beyond 1. Same reason as Rocket Crash, all it does is increase damage slightly.

Gravity Grenade [0 or 1] – This is a skill that everyone used to pick up, but not so much anymore. Its damage is low and its cooldown is long for its damage, but it does pull weak enemies together and can be used to tell when an enemy is out of its iframe if you time it correctly. I recommend leaving it at 0, but if you want it then level 1 will suffice.

Cannon Blaster [0] – Fire an explosive round that detonates 1 second after hitting the ground. This skill isn’t that great. It has a long after cast delay, doesn’t deal its damage right away, doesn’t do much damage compared to the other skills at your disposal and the only way to cancel the after cast delay is with Lock & Load. I recommend leaving it at 0.

Chemical Warfare [0] – Launch a missile that explodes and deals damage to a large area in front of you. Before the revamp you should have level 1 of this, but since the main reason for getting it was given to Chemical Grenade theres no point anymore, as the non-EX version of this skill is just damage. I recommend leaving this skill at 0.

Alfredo Tornado [0] – Although I find it fun to watch Alfredo flail its arms everywhere, the skill is rather weak and easily broken by bosses. Leave it at 0, but if you have extra points you could put it to level 1 for your own amusement.

Bullet Barrage [0] – This is the Ultimate skill on the other side of the Engineer Tree. I recommend leaving it at 0, since it’s just as lackluster as it’s counterpart.

[3c] Gear Master:

Chainsaw Quackum [11 or 12] – This is you main damage dealing Tower as a Gear Master. With a whopping 2588% per shot at level 11(2641% at level 12) and it deals a bonus 20% of its base damage to any enemies near the tower while it’s spinning up its electro-blade. It’s definitely worth the skill points, not to mention you can shoot out one of the blades yourself every 6 seconds with Mecha-Mode active. Recommend at least 11, but 12 also a nice option, because wynaut boost your most used and strongest tower a little bit more.
[Special Note: Through recent testing I’ve found that Mechanic Mode: Chainsaw Quackum has significantly higher coefficients than its Tower counterpart for its bonus damage. Chainsaw Quackum deals 20% of its base damage as bonus damage at point blank to enemies. Mechanic Mode: Chainsaw Quackum deals 60% bonus damage at point blank. This results in a level 11 Chainsaw Quackum dealing a total of 3105.6% damage at point blank, while Mechanic Mode: Chainsaw Quackum deals 4140.8% at point blank!]

Gigaton Quackum [11] – This is your highest damage skill at 3077% at level 11. You can charge it up to deal 50% extra damage meaning it can deal 4615% when you throw this massive duck at enemies. Keep in mind that throwing it early will result in lower damage. Max it regardless.

Quackum Crash+ [0 or 1] – Depending on the build you go with, you might have to consider not getting this skill just due to a lack of skill points to allocate to it. This increases the impact damage dealt when launching the Quackum, increases the ducks hp by 30% and duration by 15 seconds. This means your ducks will have as much hp as you do and will last for 60 seconds. Additionally, your ducks gain a short ranged fireball attack.

Quack Shock+ [0 or 1] – This skill costs 0 skill points but requires that you learn Quackum Crash+, so if you didn’t get it due to skill point restraints you sadly won’t be able to pick this up. It increases damage and range.
[Special Note: The provoke effect has been removed from the skill. However since when I am unsure, as it had been functioning as a provoke (to my knowledge) rather recently. This means it was removed within the last few patches (to my knowledge).]

Quack Patrol+ [1] – This skill costs 0 and has no pre-requisites other than having the normal Quack Patrol learned. Get it, no reason not to, as it increases the range of the skill and increases your ducks movement and action speed by 30% for 9 seconds.

Kami-quackum+ [0 or 1] – Whether or not you got Kami-quackum as a damage reduction for your team or didn’t get it in favor of extra damage from other sources, then that will also determine if you you pick up this skill. It shortens your ducks fuse till they explode and splits the explosion into 3 blasts making it easier to tag targets with the debuff. Only issue is that they still start their fuse from the same distance away, so with a shorter fuse they end up exploding too far from the target if you activate the skill while a duck is at maximum distance or further.

Gigaton Quackum+ [1] – This powers up your giant duck bomb by releasing 0, 3 or 6 smaller ducks when it explodes (depending on how much you charged up your duck before throwing it). Each duck with deal 10% of the skills original damage, meaning if you can get all 6 ducks to explode into the target when fully charged, the skill will deal 210% of its original damage or 6461.7% damage. That being said it’s somewhat difficult to get all 6 ducks to explode on the target as the mini ducks will fly outwards in different directions, usually resulting in only 3 mini ducks hitting which means only 180% damage of the skills damage or 5538.6% damage.

Second Gear [0] – Probably one of the most useless 65 passives. It provides you with +20% critical chance, lasting for 10 seconds, but has an internal cooldown of 30 seconds, whenever you turn on Mechanic Mode. Seeing as Engineers are an Agility based class, critical chance isn’t hard to stack up. Even ignoring the fact Engineers hit the crit cap fairly easily, having only a 1/3 uptime is pretty bad. Leave this at 0, until they change it into something worthwhile, we’ll see when that time comes.

[3d] Skill Builds:

Skeleton Build – This build is the bare bone minimum of everything I mentioned above. It will let you experiment with all of the information I provided you with and build your Gear Master as you see fit! Have at it Duck Masters!
Pure GM Build – This is a basic “Pure” Gear Master build and by pure it just means it doesn’t include Lock and Load or Make it Rain. Good for soloing and allows for a relatively safe play style with a lot of constant damage.
Make it Rain Build – This build gives emphasis to Make it Rain allowing you to pack a bigger punch quickly when you need it, but still deals decent constant damage.
My current personal raid build – More like a Make it Rain build than not, but I wanted to focus a little more on the constant damage portion of my skills and moved points from Make it Rain in favor of Cannon Quackum. Considering that you use Cannon Quackum more often than MiR it’s not too big a loss in overall dps, just a small drop in burst potential.

Note: Please keep in mind all these builds have my person perferences mentioned above and do not need to be followed to the letter.

[3e] [Bonus] Unified Level Skills:

Unified Level Skills are bonus passive skills that you may use depending on how high all your characters levels add up to. You can only use 1 of each coloured Unified skill. Blue is mostly defensive passives, red is more offensively based and yellow is miscellaneous passives.

A good blue Unified Skill is the Max HP Boost giving you a nice +5% to your overall HP. Its easily obtained early on with only a total character level of 50 required to unlock and remains to be one of the best Unified Skills you can pick.

One of the best red Unified Skill you can get is the Final Damage Boost which increases your overall damage by 2%. It is however hard to obtain with fewer characters with a low level total, requiring a total character level of 475 to unlock. An alternative is Damage Boost, which gives you +50 physical/magical damage needing only a total level of 75. You could also go for the Mana Cost Boost which reduces skill costs by 5% requiring a total level of 375.

Yellow Unified Skills should be changed as needed. In terms of general play I recommend the Gold Boost, which needs a total of 450, for an additional 5% of coins picked up in dungeons or the Durability Penalty Boost, which requires a total of 250, for when you go Nesting to reduce wear on your armours and weapons when you die by 20%, thus reducing gold required to repair them. Anything is okay for the yellow Unified Skill though, just pick whatever you want.

[4] Equipment/Gems/Crests/Talismans

This section shall inform you of possible equipment combinations making the best of the set bonuses available, the Dragon Gems you might want to use in your equipment, Crests (or plates as some people refer to them in their uncrafted state) you may want to use for your stats and skills, and different Talimans options.
I’ll try and present options to those that are just starting out playing Gear Master and don’t have alot of gold and options to those that have been playing for a while.

[4a] Equipment:

Weapons and Armour:

Quest/Rare – Easy to obtain and is a good place to start for any beginner. You’ll get pieces as you complete your main quest. Use these until you can afford to upgrade to 80 epic gear. Not neccessarily all at once, even just getting 1 piece at a time is fine.

Epic Gear – You have two reasonable options once you get to this point. You can either go with a full 7 set of Planet Ranchea gear or you can get 5 piece Planet set and get Ruler Weapons. Now what this does it gets you a bit of extra Final Damage to increase your overall damage.

Unique Gear – Until Red Dragon Nest and its Memoria counterparts are released, you shouldn’t really bother with trying to obtain Black Dragon unique gear unless you already have it. The stats are comparable to level 80 epic grade gear, but give less defence.

Legendary Gear – Black Dragon Legendary gear is the best you can get at the moment. Its pieces all give extra stats like Agility/Strength/Vitality/Hp, which is on top of its set bonuses and before putting any gems into them. These are extremely expensive to upgrade, but are the best gears you can get until the next set of Legendary gear becomes available.

Alot of popular combinations of gear sets are:
2 piece L-grade (preferably the weapons for greater damage increases but I’ve seen people use just armour pieces for this), 5 piece epic grade
3 piece L-grade (2 weapons 1 Armor), 4 piece epic grade (To take advantage of the extra stats obtained from L-grade equipment while still getting the 4 set Final Damage bonus from the epic grade equipment)
Full 7 piece L-grade – Extremely expensive but will offer you the highest possible stats until the next L-grade set becomes available. Be prepared to pay 50,000~100,000+ gold on enhancement fees alone if you go for a full set.

