Seph’s Majesty (aka Chaos Mage/Obscuria) Skill Build Guide for 80 CAP [Work In Progress]

Hi, I’m Seph and I’m here to help you gain a deeper understanding of the chaos mage class. Whether you’re an old player who decided to come back to the game or someone who is new to the class looking for guidance, I can definitely help you with the basics.

Below I have separate recommended builds for each area (one for PVE and one for PVP), with a detailed explanation behind leveling each skill. As a player myself, I’d want to know what the best skills are to invest my SP into, and why. I tried to be as unbiased as possible on these builds, and based things more on overall skill effectiveness/utility rather than personal playstyle.

Why should I trust your guide?

I’ve been playing the sorceress class since open beta (October 2011) with a mystic as my main character. I currently play all four sorceress subclasses, chaos mage still being my main character and I can say that I have a pretty good grasp of how the class works best. And without further delay.. (ba-dum-tss) I present my majesty guide!

I. Skill Builds

A. 80 PvE Skill Build

B. 80 PvP Skill Build *Please note: This isn’t a competitive 1v1 build. 1v1, Endless, & Ladder are all condensed into one build considering we can only have a maximum of two builds, one being used for the PVE aspect of the game.

II. In-Depth Skill Explanation

Blink, Power Blink, & Aerial Evasion
PvP – These are your evasion skills. The lower their cooldowns are, the better (easier) experience you’ll have dodging.
PvE – Maxing power blink and aerial evasion is arguable, as some people doesn’t feel the need to level them past 1. I personally prefer them maxed just in case I mess up.

Blink should be maxed in either aspect of the game as it is your main evasion/movement skill.

Health Bolster, Mental Fortitude, & Attuned Mind
PvP – Lv1 Mental Fortitude (prerequisite for Attuned Mind); maxed Attuned Mind. Classes have a fixed MP in equalized and you would want as much mp recovery as you need. It helps out by a great amount in ladder (where MP is almost always an issue) and helps you spam skills in endless.
PvE –You stack INT as a sorc, which passively gives MP. MP should never be an issue given that you are at least decently geared.

Health Bolster should be maxed in either aspect of the game, as having more HP is sufficient.

Glacial Spike
PvP – The freeze rate of this skill caps at Lv13 with an 18% freeze chance. This may seem low but it hits 3-4 times which increases the chances significantly that your target will be frozen Can pretty much be used whenever and can help extend your combos. An important thing to note is that our Lv65 passive activates if the target is frozen, which is a good time to use our signature move, Gravity Well.
PvE – Last damage peak at Lv26 but mainly leveled for its freeze rate ( Lv27). Inarguably one of the best skills in the sorceress tree because of its decent damage/low cd.

Toxic Spray
PvP – Lv6 for the 3rd poison puddle, great for locking opponents in place. Can be stacked on top of each other if mouse is dragged to the left during casting
PvE – Preference but not really needed. Used mainly for destroying obstacles or activating weapon suffixes. Left at 0.

PvP – A standard “btfo” skill which is essential for any PVP sorceress to have. Has a significantly high superarmor break to cancel most skills thrown at you if casted fast enough.
PvE – Left at 0. Became useless as the cap went higher since even normal mobs were given extremely high superarmor.

Void Blast
PvE – Revamped to be a decent skill. Fast casting with dark attribute. Actually has a higher board damage than gravity blast.

Gravity Blast
PvP/PVE – One of your most important skills. You are known and hated for having the most versatile Lv15 EX in PVP. Your bread and butter, a decent damage spell with a pretty low cooldown.

Triple Orbs
PvP – Great to use with toxic spray for a ground-lock combo on a knocked down opponent. Can also be used for its superarmor, allowing you to tank some skills without getting staggered.
PvE – Your main DPS skill, becomes more effective the larger your target is.

Another must-have at Lv16.

Black Hole
PVP/PVE – There was a rumor that went around claiming that the EX version of this skill increased in AoE size/suction at Lv6. After testing it myself, I can say that black hole EX has a fixed size and/or suction regardless of level.> Thread

Summon Comet
PvP – Great burst damage and superarmor break. Most often used as a nuke following time stop. I recommend a +1 tech for the damage peak at Lv16.
PvE – Unfortunately, gravity blast & void blast’s buff made this skill inferior. I left it at 11 for personal preference but it can also be left at 6 if SP is preferred somewhere else.

Gravity Crush
PvP – Classes without power evades are instantly left helpless, by your feet. The EX version is great for locking down opponents in place if their power evade has been used. Acts as another time stop which extends your combo significantly if used correctly.
PvE – Became viable to level after the +50% damage boost and cooldown reduction to 35 seconds (from 54 seconds). A better option than spectrum shower because of its dark attribute and our 65 passive, Gravity Controller.

Spectrum Ray
PvP – Still one of the most damaging skill in your arsenal. Requires set up via time stop or a toxic spray lockdown.
PvE – Can be a decent sweeping spell for mobbing, but is rather insignificant in nests/raids where most PVE content takes place. I would advise against taking this skill.

Meteor Storm
PvP/PvE – Lv1 is prerequisite for Mystic Mischief. Added an extra point for no reason

PvP/PvE – Mobility & Survival. Coupled with the cooldown reduction plate, this reduces the cooldown of the skill to 8 seconds. Very handy, not only for running in huge maps but also in dealing with nest/raid mechanics. Makes everything way more efficient than it already is.

Time Stop
PvP – cuz y not
PvE – At least Lv2. It remains as a decent crowd control for mobbing and can also help vs certain raid bosses.

Time Dodge
PvP – plz
PvE – Leave at 0 or Lv1. Can be used to get back on your feet faster if power blink is on cooldown.

