For this guide I’m going to skip the level up stuff, since there’s already a ton of guides for that. I’m also going to skip explanation of skills, since there’s also a ton of guides for that. (Although feel free to ask me if you’re not quite sure how a certain skill works and I’ll be happy to explain.) I’m going right into equipment, crests, skill builds and skill rotations once you’re level 80.


Video Here for reference:

Wanted to post this in there too, but it only allows 1 vid at a time!!

Anyway it’s just my DS’s PoV during Volcano Nest:

Party Composition wasn’t optimal: Inquisitor, Gear Master, Shooting Star, Dark Summoner.

Running with guildies is always the best.

OH yeah I forgot to include…

I did buy a Dual Skill scroll recently. So now I can finally have a build for full PvE and one for PvP. This is the PvP skill build I’m using at the moment:

In Rumble and EQ mode I’m pretty much able to raep anyone, as long as I’m not being double/tripple teamed or BS’d by a laggy player/server.

I like to juggle people with claw skills. Lv1 Ghost Gate since I don’t use it much, even in Rumble – I only use it as a deterrent to a group of people charging at me – and it works! Seemed like a waste of SP to me. I do use Puppet on BS classes (like MLs, CMs and Lenceas 8D) but I do fine without it as well. Shadow Euphoria has a 60sec CD and was nerfed hard, didn’t seem worth the SP investment. I got MP passives since I was running out of MP too fast in Rumble, and in Respawn I actually run out of MP really quick too. Can’t get used to spamming Ghostly Web for slow, so I got Snakes instead.

Was pretty sad to find out that kills in Rumble Mode don’t count in your overall kill count in PvP statistics.

Any questions?


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!