There are alot of options to pick from, but really it’s personal preference as to what you would like to do and how much gold you want to put into them.

Level 70 Epic Accessories are cheap and easily available. They’re a nice upgrade from any accessories you found while leveling up. You should just aim to get Windswept/Life-giving for Necklace/Earrings and Destructive for your Rings.

Level 80 Epic Accessories are probably the next step, they have a large increase in stats over the previous accessories and are considerably more expensive.

Technique Accessories are some of the few ways you can increase a skills level beyond the highest you’re actually able to level it. Some can be excessively expensive and others are moderately priced, but a couple decent recommendations for possible Technique accessories would be:
Lock and Load Earring with high Agility – Getting this accessory would allow you to get level 12 or 13 of Lock and Load, thus reducing its cooldown to 2.5 or 2 seconds respectively. If you wish to focus more on using Make it Rain over the rest of your arsenal, I recommend getting this.
Cannon Quackum Earring with high Agility or Fire/Ice attack – This accessory lets you get level 16 Cannon Quackum, increasing your overall filler damage. I recommend getting one, but that is my personal preference.
Chainsaw Quackum Ring with high Physical attack or Physical attack with Light/Dark attack – Getting this accessory will increase the damage of your main tower and one of the strongest skills in your arsenal. However, it’s not hitting any specific level checkpoints as mentioned before, you won’t get a dramatic increase in damage. I don’t recommend it, but its not a bad option overall.
Make it Rain Ring with high Physical attack or Physical attack with Light/Dark attack – This is one of the ways to get Make it Rain to level 16, allowing you hit the next major damage boost for it, thus increasing your potential for burst damage which Gear Masters lack overall. Not a bad choice if thats the path you’d like to go.

Black Dragon Unique Accessories are priced about the same as the new 80 Epic Accessories, but I’m not too sure on using these or not, having seen few to no people using them.

Black Dragon Legendary Accessories are amazing, giving you lot of stats and alot of very nice set bonuses. Most notably the Final Damage for having a 3 piece set. Many people like using this accessory set and 1 technique accessory to boost one of their skills.

Desert Dragon Legendary Rings are probably one of the best Rings you can get. Although their stats are lower than that of Black Dragon L-grades, they still have their sparks. Meaning instead of a gem with only one % modifier, you get Physical Attack, Strength, Agility and 3 different elements all on one ring. They’re limited to people that already had one prior to them removing sparks from the drops in raids, so getting one may be fairly expensive, but its definitely worth considering.

[4b] [Bonus] Stats:
I’ll quickly go over what most of the stats mean to a Gear Master to clarify why you might want to choose certain gems and crests:

Agility – Adds 0.5 physical damage and 3.5 critical per point, which is what makes Engineers so easy to gear. No need to get additional critical.
Strength – Adds 0.25 physical damage and 1.75 critical damage per point. This stat can be a nice way to add a bit of damage mentioned below.
Intelligence – Adds 0.5 magic damage, 0.8 magic defence, 1.75 critical damage and 35 Mp per point.
Vitality – Gives you 30 Hp and 0.6 physical defence per point.
Physical Damage – This is the value most of your attacks will be based on, try and get it as high as you can.
Magical Damage – This stat affects some of your Tinkerer skills, but they’re generally weak, so theres no reason to try and get this any higher than what you get from your gear by default.
Critical – This increases your chances of landing a critical hit. Critical hits by default deal x2 damage.
Critical Damage – This is a fairly new stat that increases your critical hit damage. Extra Strength and Intellegence will increase how much your critical hits do, but it requires alot in order to hit high values and its % value is only additive to the 200% value. See the following link for more information:
Final Damage – Increases your damage. Simply put the more you have, the more it’ll enhance your damage beyond what it says in the status window. Although Final Damage is straight forward, it’s hard to say how exactly how much is needed for what % damage increases. So I’ll just say to take a look at the following links:

[4c] Dragon Gems:

Weapon Gems:
You will definitely want Windswept (Agility) dragon gems, but the offensive gems vary from player to player on a case by case basis. You have alot of options depending on what you want to do:
Destructive Gem x2
Iced Moon Conversion Gem + Lake Gem
Lightning Flame Conversion Gem + Light Gem
Abyssal Conversion Gem + Darkness Gem
Blazing Wave Conversion Gem + Fire Gem

Destructive Gems – Give you an increase to your Physical damage and some agility or strength, which is fine for soloing dungeons or lower leveled nests. If you’re new to the game, this should be the first thing you aim for as it’s cheaper than the Conversion Gems I’ll be explaining next.
Conversion Gems, what do they do? Well they give you some attack, turns your non-element attacks into a specific element while reducing that same elements power by -30%. By doing this you can gain added damage from different elemental buffs that were originally exclusive to certain classes or unlock some hidden damage bonuses in the Engineer tree. Its pretty tough in the beginning to push your damage above 0% of any particular element with a Conversion Gem, but once you do it pays off with more damage than a simple destructive gem will provide you. At the moment, the only ways to obtain this gem is to buy it off someone that has one already or get it from some kind of event. Once they bring back Saints Haven Defence you’ll be able to earn Guild Master Silver Coins to exchange for a Conversion Gem at Gunther. Saints Haven Defence is a limited time event when it shows up, so try and take part in it as much as you can.
Iced Moon Conversion Gem – Turns your attacks into water/ice and is what makes Ice Engineer possible. I mentioned earlier about how Frost Quacker and MM: Frost stacked previously, allowing you to decrease a targets ice resist by a large amount allowing you to do alot of bonus damage. Even with the fix, making it so the two effects no longer stack, its still a sizable amount of element reduction for soloing content when combined with Chemical Grenade for a total of -45% ice resistance. This is also a decent option to go for if the party you are in doesn’t compliment each other with their buffs and you would still like some added damage. Ice also happens to be my favorite element for Engineer.
Lightning Flame Conversion Gem – Transforms your attacks into light damage. This is very popular in many party set-ups allowing you to recieve massive light buffs from several party members while also benefiting from their large arsenal of light resist reduction skills. This is usually the go-to for parties and raids because it requires the fewest classes to be made efficient.
Abyssal Conversion Gem – Makes you deal dark damage. There aren’t many dark parties out there and very few classes that can lower dark resist, but even with that said, if you can find players who are dedicated to thier dark classes then a dark party has the potential to do just as well as a light party.
Blazing Wave Conversion Gem – Will change your damage into fire. As it stands there are few classes that can work well together in a fire based party, but there are revamps/patches/a new class that will make fire parties very effective. When that will happen I have no idea, but keep that in mind for the future.
The Lake, Light, Darkness and Fire Gems paired up with the Conversion Gems are simply element boosting gems that also give some physical and/or magic damage.
Note: Conversion Gems can ONLY be places inside main-hand weapons, so the paired gems is what you get for your off-hand weapon. Example, Coversion Gem would go into your Cannon while the elemental gem would go into your Powerglove.

There are alot of skill gems for weapons, but here is a list of ones I recommend using:
Cooperator (Reduce enemy critical resist by 7%)
Pirate (Reduce enemy ice resist by 5%)
Morning Star (Reduce enemy light resist by 5%)
Forsaken Village (Reduce enemy dark resist by 5%)
Rockthorn Gorge (Reduce enemy fire resist by 5%)
[Special Note: All weapon skill gems will give you a set amount of attack and apply the debuff effects to 1 monster for 10 seconds, triggering only once every 60 seconds when you hit an enemy with a skill. Indirect damage, such as from towers and ducks, will not trigger your offensive gems.]

The Cooperator skill gem is a good general skill gem to use since everything seems to have relatively high crit resist in the past two caps.
The other 4 gems I listed work well with their elemental counterparts increasing damage dealt to the targets for the duration of the effect.
All the gem effects stack if you use 2 of the same kind, but will not additively stack with the same gems any other player is using (another reason I like the Cooperator gem). An example, if I were using 2 Pirate gems and a party member is using 2 Pirate gems, it wouldn’t stack up to 20% but rather would overwrite each other and remain as 10%. Also keep in mind that if you are only using 1 of any gem it can possibly overwrite an allies debuff if it activates after theirs. So if you’re going to use any skill gems, try and use the same skill gems.

Armour Gems:
You mostly want to focus on Windswept and Life-giving (Vitality and HP) dragon gems for your armours. You could swap out your Life-giving gems for Brutal (Strength) gems if you’re confident in your ability to dodge attacks to add a little bit of extra damage and become a glass cannon. A glass cannon set-up becomes more effective with Black Dragon Legendary Gear sets, since every piece will also give a decent amount of hp even before upgrading, making the loss of Life-giving gems less significant.

Headgears have the option to use special skill gems, you don’t have to use any of the special skill gems but they do provide some nice bonuses. A couple good general gems are:
Acrobatic (Increases Tumble iframe from 0.3 sec to 0.5 sec) [Special Note: Currently broken and not functioning.]
Redemption (Increase Super Armor greatly for 10 seconds whenever a skill other than your ultimate is broken. Has a cooldown of 20 seconds) [Special Note: In-game description is incorrect.]