Gravity Trap
PvP – Great skill to have for only the cost of 3 SP. A decent crowd control that can also be used to provide breathing room since opponents tend to stay away from it.
PvE – One of the least priority spells, especially after the base class skill revamps. Left at 0.

Fast Forward
PvP – For the sole purpose of turning into a pvp diety in ladder and endless.
PvE – Still the main purpose of force users in parties. Reduces the cooldown of skills by 80% in your entire party, allowing you to “spam” them. Mainly used in burst windows.

Gravity Spark & Void Blast (still don’t know why FU passives cost 3 SP each if EL’s cost 1 each)
PvP – For preventing knocked down opponents from standing up and a tool for knocking down, respectively. Unlike ELs, leveling our blink passives past Lv1 have no impressive gains in either damage or utility.
PvE – Optional and dependent on your personal gameplay. Void blast (P) can be used to quickly cancel crush EX.

Force Shield
PvP – This should be one of the last things you’re going to want to look at.
PvE – Completely arguable. The fact that it requires your superarmor to be broken in order to activate makes it a bit unreliable but it can provide up to 30% more magic damage for 20 seconds. Becomes a better skill the more geared you are.

Mana Surge
PvP – Can be an SP dump for ladder purposes.. otherwise not really needed. Left at 0, personal preference.
PvE – NO.

Mystic Mischief
PvP – Prerequisite skill for Gravity Well. Still as useless as ever, but not really needed as our class is already a pvp god.
PvE – Grants 40% dark attack for 10 seconds at Lv3, which can amplify your damage greatly if used at the right time.

Gravity Switch [Gravity Well]
PvP – Must have at Lv11 for the damage peak to compete with other classes’ burst skills. Can be quickly ended with the EX version by left/right clicking immediately after casting, Will result in lower damage compared to a full-hit but eliminates any chance of your opponent using AE.
PvE – One of the strongest nukes in the game, and the EX-version removes one of its weakness. Should be used together with gravity crush ex’s debuff, force mirror, mystic mischief, and glacial spike for maximum effectiveness.

III. Gearing

A. Skill Crests
There are a few you can choose from.. I would say the most staple ones you should have are Teleport (CDR) & Gravity Well (DMG) for both PVP & PVE.

Damage Crests


Cooldown Reduction Crests


Action Speed (For PVP)

Since we don’t have the option of Dual Skill Crests yet, some of us who play in both fields have to improvise. I currently use:
– Gravity Blast (DMG)
– Teleport (CDR)
– Witch Slap (ACTNSPD)
– Gravity Well (DMG)

* Witch Slap Crest requires a lot of practice in order to be used effectively. Quite useful for knocking down opponents point-blank.

B. Dragon Gems (Dragon Jades)

Offensive Dragon Jade – Dark Dragon Gems for obvious reasons.

Defensive Dragon Jade – Life-giving & Wise Dragon Gems. For weapons, which only has 1 slot each for this type, use as you see fit. I personally use wise if damage is more beneficial in completing the task, and life-giving if I decide that I could use a little more HP cushion. Switch them around depending on the current situation, as both are viable choices.

Offensive Skill Dragon Jade – You’d want 2x Ghost Village Jade, which reduces the target’s dark resist by 5% each. Note that all offensive skill jades have a duration of 10 seconds with a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Defensive Skill Dragon Jade- I’d mainly recommend Guardian Jades, which provides 20% defense each when triggered. As an alternative, Resistor Jades can also be used (provides 10% defense and 10% magic defense each).. Note that all defensive skill jades have a duration of 5 seconds with a cooldown of 30 seconds.

Originally Posted by sieg_freedom
Attack skill jades stack up to a maximum of 2 times, regardless of who has them. Defence skill jades seem to stack fully.
Similar to suffix, un-affected by -CD skills

Technique Accessories
Coming soon!

Gear Sets
Coming soon!

IV. PVP Combos

A. Knockdown Combos (assuming they don’t have power evade)

* Void blast (Passive) > Left click
* 9TL > Summon Comet/Linear Ray
* Witch Slap > Left Click
* Gravity Blast > Witch Slap (w/ ACTNSPD crest)
* 9TL (Point blank) > Witch Slap (w/ ACTNSPD crest)
* Witch Slap > Witch Slap (w/ ACTNSPD crest)

If you happen to catch your opponent without evasions stuck between toxic spray puddles, use air strike to an easy combo.

B. Basic PVP Combos:

* Teleport > void blast (passive) > left click > etc.

* Teleport > blink > void blast (passive) > left click > etc.

* Shock wave > 9TL > linear ray/comet

* Shock wave to wall > time stop > etc.

* Gravity blast ex > toxic spray > one orb > time stop > 9TL > comet

* Gravity blast ex > toxic spray > two orbs > blink back > gravity spark > 9TL > comet

* Double witch slap > toxic spray > etc.

* Void blast (passive) > left click x2 > toxic spray > etc.

* Time stop > summon comet > gravity blast ex > toxic spray > etc.

* Time stop > gravity blast ex > summon comet > toxic spray > etc.

* Time stop > spectrum ray > 9TL > summon comet

* Gravity blast ex > toxic spray > triple orbs (summon 2 orbs) > blink back > gravity spark > 9TL > linear ray/summon comet

By the way: Glacial Spike & Switch Gravity (Gravity well) are basically CD fillers. You can chain them easily with any skill, though I would recommend only using switch gravity when you are certain that your opponent doesn’t have aerial evasion in order to land all hits for maximum damage.

That concludes my guide. Thank you for taking the time to read it and hopefully it helped. Must you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will answer to the best of my knowledge.

*Credits to whoever for the GIFs.

Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!