Hi hi hello and welcome to my little guide (read: the thing Lou will link everyone now when people ask her about ice witch). While nothing extravagant it should be enough to cover the base points for anyone looking into making an Ice Witch.


Everyone wants you for your sole ability to stack 4x layers
Cheaper to fund
You can bypass certain enemy invulnerabilities and iframes if you maintain ice on them

Low damage
Low mobility
Only one notable iframe (our regular blink/dodge)
Some skills tend to take a long time to cast and you can’t cancel out of all of them

Base Build

I prefer to leave forceblink (the power dodge) at a lower level because most of the time you’ll be having ice or fire shield up, which covers most knockbacks

Elementalist Tree

Nesting/Solo (DPS Oriented)

Ice Queen
I don’t really care for this skill, but some people choose to get it. While it doesn’t particularly improve the dps of your iw skills, it will;
1) Any ice layers you have previously applied will break as well as remove ice resist debuffs. Any ice skills you use afterwards that have the glowing yellow border will also no longer apply ice layer.
2) You are no longer able to use fire shield while its on, and your fire damage is reduced

Also, all skills affected by IQ can stack ice resist. Ice def can get at least -40% with IQ Frost Chaos + IQ Glacial Freeze + IQ Glacial Spike + Frozen Spikes.

Full Support (Nesting/Raiding without any tinkerer in party)

*hellfire should have a point on it, I just forgot to put it into the skill sim. 0 points to get so dw about breaking the sp bank

Raid Build (Nesting/Raiding with a tinkerer in the party)

Ice witch Tree should be maxed (ice barrier can be left at one if preferred, but don’t ignore the ex)

Keep in mind these builds aren’t set in stone and anyone is more than welcome to do a few tweaks. This is just standard stuff. If you don’t like it, change it to what you prefer.

Let’s talk a bit about the skills I didn’t touch…

Mana Surge
I think this was useful at one point….

This will break any ice layers on the mobs around you. The burst is nice, but you can achieve the same amount of burst using ignite without reducing the ice layer damage multiplicative.
(also if you use this you’ll be kicked)

There is a trick to getting an ice layer on even with Ice Queen – By casting Frost Chaos or Glacial spike, then toggling it on, you will break the first applied layer, but all layers applied afterwards will stick around.

Gearing and Equipment
Since all sorceress classes are magic based, you don’t have to worry about differentiating between physical and magic. Instead you decide between having higher critical (meteor set) or higher fd (planetary set), (not counting the fd set). Of course, lgrade will always be the best, but not everyone can afford that…

It doesn’t particularly matter which set you choose, but I prefer planetary + ruler weapons as any crit % you need will usually be made up in party buffs (if you solo, that’s a different story). You could also do 3/4 set of the level 80 epics (since doing that will give you the same amount of magic damage as a full 7 set, but with additional crit or fd)

Jades are straightforward- for offensive jades you’ll want magic damage + ice, and Intellect and Life Giving jades for everything else (depending if you prefer more hp or more damage).

Hotrod tech is an option if you’re looking for more ele % damage, or you can tech your preferred elemental shield for that tiny bit more defense%. However, neither make a particular difference.


Life Giving

Critical damage% increase
Final Damage

If you are considering third lines for jades, crests, or talismans, then it would be best to be going for Vitality or Intellect.

Skill Crests
Ice or Fire Shield defense% increase
Glacial Freeze duration% increase

Other skill crests to consider would be frozen spikes for damage, ice cold field for damage, phoenix strike for damage, ignite for damage, and hotrod for damage.
(again, please consider what party setup you’re usually running with before you decide. An ice witch running with a tinkerer will most likely not be using frozen spikes, etc)

Ice Stacking

Moves an Ice Witch can use to ice Stack
Frost Chaos (8 seconds at level 11)
Frost Barrier (2.5 seconds at level 4)
Glacial Freeze (8 seconds at level 11)
Blizzard (10 seconds)
Ice Cold Field (6 seconds with ex, has to be placed just right)
Glacial Spike (4 seconds with 32% chance to freeze at level 27)

The new ice stacking method has changed the two layer system to a four layer system for 100% damage increase
One Layer – 30%
Two Layer – 60%
Three Layer – 90%
Four Layer – 100%

While there is no particular order to the skills you should be using, you should be aiming to be constantly maintaining at least 2, if not 3 ice layers at all time.
4 layers is a luxury that can only be afforded when-
>You know there will not be a dps window afterwards
>Party is bursting (see the above point as well – if your party is still dpsing after the burst window make sure you will still have some ice stacking skill left)
>Under Spirit Boost or Fastforward

One thing ot note is that if there is a layer from Ice Cold Field on and you use frozen spikes or frozen swords that is a higher level, it will break the ICF layer.

Ice Debuffing
Ice debuffing is almost just as important as ice stacking itself because its what allows ice stacks to stay on longer. For every -10% of ice on a boss it increases the duration of ice stacking skills by 15%

Example: A skill lasting ten seconds under normal circumstances would last 11.5 seconds with ice debuff.

The situation can also be reversed; a boss with 10% ice resist with no debuffs will decrease the ten second duration to 9.

Here’s what gets most ice witches – Ice witch debuffs are only -10% at most, and cannot stack with their other ice debuff skills (not including ice queen effects) nor with the ice debuffs of others without cancelling the first one out. This is why frozen spikes, frozen swords, and chilling above level 6 is not recommended when there is a tink in the party. Engineers can stack up to -45% ice resist and alchemists can stack up to -55%.

Even if an engineer is not bringing ice tower, they can still do a -15% all elemental debuff which is more than IW can do (again, assuming you are not using IQ in parties because that will take away from dps)

Extra Reading
Sieg’s Test of Elestra Revamp (with shiny numbers) -http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/217/20131215/Siegs_DN_Trivia_Current_Gravity_Switch_EX_test-52adb233a141c1113-29.html#p5424944c61d4a1


Thanks to Wolly and the Vararara for their help yaaaa

((I’ll be editing this later to make the format easier on the eyes as well as any corrections people have for me. Not claiming to to be the champion of IW here so don’t get snippy yooooo.))


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!