As far as general skill gems go for armours, some good choices are:
Guardian (Increase Phys defence by 20%)
Partisan (Increase Phys/Mag defence by 10%)
Dragon Slayer (Increase Elemental Resist by 7%)
Glacial (Increase Fire & Ice Resist by 10%)
[Special Note: All armour gems will heal you for a set amount and grant the bonuses listed above for 5 seconds and will trigger only once every 30 seconds whenever you take damage.]

These gems are all pretty decent having different uses in different nests and raids. Not saying you should use one of each but more along the lines of using multiples to stack the effects of the gems. For example using 4 Guardian skill gems and a Redemption Skill gem would give you 80% bonus defence and extra super armour when you get attacked.
[Special Note: Defence/Magic Defence granted from the gems isn’t a solid % defence value, but rather an increase in the number value. For example, if you had 30000 defence, 4 Guardian gems it would boost it up to 54000 temporarily. With that being said the Elemental resist given by the gems are a solid % value.]

Accessory Gems:
These are easy. You’ll either want Windswepts or Life-giving gems for your Necklace and Earrings depending on if you’re looking for more damage or a bit more hp to withstand some more hits.
Dragon Gems for Rings (if your rings have any gem slots) are chosen depending on what you put in your weapons. If you just have Destructives, then more destructives are the best choice, but if you’re using a Conversion Gem then you should be using an elemental gem that compliments the element you’re converting to.

[4d] Crests:
For the following Crests, start by trying to get rare grade plates first as those are cheapest and upgrade to epic plates as you are able to afford/find them.
Note: You can only equip 1 of each Crest. Example, you can’t equip 2 Windswept Crests.

Enhancement Crests:

Windswept – Gives you more Agility. Get one as soon as you can.
Destructive – increases your physical damage. Also get one asap.
Sturdy – Increases your defence.
Life-giving – Increases your max Hp.
Health – Increases your Vitality.
Brutal – Increases your Strength.
Ultimate – Increases your Final Damage.
Spirited/Adorned/Any plate with a bonus stat of Physical damage or Agility – Any plate will be fine for your last slot.
After you manage to get all your epic grade Crests you can try and aim for more expensive Crests that have bonus stats of either Physical Damage, Agility or Final Damage. Final Damage is going to be very very expensive, especially since there are lots of people trying to get them, so I recommend just aiming for Physical damage and Agility bonus Crests due to overwhelming costs of Final Damage.

Mandatory Skill Crests:
Chainsaw Quackum (Cooldown Reduction 20%) – This not only reduces the cooldown of the tower itself, but also its Mechanic Mode version! This makes its cooldowns 13.6 seconds and 4.8 seconds respectively! Get it now!
Gigaton Quackum (Damage 20%) – Make your hardest hitting skill hit even harder!

Optional Skill Crests:
Make it Rain (Damage 20%) – If you decided to get Make it Rain in your build this is a must have to increase your burst damage potential. If you didn’t, then skip over this.
Frost Quacker (Cooldown Reduction 20%) – Recommended no matter what build you went with. Like I mentioned above with Chainsaw Quackum this reduces the cooldown of both the normal Tower summon and its Mechanic Mode version, resulting in cooldowns of 22.4 seconds and 7.2 seconds respectively.
Alfredo Tank (Cooldown Reduction 20%) – Alfredo Tank becomes even more effective by reducing its cooldown allowing you to use it more. Making Alfredo Tanks cooldown 48 seconds is a decent choice.
Kami-quackum (Cooldown Reduction 20%) – For the same reason as getting a plate for Alfredo Tank, you could also choose to get one for Kami-quackum. Reducing its cooldown to 16.8 seconds, allows you to keep its debuff on the enemy active more often.
Roto-whirl (Cooldown Reduction 20%) – A nice option, this will allow you to tumble a little more often, which is very helpful, even if it only reduces its cooldown to 2.1 (technically 2.08) seconds, every little bit counts and can mean dodging an attack or taking a punch to the face.
Cannon Quackum (Cooldown Reduction 20%) – This is a personal option for me. Many will say that it’s a waste of a skill crest slot, but I like being able to drop all my towers consistantly, so I decided to get this. Not recommended by many, but it’s a personal favorite for me, making this towers cooldown 16 seconds.

Hidden Crest Slots:

You have 3 extra Crest slots that can have any enhancement or skill crests put into them, only thing is, it requires that you unlock those slots with NX. You’re not required to open up these skill slots, but it’s not bad to have them open either. See all the previously mentioned possibilities for crests you may want to put into these slots.

Expedition Crests:
These unique grade crests are special, as you can only aquire them from Dragon Expedition, Ladder Store or from people that have aquired these crests from one of the previous 2 methods. The crests available are:
Offensive – This plate adds extra Physical and Magical damage, usually one will be higher than the other.
Source – Increases maximum Hp and Mp and like offensive plates, one is usually higher than the other.
Increasing – Increases all base stats, usually one stat is higher than the others.
Resistant – This increases your Para, Stun and Crit Resistances.
The main thing people want these crests for are the possible bonus stats. If you plan on getting any for more than just their normal values, aim for Physical damage or Agility bonus stats. Getting decent bonus stats on these plates are easier than bonus stats on the normal enhancement plates.

Special Crests:
These are the crests that go into the center of you crest window, they give you access to special skills. Most of these skills have few uses, but some are worth using for various situations such as:
Manticore Gravity Blast – This skill Crest allows you to shoot out a ball of dark energy that splits into several small orbs that spread out in multiple directions once it makes contact with the ground and finally explodes. This is a fairly handy skill to have as it possess large amounts of Super Armour breaking power, which is helpful for many mechanics in a lot of the older nests. Not too sure about current content though.
Blackhole Laser – You briefly channel the skill with a weak suction effect in front of you and then fire a laser forward. This skill is know to strike through enemies iframes and has been known to glitch some bosses due to this effect.
Beyond the utility of these two skills, most of the skill don’t have exceptionally high damage and the bulk of your class skills will do more damage than any of the special crests can provide, so just get whatever you want.

Skill-up Crests:

Now this is fairly new, its a new crest that fits into the bottom right of the crest window. What this crest does is increase the level of any skill you’ve learned by 1. Sounds just like a technique accessory, but it breaks the usual rules for +1 skill effects by being able to stack with any other effect. This means its possible to get +2 on certain skills pushing them up to their next level checkpoint for a large damage increase. For example, it’s possible to have level 19 Super Ball, wear a costume weapon that has +1 to Super ball (or wear a technique accessory) and then use this new Skill-up Crest for a level 21 Super Ball. Not recommended for either Engineer branch to do that specifically, but that’s a decent example. This crest however costs NX, aka real money, so it’s not mandatory that you buy it, but keep in mind it can help with double teching (mentioned earlier in this guide).
Pick any skill you like, but some recommended choices are:
Lock and Load
Make it Rain
Cannon Quackum
Chainsaw Quackum

[4e] Talismans:

With Talismans there aren’t too many options for you to pick, but here are my recommended options:
Destructive and Windswept in the 200% slots, because more damage is always welcome.
Sturdy and Health should go into the 175% slots for added Hp and defence.
Brutal and Adorned in the 125% slots and Life-giving in the 100% slot. This leaves you with 1 open slot for whatever extra you want.
If you manage to get an Ultimate Talisman you can just bump all the talismans down in the order I listed them and put the Ultimate in the 200% slot. Since Final Damage is better than the rest of the stats. After you have all your Talismans you can aim to get bonus stats on them, such as Agility or Physical Damage, just like with Gems and Crests.

Talisman Hidden Slot Expansion
It’s possible to change up the Talisman order even more if you decide to get a Talisman Slot Expansion. This would allow you to keep Destructive and Windswept in the 200% slots along with the Ultimate. This also allows you to get junk Talismans that happen to have a bonus stat you want. In the same way you can use extra Crests with the Hidden Crest Expansion.

[4f] [Bonus] Costume Choices:
You don’t need a costume, but it does add some extra Hp and damage which is always welcome.
You can either try to buy an epic Barrista, Pixel Rocker or Medical set off the Marketplace or you could get a rare set from the Dragon Vault. The new rare sets rotate every month or so, just get whatever is in there if you want the extra stats from a rare costume.
For Accessories you’ll want to aim for Green Spark Rings, since they give decent stats and a nice elemental attack boost. If you can’t afford those then get Star Fragment Rings. Additionally you can open Dragon Eggs and hope you get Dragon Tear Rings. They give the same stats as the Green Spark Rings, but you can’t trade or sell them, so Dragon Eggs are the only way to obtain them.

[5] Rotations, Tactics & Tips

The first part in this section shall discuss possible rotations which vary greatly based on your build and the next shall give you some tactics and tip to help you play your Gear Master more efficiently under varying circumstances.

[5a] Rotations:

If for example you are using a Pure GM Build as shown above and sporting an Ice Conversion Gem as mentioned earlier or you’re in a party with an Ice Stacking class your starting rotation might look like:
Cannon Quackum > Frost Quacker > Chainsaw Quackum > Mecha-Mode ON > Chemical Grenade > Quackum Crash > Kami-quackum > Gigaton Quackum > MM: Chainsaw > MM: Cannon until MM: Chainsaw is off cooldown.

