A bit bored, so i decided to make this little guide about Hero’s Battlefield’s super secret bonuses(inspired by this guy and other ingame people ^^).
I know that it’s not really important but like i said…i’m bored so here we go.


So about what are we talking?
Well, after X cleared runs of Hero’s Battlefield you will unlock different bonuses and your heroes will become more powerful.

4 runs: Hero lv.2

9 runs: First potion buff(+40% attack/movement speed for 12 secs)

14 runs: One more hero will appear after bonus round(20% chance)

25 runs: Second potion buff(50% more attack/def for 20 secs)

35 runs: Hero lv.3

45 runs: One more hero will appear after bonus round(i would say it’s 40% chance now but can’t confirm)

60 runs: Third potion buff(cooldown decrease aka bt)

75 runs: Two heroes will appear after bonus round(50% chance)

85 runs: Extra reward box if you clear bonus round

100 runs: Hero lv.4

Super FAQs(about bonuses and HB in general)

Where can i check those bonuses?
You can check them HERE

How many runs did i do?
Press N—>Heroic Deed and check the second-last achievement “The Battlefield and Me
Or just check N—>Record Stats—>Special Stage and look at “Hero’s Battlefield – clear count”

Any difference between “normal” and “hard” runs?
Nope, every cleared run counts.
If we talk about other things then there are of course some differences:

  • in hard mode bosses will have 2 hp bars instead of 1
  • in hard mode you will get more “Piece of Brilliant Technique”
  • only runs in hard mode will be counted for the ranking

Hero’s Battlefield Ranking? Now i’m really lost…explain me, pls, what’s that thing.
It’s a ranking based on the time clear of Hero’s Battlefield runs, made in Hard mode.
You can check the ranking in front of the entrance of the “Garden of Time and Space”.
There is a ranking for every “secondary job”.
Rankings update every day around 9am(CET/CEST time) so if you make a run on saturday, after 9 am, you will appear in the ranking from sunday 9am.
Also you can’t know who is the winner of each week because people can do their runs also on friday and since on saturday 9am everything refreshes you can’t see the times of friday’s run.
You can check rewards from the ranking screen. Rewards
You will receive your rewards, with a ingame mail, on every character that made at least 1 run in hard mode with a time that is among of the fastest 300….and the prize will be based on your final position of course.

Hero level what?
It’s like every other character. Every level up will make them more powerful.
Also after each level up they will have a different “title”.

If i make some runs with Argenta and then with Geraint what happen?
Nothing. Runs will sum and if you make, for example, the first 4 runs with Geraint, also Velskud and Argenta will become lv. 2.

Where i find those potions buff?
They spawn after each round at the centre of the map.

I cleared a round and i didn’t get any potion, f*****g guide why you lie?
Sorry, my bad.
You will not get any potion after the bonus round.
But since usually you shouldn’t use any potion for the bonus round it’s ok since you will have the potion for round 4 from the round 3 ^^

Potions stack?
Yep, after 25 runs you will be able to get both potions from the ground.
And after 60 all 3 of them(my supposition only since i still have to do 60 runs).

If all those potions are on the ground how can i know which one i’m going to use?
First one is yellow.
Second one is red.
Third one is….i’m imagining it purple but don’t know.
Also they have different names 😛

What about Hidden rounds?
They are completly random. You just need luck. You can get them in both difficulties until the last round.

I want the red spirit but the event says “Hero’s Battlefield(2014)”, am i late?
Until you see it in the achievements you will be able to get the spirit(could be removed in one of the next patches or stay forever).

If i get more hidden stages, will i get more spirits?
Nope, you can get only 1 red spirit with every character.

General Tips for records

  • Since we have it for a quite already, probably, some people already have all 3 potions so if you see that you’re doing your max and there is still a lot of difference from first places then this could be the reason. Reach 60 runs and try again with all buffs(at least 12 weeks if you do every week all 5 runs).
  • Everything is balanced, so don’t try to improve your equip. Just improve your skill rotations and use potions wisely.
  • Since everything is balanced(0 fd and small critical rate) some skills that usually you don’t use, like owl’s insight for archers, could be usefull. Up to you if it’s worth to make a new build just for it xD
  • Wait until bosses are hittable before spamming hard skills.
  • Velskud can be nice at the beggining but when your heroes become more powerfull Geraint should be the best choice….Argenta and Velskud have a lot of annoying skills for record runs.
  • If you really want only records….spam Hero’s Battlefield instead of doing only 5 runs/week.
    Some bosses are more annoying than others so you will need also a lot of luck(if you get Teramai you can go out).
  • Best bosses imo: 3 Orcs, Cleric Jake/Ignacio, Bullan, Kali/Assassin shadow, Nerwin/Karacule.
  • Take in mind that those tips are from a player that doesn’t know a lot about pvp….if you like pvp and you’re good at it you should be also a bit advantaged here since the last and the hardest boss use characters skills.
  • Also take in mind that i don’t play a lot of classes and i don’t even know a lot about others so maybe some tips won’t help you 😛
  • Choose your hero fast…..time starts after the loading screen ends
    (don’t know about you but at the beggining i tought it starts after the first countdown :P)

Missing details, questions, corrections and other things are welcome


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!