Hey guys,

So I’ve been doing a lot of dragon nest math recently by hand to see whether or it would be better stat wise to change a lot of my equips. For example, switching armors to unique, weapons to unique, different accessories, etc. So what I ended up doing was making an excel spreadsheet so it will do all the math for me. I didn’t like any of the available ones off of other dragon nest websites, so that’s why I made my own. I ended up adapting it for all classes so other people could use it.

The benefits of this are:
You can see how 2 different sets of equips alter your stats.
You don’t have to manually calculate most stats.
It’s a more reliable way to calculate your stats than by hand.
You can analyze only 1 value at a time instead of having to do everything at the same time. (For example only calculating crit instead of everything)

The downsides are:
It may be off by a little bit because of the way dragon nest rounds stats.
You do still have to add up certain values (EX. total stat %, total HP from an individual armor).
It’s a bit tedious to enter every value if you fill out the entire chart.

Comparing just the critical of 1 Fatal Magenta Ring to 1 Sea Dragon Brawler Ring with a crit spark
Fatal ring

L-grade ring

Comparing all stats at once of my current equips to l-grade ring & earrings, as well at +8 craft I volcanic robe, garters and weapons
Current equips

Volcanic equips

Keep in mind the images got cut off a bit, but the chart includes HP and MP as well.

If you want to calculate in equivalent damage ranges (meaning ele % and FD as well) just take the final damage and multiply it from there
Equivalent range = (P.Dmg OR M.Dmg)*FD%*Ele%

Download link:
Click the download button on the top right then:
When you go to download make sure you click this button:


I was suggested to use mediafire, if anyone has an issue with it, let me know.

If anyone finds any issues with the calculations (meaning I made a typo in the formula) then let me know and I’ll fix it.
I wasn’t 100% sure on the damage calculations for tinkerers, I assumed it was the same as archers (int = .5 m.dmg, agi = .5 p.dmg, str = .25 p.dmg).

I hope this is as useful to other people as it has been for me.

Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!