Beyond that however there isn’t much of a rotation and more of just making sure certain things are up. An example would be if your towers start to vanish, turn off Mecha-Mode and replace them appropriately or if Chemical Grenade is off cooldown, reapply it as soon as you get the chance. Your ducks have many different things that they can be used for, so if you know a Quack Patrol will be needed soon to debuff a boss of its enrage buff, hold off on summoning until it does so. Otherwise summon ducks as often as possible and use Kami-quackum to reduce the bosses overall damage.

A general rotation for a build with MiR in it is quite similar with the only difference is the addition of using Lock & Load in between tower drops to keep your bullet count high and unloading all your bullets into a target during a burst situation. Leading up to a burst window and during it may look like this:
Cannon Quackum > Frost Quacker > Chainsaw Quackum > Mecha-Mode ON > Chemical Grenade > Gigaton Quackum > MM: Chainsaw > Mecha-Mode OFF > Make it Rain until bullets are depleted.
After the burst window you should aim to restock bullets with Lock & Load when dropping towers and during mechanics where the boss is invulnerable.

Note that any time when you’re resummoning towers, if you don’t have the time to drop all your towers put priority on Chainsaw Quackum since its your main tower for damage.
These are general rotations and tips for usual bosses, so keep in mind that certain Nest bosses aren’t fought well with summons in certain areas. An example would be the Crocodile boss in Volcano Nest, his bar mechanic can possibly be messed up by summons waddling around the field as he can target them instead of a player, so be careful of that and learn the mechanics for whatever nest/raid you’re doing.

[5b] Tactics & Tips:

Mechanic Mode Summon Buffing:
A simple way to boost your towers damage by a little bit is whenever you summon a tower, quickly turn on Mechanic Mode. The reason this works is because your summons will use your stats at the time of them appearing, so if you turn on Mechanic Mode before you summon appears it’ll have your new damage value boosted by Mechanic Mode, instead of your base physical damage. Due to the long process of boosting a towers damage this way, it’s really only worth doing for Chainsaw Quackum. This is also why I have Chainsaw Quackum as the last tower summoned in the general rotations mentioned earlier. You may not always get to do this, but if you can it will increase your damage by a bit. Even in raids where the damage increase from Mechanic Mode is part of the maximum damage increase cap, you can still use this trick when under non-optimal settings to get close to capped damage boosts for your towers.

Summon Double Buffing:
Is there a Light Bringer (Abyss Walker works if they have Healing Chakra maxed), Lancer and/or Screamer in your party? Then stay close to them, as your towers can be double buffed by some of their main support skills! What this means is that you are first buffed by one or more of the mentioned classes, which your towers will copy those buffed stats and then will be further buffed by those same classes since the towers stats are thought of as being unbuffed. For example, you’re sitting under a Light Bringer using Healing Chakra boosting you damage by 46.8%, lets say you have 50k damage meaning you now have about 73k damage. You summon a tower, it copys your stats as its own when it summons, so it appears with about 73k damage. It doesn’t count as being buffed already by Healing Chakra and is boosted further by 46.8% making your towers base damage about 107k. Imagine how much the Chainsaw Quackum would be shooting its blades for with such a simple boost in damage. For a list of skills that can double buff your towers or not, see this thread:
Note that for non-persistant buffs, in order to double buff it must be recast once the tower has summoned. Since this is usually not going to happen, a Light Bringer/Lancer/Screamer will usually be looked towards as the main classes that can double buff summons effectively.

How to use Fast Forward:
On top of double buffing your towers you can take advantage of another class to give you a temporary boost to your damage. Mystics with Fast Forward, whether it’s a Chaos Mage or War Mage both will have the amazing skill that reduces the cooldowns of all your skills by 80% for 15 seconds. It’s not very often you get to experience Fast Forward (except for maybe raids). With Fast Forward, you can do one of the most craziest things possible for a Gear Master, summon 3 Chainsaw Quackums. Now you can’t summon 3 all at once, but the cooldown reduction will allow you to spawn a Chainsaw Quackum approximately every 2.72 seconds. To take advantage of cooldown reduction further, you’ll only want to drop 3 Chainsaw Towers. Re-summoning them whenever they’re off cooldown may sound tempting to keep you damage consistent, but you have another skill to add more damage, Mechanic Mode Chainsaw Quackum. MM: Chainsaw has a tiny 0.96 sec cooldown with Fast Forward active. By using MM: Chainsaw off cooldown on top of summoning Chainsaw Quackums, you increase your damage even further. Usually the rotation for such would be something like:
Chainsaw Quackum > MM: Chainsaw x 2 > Chainsaw Quackum > MM: Chainsaw x2 > Chainsaw Quackum > MM: Chainsaw x till Fast Forward expires.
This allows you to make the most of having 3 Chainsaw Towers active while using your enhanced Mechanic Mode Chainsaw Quackum as often as possible for added damage. Now assuming we’re only looking at a Gear Master with just a Mystic with Fast Forward, so no additional buffs, a Gear Master could do approximately 100254%~104566% (130330.2%~135935.8% if you include Mechanic Modes 30% buff) within that 15 second window. That sounds impressive, but keep in mind that summoning and using MM: Chainsaw off cooldown may not always be possible and bosses may move slightly away from 1, 2 or even all 3 Chainsaws, nullifying the 20% bonus damage each can do at point blank. Additionally, you may find yourself needing to dodge an attack or reposition yourself so you get all the bonus hits from MM: Chainsaw. That being said it’s an amazing effect to be able to have 3 Chainsaw Quackums out and be shooting out electro-blades yourself. Now just imagine if you combine this with double buffing, in which case you would in fact want to keep re-summoning your towers as they would be doing a bit more damage than you would be, rather than solely use MM: Chainsaw after the 3rd Chainsaw Quackum is summoned.

Mechanic Mode iframe:
Using Mechanic Mode as an iframe is tricky but can be very helpful. I recommend learning how to use it as such and it can protect you from alot of accidental damage. In the same way I mentioned using Force Bump to quickly move back to avoid damage after using certain skills, you can also use Mechanic Mode right after as an iframe to dodge an attack. I’ve only needed to do this a few times myself, but its handy when you need it and can’t get out of the way. Note that the iframe is only present when you turn on Mechanic Mode. So to get the effect if you already have it on is to quickly turn it off and then back on.

Tower Positioning:
When summoning towers you usually want them to be closer to the center rather than the edge of the map, so you towers have a wider area in which they can continue to damage the boss should it move around a bit. That being said you still want Chainsaw Quackum to be as close as possible since it deals an additional 5% of its base damage 4 times at point blank before firing its blade, which is where the bonus 20% damage in its skill description comes from. Meaning at point blank range a level 11 Chainsaw Quackum it will deal an additional 129% damage 4 times quickly before dealing its main damage for a total of 3105.6%.

Aiming Gigaton Quackum+:
Using Gigaton Quackum+ requires ALOT of trial and error, but your main goal is to have the center of your duck bomb explode inside your target, by doing this you guarentee that all 6 mini ducks will also explode inside your target. At point blank it sometimes helps to aim straight into the ground so the center of the duck bomb ends up inside the target, but this doesn’t always work and sometimes it helps to throw it slightly up. The hitbox for Gigaton Quack is also a bit weird, sometimes allowing the bomb to pass through enemies once it starts to fall, allowing you to have the bomb be completely inside them when it hits the ground and explodes. Its very tricky to use, especially because each boss has different hitboxes making it difficult to tell where to throw your duck, but keep practicing and you’ll eventually figure it out on a boss to boss basis.

Alfredo Tank Useage:
Use Alfredo Tank often to gives your team a little breathing room for making mistakes, as long as there isn’t a mechanic you should be saving it for. Also keep in mind if the boss has any buff clearing mechanics and if one is coming up, hold off on reapplying Alfredo Tank until after it has happened.

Kami-quackum+ Usage:
For the same reason as using Alfredo Tank often, use Kami-quackum whenever you can to reduce the damage a boss will deal to you and your allies. Giving you a little breathing room when getting smashed by a big attack. Just remember that Ducks with Kami-quackum+ will explode after only 2 seconds, but start their fuse at the same maximum distance, so make sure you keep an eye on how far away your Quackums are before you activate the skill. This can be used to your advantage. By having a duck outside of its usual range you can have it start its fuse later than normal. Although it’ll normally still explode farther away than needed to hit the target, you can use this as a way to cover a larger area. For example, a boss is running away from one Quackum, it may run into another one that was farther away that is still exploding. By doing this you can take advantage of the Kami-Quackum+ triple explosion to easily tag a boss with the damage reduction debuff.

Pre-Summoning Quackums:
Pre-summoning ducks can be helpful, as it gives you a larger area to affect with Kami-quackum or even for a little extra damage at the start of a fight. So if you’re about to start a boss fight and everyone hasn’t gathered up yet, summon a duck or two, it might just save a life. Although you should keep in mind where it would not be a good idea to summon a duck at the beginning of a fight, like the Gem Stalker in Volcano Nest since your ducks might break something (and you really don’t want break any extra crystals at the start!)

[7] Testing Zone

This section will be about testing anything people want me to find out about Gear Masters or anything I have tested myself that hasn’t already been covered above/needs to be clarified.

[7a] Testing Dancers Dance of Ecstacy 2 on Towers:

Tower + Dance of Ecstacy 2 Active

Confirmed as working.
Tested Wednesday May 13, 2015.

[7b] Testing Cooldown Reduction Crests affecting Mechanic Mode skills:

Confirmed as working.
Tested Thursday May 15, 2015.

[7c] Testing Frost Quacker debuff stacking Nerf:

Pre-debuff Damage:
Pre-debuff 1
Pre-debuff 2

Single Ice Debuff Damage:
Single Ice Debuff 1
Single Ice Debuff 2

Double Ice Debuff Damage:
Double Ice Debuff 1
Double Ice Debuff 2

Confirmed as implemented.
Tested Saturday May 16, 2015.

[7d] Testing Mechanic Mode: Chainsaw Quackum Coefficients:

Normal Chainsaw Quackum
(224852 / 4376051= 0.05138) Approximately 5% per hit x4.

Mechanic Mode: Chainsaw Quackum
(728624 / 4779506 = 0.15245) Approximately 15% per hit x4.

Confirmed that Mechanic Mode: Chainsaw Quackum has coefficients of 0.15 x4 and 1.0, as opposed to Chainsaw Quackums normal 0.05 x4 and 1.0. Thanks to Alcaria for asking me to test this!
Tested Sunday May 17, 2015.

[7e] Testing Mechanic Mode: Frost Quackum debuff duration:
Typhoon Krag Nest – First Boss:
Gardener Galant (Approximately 8 second duration.)

Professor K. Nest – 3rd Boss:
Subject 287 King Kroon (Approximately 8 second duration.)

Guardian Nest – 1st Boss:
Arch-Frog Augre (Approximately 6 second duration.)

Mist Nest – 1st Boss:
Howling Ornid (Approximately 6 second duration.)

Volcano Trial Nest – 1st Boss
Prophet Popote (Approximately 11 second duration.)

Inconclusive as to how the duration is determined. More testing is required and shall be done.
Tested Sunday May 17, 2015.

[7f] Re-Testing Mechanic Mode: Frost Quackum debuff duration:

Typhoon Krag Nest:
Gardener Galant (Retested) [10% Ice Resist]
Blacmsmith Smithy [10% Ice Resist]
Typhoon Krag [20% Ice Resist]

Professor K. Nest:
Subject 171 Dien & Subject 172 Elluv [Dien -10% Ice Resist, Elluv – 30% Ice Resist]
Subject 287 King Kroon (Retested) [10% Ice Resist]
Queen Lantana [10% Ice Resist]
Professor K. [20% Ice Resist]

Guardian Nest: Guardian Nest Guide
Arch-Frog Augre (Restested) [20% Ice Resist]
Dux Arkus [30% Ice Resist]
Ignacio [20% Ice Resist] (Not 0% Ice Resist)
Fallen Guardian [30% Ice Resist]

Mist Nest: Mist Nest Guide
Howling Ornid(Restested) [20% Ice Resist]
Corroded Mist Wraith [10% Ice Resist]
Hermit Hrolleif [20% Ice Resist]
Weeping Queen of Mist [30% Ice Resist]

Volcano Nest: Volcano Nest Guide
Prophet Popote [0% Ice Resist]
Wrathful Ruga [20% Ice Resist]
Fire Breath Gem Stalker [0% Ice Resist]
Divine Kranos [0% Ice Resist]
Phoenix Lavanock [0% Ice Resist]

Ice Resist Values are based on several Guides that have stated the elemental resistances for the Nests they cover. The first 2 Nests I tested this in didn’t have any resist values listed anywhere I could easily find, so they are approximations based on the other nests. I tested bosses by using MM: Frost Quacker on its own and then using MM: Frost Quacker after hitting them with a Chemical Grenade. You can see that the duration of MM: Frost Quacker is similar to between bosses with the same Ice Resist values. Through all my extensive testing, these are the approximate durations of a level 9 MM: Frost Quacker with a base duration of 11 seconds:
-15% Ice Resist: 16 Seconds (Achieved with Chemical Grenade)
-5% Ice Resist: 12.5~13 Seconds (Achieved with Chemical Grenade)
0% Ice Resist: 11 Seconds
5% Ice Resist: 9.5~10 Seconds (Achieved with Chemical Grenade)
10% Ice Resist: 8~8.5 Seconds
15% Ice Resist: 7 Seconds (Achieved with Chemical Grenade)
20% Ice Resist: 5.5~6 Seconds
30% Ice Resist: 4~4.5 Seconds

Confirmed that the duration of Mechanic Mode Frost Quacker is dependant on the targets Ice Resist and that lowering it with a different skill that stacks with MM: Frost Quacker will result in a longer duration.
Tested Tuesday May 19, 2015.

[7g] 21/05/15 Patch Update – Cooldown Crest:

Mechanic Mode: Chainsaw Quackum CD Update
Mechanic Mode: Frost Quacker CD Update

Confirmed that the cooldown reduction update successfully affects Mechanic Mode skills.
Tested Thursday May 21, 2015.

[7h] Testing Possible bug with Mechanic Mode Chainsaw Quackum beyond level 12:

Mechanic Mode: Chainsaw Quackum Unteched
Mechanic Mode: Chainsaw Quackum Teched

Confirmed that (at least with a Skill-Up Crest) Mechanic Mode Chainsaw Quackum will NOT receive the benefits of the cooldown reduction crest beyond level 12.
Tested Thursday May 21, 2015.

[7i] Testing Assassins Dedicate Crow and Raid on Towers:

Pre-buff Tower
Tower with Dedicate Crow and Raid casted after summoning

Confirmed that towers are not buffed by Dedicate Crow or Raid. Thanks to Mechastasia for the help testing.
Tested Saturday May 23, 2015.

[7j] Testing Similar Ice Debuffs Stacking with Frost Quacker:

Alchemist Coolant:

Mechanic Mode: Frost Quacker

Mechanic Mode: Frost Quacker + Coolant

Chemical Grenade

Chemical Grenade + Coolant

Ice Witch:
Ice Witch Test Video

Confirmed that all ice only resist debuffs do not stack with each other and that the highest level ice resist debuff will overwrite/remain when used together with other ice resist debuffs.
Confirmed that Chemical Grenade stacks WITH Ice Witch debuffs & Alchemists Coolant and is NOT overwritten or removed by Ice Witch debuffs (with the exception of Chilling Mist).
[Special Note: Cleb0 and I did another test shortly after regarding Chilling Mist and found that it is the only Ice Witch skill that will overwrite Chemical Grenades ice resist. Unfortunately that test was not recorded, so we shall record another video at some point to show everything we tested or just a new video for the Chilling Mist test. I’m not sure if it works in the same manner with Super Slop Cocktail, but that’s for Adepts to figure out, since I’m just a duck, quack.]
Thanks to lillucario, VirgiliaSama and Cleb0 for helping me test this.
Tested Sunday May 24, 2015.

[7k] Testing Final Damage Boost Unified Skill:


[8] Skill Level Information

This is a bonus section I decided to create that will show all the values that change from level to level on the skills that are used often and/or have significance to Gear Masters.
Bolded Levels are what I recommended for each of the skills in the guide.
Underlined Skill Values belong to the EX version of the skill.

Alfredo Drop – Cooldown 10 Seconds || Using the skill again will unsummon Alfredo || Butler Backhand – 100% Damage || High-Class Hammer Fists – 150% Damage
Level 1 – 200% of your Maximum HP
Level 2 – 400% of your Maximum HP
Level 3 – 600% of your Maximum HP

Lock and Load – Generates 1 Bullet || Can store up to 10 Bullets
Level 1 – 160% + 60 || Cooldown 8 seconds
Level 2 – 169% + 190 || Cooldown 7.5 seconds
Level 3 – 178% + 228 || Cooldown 7 seconds
Level 4 – 187% + 553 || Cooldown 6.5 seconds
Level 5 – 197% + 706 || Cooldown 6 seconds
Level 6 – 239% + 2028 || Cooldown 5.5 seconds
Level 7 – 248% + 2591 || Cooldown 5 seconds
Level 8 – 257% + 3024 || Cooldown 4.5 seconds
Level 9 – 267% + 3464 || Cooldown 4 seconds
Level 10 – 276% + 3937 || Cooldown 3.5 seconds
Level 11 – 318% + 5682 || Cooldown 3 seconds
[+1 Tech] Level 12 – 327% + 6479 || Cooldown 2.5 seconds
[+2 Tech] Level 13 – 337% + 7386 || Cooldown 2 seconds

Chemical Grenade – Cooldown 20 seconds || Elemental Resistance -15% || Critical Resistance -15%
Level 1 – 177% + 53 || Duration 9 Seconds
Level 2 – 182% + 151 || Duration 10 Seconds
Level 3 – 187% + 429 || Duration 11 Seconds
Level 4 – 192% + 577 || Duration 12 Seconds
Level 5 – 197% + 1331 || Duration 13 Seconds
Level 6 – 228% + 2797 || Duration 14 Seconds
Level 7 – 233% + 3318 || Duration 15 Seconds
Level 8 – 238% + 3847 || Duration 16 Seconds
Level 9 – 243% + 4408 || Duration 17 Seconds
Level 10 – 248% + 5060 || Duration 18 Seconds
[+1 Tech] Level 11 – 280% + 8011 || Duration 19 Seconds
[+2 Tech] Level 12 – 285% + 9203 || Duration 20 Seconds

Make it Rain – Cooldown 0 Seconds || Consumes 2 Bullets || Deals its damage up to 20 times
Note: I will give a value of 15 pellets and a value of 20 pellets hitting a target, since some pellets may not always hit the target. You should expect the total damage to usually be somewhere between the 2 values provided (but it could also be less, if less pellets hit the target).
Level 1 – 190% + 225 || x15 = 2850% + 3375 || x20 = 3800% + 4500
Level 2 – 193% + 249 || x15 = 2895% +3735 || x20 = 3860% + 4980
Level 3 – 196% + 657 || x15 = 2940% + 9855 || x20 = 3920% + 13140
Level 4 – 198% + 786 || x15 = 2970% + 11790 || x20 = 3960% +15720
Level 5 – 201% + 931 || x15 = 3015% + 13965 || x20 = 4020% + 18620
Level 6 – 224% + 2756 || x15 = 3360% + 41340 || x20 = 4480% + 55120
Level 7 – 227% + 3393 || x15 = 3405% + 50895 || x20 = 4540% + 67860
Level 8 – 229% + 3812 || x15 = 3435% + 57180 || x20 = 4580% + 76240
Level 9 – 232% + 4235 || x15 = 3480% + 63525 || x20 = 4640% + 84700
Level 10 – 235% + 4661 || x15 = 3525% + 69915 || x20 = 4700% + 93220
Level 11 – 257% + 6636 || x15 = 3855% + 99540 || x20 = 5140% + 132720
Level 12 – 260% + 7198 || x15 = 3900% + 107970 || x20 = 5200% + 143960
Level 13 – 263% + 7822 || x15 = 3945% + 117330 || x20 = 5260% + 156440
Level 14 – 266% + 8496 || x15 = 3990 + 127440 || x20 = 5320% + 169920
Level 15 – 268% + 9229 || x15 = 4020% + 138435 || x20 = 5360% + 184580
[+1 Tech] Level 16 – 291% + 12381 || x15 = 4365% + 185715 || x20 = 5820% + 247620
[+2 Tech] Level 17 – 294% + 13452 || x15 = 4410% + 201780 || x20 = 5880% + 269040

Alfredo Tank – Cooldown 60 Seconds
Level 1 – Damage Absorbed 40% || Duration 24 Seconds
Level 2 – Damage Absorbed 45% || Duration 27 Seconds
Level 3 – Damage Absorbed 50% || Duration 30 Seconds
Level 4 – Damage Absorbed 55% || Duration 33 Seconds
Level 5 – Damage Absorbed 60% || Duration 36 Seconds
Note: It’s not possible to tech Alfredo Tank beyond level 5, it’s at the absolute maximum level.

[Special Note: You can only have 3 Towers out in total. If you summon a 4th Tower, the oldest Tower will immediately unsummon.]

Gatling Quacker – Cooldown 16 Seconds || Duration 15 Seconds || Deals its base damage every 3 seconds across 20 pellets
Mechanic Mode: Gatling Quacker – Cooldown 0 Seconds || Deals its damage across 20 pellets
Level 1 – 618% + 176 || Per pellet 30.9% + 8
Level 2 – 644% + 216 || Per pellet 32.2% + 10
Level 3 – 671% + 284 || Per pellet 33.55% + 14
Level 4 – 697% + 716 || Per pellet 34.85% + 35
Level 5 – 723% + 808 || Per pellet 36.15% + 40
Level 6 – 882% + 1230 || Per pellet 44.1% + 61
Level 7 – 908% + 2978 || Per pellet 45.4% + 148
Level 8 – 935% + 3515 || Per pellet 46.75% + 175
Level 9 – 961% + 4110 || Per pellet 48.05% + 205
Level 10 – 987% + 8422 || Per pellet 49.35% + 421
Level 11 – 1146% + 14123 || Per pellet 57.3% + 706
Level 12 – 1172% + 15807 || Per pellet 58.6% + 790
Level 13 – 1199% + 17506 || Per pellet 59.95% + 875
Level 14 – 1225% + 19217 || Per pellet 61.25% + 960
Level 15 – 1251% + 20944 || Per pellet 62.55% + 1047
Level 16 – 1410% + 29196 || Per pellet 70.5% + 1459
Level 17 – 1436% + 31677 || Per pellet 71.8% + 1583
Level 18 – 1463% + 34354 || Per pellet 73.15% + 1717
Level 19 – 1489% + 37258 || Per pellet 74.45% + 1862
[+1 Tech] Level 20 – 1515% + 40406 || Per pellet 75.75% + 2020
[+2 Tech] Level 21 – 1674% + 53791 || Per pellet 83.7% + 2689

Cannon Quackum – Cooldown 20 Seconds || Duration 15 Seconds || Deals its base damage every 3 seconds
Mechanic Mode: Cannon Quackum – Cooldown 0 Seconds
Level 1 – 631% + 599
Level 2 – 640% + 668
Level 3 – 649% + 738
Level 4 – 659% + 1990
Level 5 – 668% + 2377
Level 6 – 743% + 7111
Level 7 – 752% + 8190
Level 8 – 762% + 10030
Level 9 – 771% + 11219
Level 10 – 780% + 12420
Level 11 – 855% + 17758
Level 12 – 865% + 19360
Level 13 – 874% + 20988
Level 14 – 883% + 22801
Level 15 – 892% + 24769
[+1 Tech] Level 16 – 968% + 33209
[+2 Tech] Level 17 – 977% + 36083

Frost Quacker – Cooldown 28 Seconds || Duration 15 Seconds || Enemy Ice Resist -30% || Deals its damage across 5 ice shards every 7 seconds to up to 3 targets
Mechanic Mode: Frost Quacker – Cooldown 9 Seconds || Deals its damage across 2 hits
Note: Both effects no longer stack since the April update. Additionally duration of the debuff is dependant on the targets Ice Resist prior to being hit by Frost Quacker/MM: Frost Quacker.
Level 1 – 391% + 277 || Debuff Duration 3 Seconds || Mechanic Mode Debuff Duration 3 Seconds
Level 2 – 410% + 748 || Debuff Duration 4 Seconds || Mechanic Mode Debuff Duration 4 Seconds
Level 3 – 430% + 982 || Debuff Duration 5 Seconds || Mechanic Mode Debuff Duration 5 Seconds
Level 4 – 450% + 2198 || Debuff Duration 6 Seconds || Mechanic Mode Debuff Duration 6 Seconds
Level 5 – 469% + 2832 || Debuff Duration 7 Seconds || Mechanic Mode Debuff Duration 7 Seconds
Level 6 – 548% + 4472 || Debuff Duration 8 Seconds || Mechanic Mode Debuff Duration 8 Seconds
Level 7 – 568% + 5148 || Debuff Duration 9 Seconds || Mechanic Mode Debuff Duration 9 Seconds
Level 8 – 587% + 5879 || Debuff Duration 10 Seconds || Mechanic Mode Debuff Duration 10 Seconds
Level 9 – 607% + 6723 || Debuff Duration 10 Seconds || Mechanic Mode Debuff Duration 11 Seconds
[+1 Tech] Level 10 – 627% + 7684 || Debuff Duration 10 Seconds || Mechanic Mode Debuff Duration 12 Seconds
[+2 Tech] Level 11 – 706% + 11131 || Debuff Duration 10 Seconds || Mechanic Mode Debuff Duration ? Seconds

Quackum Crash – Cooldown 13 Seconds || Summons a Quackum with 70% of your max Hp || Duration 45 Seconds || Can summon up to 3 Quackums || Duck Bite – 100% Damage
Quackum Crash+ – +50% Damage || +30% Quackum max Hp || Duration +15 Seconds || Duck Fireball – 66% Damage
Level 1 – 200% + 7 |||| N/A
Level 2 – 210% + 14 |||| N/A
Level 3 – 221% + 60 |||| N/A
Level 4 – 232% + 69 |||| N/A
Level 5 – 243% + 232 |||| N/A
Level 6 – 255% + 317 |||| 382.5% + 475
Level 7 – 268% + 744 |||| 402% + 1116
Level 8 – 281% + 993 |||| 421.5% + 1489
Level 9 – 295% + 1176 |||| 442.5% + 1764
Level 10 – 310% + 1363 |||| 465% + 2044
Level 11 – 326% + 1567 |||| 489% + 2350
Level 12 – 342% + 1804 |||| 513% + 2706
[+1 Tech] Level 13 – 359% + 2078 |||| 538.5% + 3117
[+2 Tech] Level 14 – 377% + 2394 |||| 565.5% + 3591

Quack Shock – Cooldown 8 Seconds || 20% Chance to Electrocute Enemies || Passive Skill || Damage dealt is per active Quackum || Damage is dealt across 8 hits
Quack Shock+ – +30% Damage || Increased Range
Level 1 – 346% + 114 || Electrocution Duration 3 Seconds |||| 449.8% + 148
Level 2 – 354% + 438 || Electrocution Duration 3 Seconds |||| 460.2% + 569
Level 3 – 362% + 512 || Electrocution Duration 3 Seconds |||| 470.6% + 665
Level 4 – 371% + 1565 || Electrocution Duration 3 Seconds |||| 482.3% + 2034
Level 5 – 379% + 2106 || Electrocution Duration 3 Seconds |||| 492.7% + 2737
Level 6 – 433% + 6641 || Electrocution Duration 6 Seconds |||| 562.9% + 8633
Level 7 – 442% + 8775 || Electrocution Duration 6 Seconds |||| 574.6% + 11407
Level 8 – 450% + 10365 || Electrocution Duration 6 Seconds |||| 585% + 13474
Level 9 – 458% + 11981 || Electrocution Duration 6 Seconds |||| 595.4% + 15575
Level 10 – 467% + 13738 || Electrocution Duration 6 Seconds |||| 607.1% + 17859
Level 11 – 521% + 20114 || Electrocution Duration 9 Seconds |||| 677.3% + 26148
[+1 Tech] Level 12 – 529% + 23120 || Electrocution Duration 9 Seconds |||| 687.7% + 30056
[+2 Tech] Level 13 – 538% + 26573 || Electrocution Duration 9 Seconds |||| 699.4% + 34544

Quack Patrol – Cooldown 15 Seconds || Silences enemies for 6 seconds || Passive Skill || Damage dealt is per active Quackum
Quack Patrol+ – +30% Damage || Increased Range || Increases Quackums Movement and Action Speed by 30% for 9 seconds
Note: Silence does not work on most bosses, but can be affected by the buff removal effect.
Level 1 – 152% + 73 || Buffs Removed 1 |||| 197.6% + 94
Level 2 – 160% + 199 || Buffs Removed 1 |||| 208% + 258
Level 3 – 167% + 509 || Buffs Removed 1 |||| 217.1% + 661
Level 4 – 174% + 666 || Buffs Removed 1 |||| 226.2% + 895
Level 5 – 181% + 1489 || Buffs Removed 1 |||| 235.3% + 1935
Level 6 – 213% + 2408 || Buffs Removed 2 |||| 276.9% + 3130
Level 7 – 221% + 2835 || Buffs Removed 2 |||| 287.3% + 3685
Level 8 – 228% + 3268 || Buffs Removed 2 |||| 296.4% + 4248
Level 9 – 235% + 3725 || Buffs Removed 2 |||| 305.5% + 4842
Level 10 – 242% + 4250 || Buffs Removed 2|||| 314.6% + 5525
[+1 Tech] Level 11 – 274% + 5885 || Buffs Removed 3 |||| 356.2% + 7650
[+2 Tech] Level 12 – 282% + 6723 || Buffs Removed 3 |||| 366.6% + 8739

Kami-quackum – Cooldown 21 Seconds || Damage dealt is per active Quackum || Quackums explode 4 seconds after casting
Kami-quackum+ – +30% Damage || Quackums explode 2 seconds after casting || Damage is split across 3 hits|| Explosions progressively get bigger and deal more damage
Level 1 – 882% + 1491 || Enemy Damage Reduction -3% || Debuff Duration 4 Seconds |||| 1146.6% + 1938
Level 2 – 912% + 3809 || Enemy Damage Reduction -6% || Debuff Duration 4 Seconds |||| 1185.6% + 4951
Level 3 – 942% + 4533 || Enemy Damage Reduction -9% || Debuff Duration 4 Seconds |||| 1224.6% + 5892
Level 4 – 973% + 9476 || Enemy Damage Reduction -12% || Debuff Duration 4 Seconds |||| 1264.9% + 12314
Level 5 – 1003% + 10855 || Enemy Damage Reduction -15% || Debuff Duration 4 Seconds |||| 1303.9% + 14111
Level 6 – 1166% + 17525 || Enemy Damage Reduction -18% || Debuff Duration 8 Seconds |||| 1515.8% + 22782
Level 7 – 1196% + 19573 || Enemy Damage Reduction -21% || Debuff Duration 8 Seconds |||| 1554.8% + 25444
Level 8 – 1226% + 21640 || Enemy Damage Reduction 24% || Debuff Duration 8 Seconds |||| 1593.8% + 28132
Level 9 – 1257% + 23726 || Enemy Damage Reduction -27% || Debuff Duration 8 Seconds |||| 1634.1% + 30483
Level 10 – 1287% + 25826 || Enemy Damage Reduction -30% || Debuff Duration 8 Seconds |||| 1673.1% + 33573
Level 11 – 1449% + 35155 || Enemy Damage Reduction -33% || Debuff Duration 12 Seconds |||| 1883.7% + 45701
Level 12 – 1480% + 38152 || Enemy Damage Reduction -36% || Debuff Duration 12 Seconds |||| 1924% + 49597
Level 13 – 1510% + 41396 || Enemy Damage Reduction -36% || Debuff Duration 12 Seconds |||| 1963% + 53814
[+1 Tech] Level 14 – 1540% + 44897 || Enemy Damage Reduction -36% || Debuff Duration 12 Seconds |||| 2002% + 58366
[+2 Tech] Level 15 – 1571% + 48694 || Enemy Damage Reduction -36% || Debuff Duration 12 Seconds |||| 2042.3% + 63302

Mechanic Mode – Turns your Tower skills into active skills || Unable to use Lock & Load and Shooting skills while in Mechanic Mode || Aura Skill that can be toggled on and off || 0.3 second iframe whenever it’s turned on
Note: Mechanic Modes damage increase and reduction effects both contribute towards the normal buff caps in a Raid setting.
Level 1 – Increase Damage +6% || Reduce Damage Received -10%
Level 2 – Increase Damage +8% || Reduce Damage Received -11%
Level 3 – Increase Damage +10% || Reduce Damage Received -12%
Level 4 – Increase Damage +12% || Reduce Damage Received -13%
Level 5 – Increase Damage +14% || Reduce Damage Received -14%
Level 6 – Increase Damage +16% || Reduce Damage Received -15%
Level 7 – Increase Damage +18% || Reduce Damage Received -16%
Level 8 – Increase Damage +20% || Reduce Damage Received -17%
Level 9 – Increase Damage +22% || Reduce Damage Received -18%
Level 10 – Increase Damage +24% || Reduce Damage Received -19%
Level 11 – Increase Damage +26% || Reduce Damage Received -20%
Level 12 – Increase Damage +28% || Reduce Damage Received -21%
Level 13 – Increase Damage +30% || Reduce Damage Received -22%
[+1 Tech] Level 14 – Increase Damage +32% || Reduce Damage Received -23%
[+2 Tech] Level 15 – Increase Damage +34% || Reduce Damage Received -24%
(Currently not possible to double Tech Mechanic Mode, to my knowledge.)

Chainsaw Quackum – Cooldown 17 Seconds || Duration 15 Seconds || Deals its base damage every 2 seconds ||Deals 20% bonus damage across 4 hits to enemies at point blank range
Mechanic Mode: Chainsaw Quackum – Cooldown 6 Seconds || Deals 60% bonus damage across 4 hits at point blank range
Level 1 – 1657% + 10267 || +(20%) 331.4% + 2053 = 1988.4% + 12320 || +(60%) 994.2% + 6160 = 2651.2% + 16427
Level 2 – 1711% + 12520 || +(20%) 342.2% + 2504 = 2053.2% + 15024 || +(60%) 1026.6% + 7512 = 2737.6% + 20032
Level 3 – 1764% + 13970 || +(20%) 352.8% + 2794 = 2116.8% + 16764 || +(60%) 1058.4% + 8382 = 2822.4% + 22352
Level 4 – 1818% + 15433 || +(20%) 363.6% + 3086 = 2181.6% + 18519 || +(60%) 1090.8% + 9259 = 2908.8% + 24692
Level 5 – 1871% + 16910 || +(20%) 374.2% + 3382 = 2245.2% + 20292 || +(60%) 1122.6% + 10146 = 2993.6% + 27056
Level 6 – 2123% + 23853 || +(20%) 424.6% + 4770 = 2547.6% + 28623 || +(60%) 1273.8% + 14311 = 3396.8% + 38164
Level 7 – 2176% + 25875 || +(20%) 435.2% + 5715 = 2611.2% + 31590 || +(60%) 1305.6% + 15525 = 3481% + 41400
Level 8 – 2229% + 28110 || +(20%) 445.8% + 5622 = 2674.8% + 33732 || +(60%) 1337.4% + 16866 = 3566.4% + 44976
Level 9 – 2283% + 30536 || +(20%) 456.6% + 6107 = 2739.6% + 36643 || +(60%) 1369.8% + 18321 = 3652.8% + 48857
Level 10 – 2336% + 33161 || +(20%) 467.2% + 6632 = 2803.2% + 39793 || +(60%) 1401.6% + 19896 = 3737.6% + 53057
Level 11 – 2588% + 44318 || +(20%) 517.6% + 8863 = 3105.6% + 53181 || +(60%) 1552.8% + 26590 = 4140.8% + 70908
Level 12 – 2641% + 48138 || +(20%) 528.2% + 9627 = 3169.2% + 57765 || +(60%) 1584.6 + 28882 = 4225.6% + 77020
[+1 Tech] Level 13 – 2695% + 52282 || +(20%) 539% + 10456 = 3234% + 62738 || +(60%) 1617% + 31369 = 4312% + 83651
[+2 Tech] Level 14 – 2748% + 56783 || +(20%) 549.6% + 11356 = 3297.6% + 68139 || +(60%) 1648.8% + 34069 = 4396.8% + 90852

Gigaton Quackum – Cooldown 26 Seconds || Charging skill which only ends when you press Left Click to throw the bomb || Has 3 stages of charging dealing 80%/100%/150% at each respective stage
Gigaton Quackum+ – Adds 0/3/6 mini quackum bombs depending on the stage of charging when thrown ||||Each mini quackum bomb deals 10% of base damage
[Special Note: The number of mini quackum bombs that hit the target varies, because each quackum will fly out in a different direction from the center of the main quackum bomb.]
Level 1 – Stage 1 – 1592.8% + 21421 || Stage 2 – 1991% + 26777 || Stage 3 – 2986.5% + 40165
|||| Mini Quackum – 199.1% + 2677 || x3 = 597.3% + 8031 || x6 = 1194.6% + 16062 || Maximum Damage = 4181.1% + 56227
Level 2 -Stage 1 – 1643.2% + 23757 || Stage 2 – 2054% + 29697 || Stage 3 – 3081% + 44545
|||| Mini Quackum – 205.4% + 2969 || x3 = 616.2% + 8907 || x6 = 1232.4% + 17814 || Maximum Damage = 4313.4% + 62359
Level 3 – Stage 1 – 1692.8% + 26115 || Stage 2 – 2116% + 32644 || Stage 3 – 3174% + 48966
|||| Mini Quackum – 211.6% + 3264 || x3 = 634.8% + 9792 || x6 = 1269.6% + 19584 || Maximum Damage = 4443.6% + 68550
Level 4 – Stage 1 – 1742.4% + 28488 || Stage 2 – 2178% + 35611 || Stage 3 – 3267% + 53416
|||| Mini Quackum – 217.8% + 3561 || x3 = 653.4% + 10683 || x6 = 1306.8% + 21366 || Maximum Damage = 4573.8% + 74782
Level 5 – Stage 1 – 1792.8% + 30900 || Stage 2 – 2241% + 38626 || Stage 3 – 3361.5% + 57939
|||| Mini Quackum – 224.1% + 3862 || x3 = 672.3% + 11586 || x6 = 1344.6% + 23172 || Maximum Damage = 4706.1% + 81111
Level 6 – Stage 1 – 2027.2% + 43600 || Stage 2 – 2534% + 54501 || Stage 3 – 3801% + 81751
|||| Mini Quackum – 253.4% + 5450 || x3 = 760.2% + 16350 || x6 = 1520.4% + 32700 || Maximum Damage = 5321.4% + 114451
Level 7 – Stage 1 – 2076.8% + 47380 || Stage 2 – 2596% + 59226 || Stage 3 – 3894% + 88839
|||| Mini Quackum – 259.6% + 5922 || x3 = 778.8% + 17766 || x6 = 1557.6% + 35532 || Maximum Damage = 5451.6% + 124371
Level 8 – Stage 1 – 2127.2% + 51465 || Stage 2 – 2659% + 64332 || Stage 3 – 3853.5% + 96498
|||| Mini Quackum – 265.9% + 6433 || x3 = 797.7% + 19299 || x6 = 1595.4% + 38598 || Maximum Damage = 5448.9% + 135096
Level 9 – Stage 1 – 2176.8% + 55899 || Stage 2 – 2721% + 69874 || Stage 3 – 4081.5% + 104811
|||| Mini Quackum – 272.1% + 6987 || x3 = 816.3% + 20934 || x6 = 1632.6% + 41868 || Maximum Damage = 5714.1% + 146679
Level 10 – Stage 1 – 2227.2% + 60703 || Stage 2 – 2784% + 75879 || Stage 3 – 4176% + 113818
|||| Mini Quackum – 278.4% + 7587 || x3 = 835.2% + 22761 || x6 = 1670.4% + 45522 || Maximum Damage = 5846.4% + 159340
Level 11 – Stage 1 – 2641.6% + 81225 || Stage 2 – 3077% + 101532 || Stage 3 – 4615.5% + 152298
|||| Mini Quackum – 307.7% + 10153 || x3 = 923.1% + 30459 || x6 = 1846.2% + 30459 || Maximum Damage = 6461.7% + 182757
[+1 Tech] Level 12 – Stage 1 – 2511.2% + 88236 || Stage 2 – 3139% + 110296 || Stage 3 – 4708.5% + 165444
|||| Mini Quackum – 313.9% + 11029 || x3 = 941.7% + 33087 || x6 = 1883.4% + 66174 || Maximum Damage = 6591.9% + 231618
[+2 Tech] Level 13 – Stage 1 – 2561.6% + 98838 || Stage 2 – 3202% + 119798 || Stage 3 – 4803% + 179697
|||| Mini Quackum – 320.2% + 11979 || x3 = 960.6% + 35937 || x6 = 1921.2% + 71874 || Maximum Damage = 6724.2% + 251571

[6] Closing Statements

Well that’s everything I can think of sharing with you all, from the little details to the big walls of text. Again, I’m not exceptionally experienced or super geared, but I hope you’ve found this guide helpful and informative. Good luck to everyone in your duck adventures. Just remember, have fun! Quack~! ^ 3^

[9] Change Log:

-Added Special Crests and Skill-up Crests.
-Added more things to test in the Testing zone.
-Added testing for Cooldown Crest affecting Mechanic Mode skills.
-Added results of testing Frost Quacker debuff stacking nerf.
-Edited the special note for Frost Quacker to be more easily understood.
-Added results of testing the coefficients of Mechanic Mode: Chainsaw.
-Added special note to Chainsaw Quackum regarding the test.
-Added Additional Section in post 2 for skill values.
-Added results of testing Mechanic Mode Frost Quacker duration.
-Updated Skill Level Information Section.
-Updated Skill Level Information Section.
-Massive update to Testing Zone regarding Mechanic Mode Frost Quacker duration.
-Finished updating skill values in the Skill Level Information Section.
-Updated guide with new cooldown reduction crest values.
-Moved the Testing Zone to the 2nd post and the Skill Level Information to the 3rd post.
-Added results of a test for a new bug with Mechanic Mode Chainsaw Quackum.
-Fixed some typos that were pointed out to me.
-Updated Testing Zone with test results of Dedicate Crow and Raid with Towers.
-Added a couple icon to start making the guide look nice.
-Added results for the Ice Resist tests.
-Fixed a couple typos and changed the text in several places. Still looking through the guide for more errors.
-Added Main Banner. (Thanks to my brother for the Ideas and Suggestions)
-Added Why? Wynaut? Banner. (Thanks again to my brother for the idea)
-Expanded upon the Kami-Quackum tip.
-Added extra tip for whenever you are in a party with a Mystic and how to best utilize their Fast Forward buff.
-Spaced out entries a little more.
-Added Skill Icons to the guide and Skill Information Section.
-Added new test to the testing zone, no results yet.
-Added special note regarding Kami-quackum stacking with Mercenary debuffs.
-Added small extra tip about pre-summoning.
-Changed information for Quack Shock+ based on a small test I did. Can record and post results of a test for it if requested.
-Modified ‘Why? Wynaut?’ header.
-Modified Table of Contents to help with searching.
-Added Unified Skill icons, several crest icons and Talisman icons.
-Slightly modified Quackum Crash+ values in the Skill Level Information Section.
-Added Alfredo Drop to Skill Level Information.
-Added additional search headings to the Table of Contents for the Testing Zone.
-Modified ‘Why? Wynaut?’ Header further.
-Fixed several minor typos.
-Added ‘Skills and Skill Builds’ Header.
-Added ‘Rotations, Tactics & Tips’ Header.
-Added extra sentence in the Introduction indicating this is exclusively a PvE Guide.
-Clarified what some of the skills actually do in the Skills & Skill Builds section.
-Modified ‘Introduction’ slightly and added a pro to the ‘Why? Wynaut?’ section.
-Modified Table of Contents by adding quick links to each ‘post’ heading.
-Edited several grammar issues and modified some text throughout the main post.
-Edited more grammar mistakes and added extra clarification to Alfredo Tank.
-Added some Gem icons.
-Reached Character Limit on the first post.
-Moved ‘Rotations, Tactics & Tips’ and ‘Closing Statements’ to 2nd post.
-Moved ‘Testing Zone’ to 3rd post.
-Edited images in ‘Testing Zone’ into image links.
-Modified Bubble Trouble and Super Ball in the ‘Skills and Skill Builds’
-Updated Chemical Grenade in ‘Skills and Skill Builds’ and ‘Skill Level Information’ to the new nerfed values.


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!