I noticed these practical yet obscure tricks have not been listed for new players or mmorpg players so I thought I’d list them. Here they are:


1: press Alt+Tab to escape the full-screen game while not exiting the game itself. Good for afking or doing others things while leaving your character ready for when you want to play again.

2: press Shift+Left click on an item to put that item (info and all) into the chat box or a bird box. If you’ve seen blue bird advertisements with the item info linked in it, here’s how they do it.

3: type /w + a space + name of the person you want to whisper + another space then your message and you’ll be able to whisper them.

4: type /r + a space to quickly respond to people who have whispered you. (only works on the person who has whispered you most recently). Also:

Originally Posted by Aiyunne
You can flip through the people you have whispered recently by pressing tab. “Recent” people count as the people you have whispered since you logged in c:

5: as you see below in BUDDYOP’s post, you can rearrange the keys used for skills and other things by pressing esc and going to one of the settings tabs. From there you can assign which slots are used for skills and which are used for other things like guild screen, revive, et cetera.

6: You can get exp from playing in pvp rooms by clicking the box that says “exchange pwr for exp and medals?” Check this box before entering and you will get 1% of the exp needed to reach the next level per 10 pwr every two minutes. For those of you who loath doing quests this can be a fun, though slower, way to level up.

7: There is a system called the mentor system that will help you with leveling up from levels 1-70. The mentor system requires that a level 80 or higher character take you on as their “pupil.” Running dungeons with your mentor or fellow pupils will give you extra experience per dungeon run (10% for running with your mentor and 5% for each pupil you run with also. If you have your mentor and two fellow pupils with you that gives you a grand total of 20% boost in exp gain). In order to take someone on as a pupil or to request being a pupil, left click on the person’s avatar while in town. A screen should pop up that will have several options. At the bottom of this option screen is a tab for pupil/mentor request. Click on it and the person should receive the pupil/mentor request.

8: running dungeons with someone you’ve “friended” in-game gives you an exp boost as well. (not sure how much though, someone remind me. ^^; )

9: Nifty travel trick

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To move towns (faster than walking to the travel NPC):
– go to the party list (press o)
– untick “current town only”
– hover over the town icon next to each party name to see the town names
– join a random party for the town you want to go to (to be nice join the most empty party)
– leave the party (if you do not want to join them)

10: Badges and Dimensional Fragments are important!

Originally Posted by BUDDYOP
badges from dungeons, turn them in by gifting them to specified npc: (points gained can be spent at honest ed)
royal court badge~used to buy dragon gems

golden goose badge~buy membership, golden goose VIP membership 7 day coupon= purchasing price from npc reduce 30%, enhancement fee reduced by 50%, Repair fee reduced by 50%, Selling price increase by 15% (good for selling the “quality ores” from treasure pouches)

free adventurer badge~to buy enhancing material for eg, altheum, diamond, onyx and octa water

Dimensional crystal fragment
gained from dimen-rabbit at the end of abyss runs
use them to trade to crest scholar for epic tier crest

11: advice from SlapMehz about reset scrolls, lvl up boxes, and guilds

Originally Posted by SlapMeHard
1. DO NOT complete the quest from lvl 15 specialization from irine. It will reward you with a 1 day reset scroll when you do. So save the quest till you reach lvl 70 when you really need it. Instead of using it at lvl 15 which dosen’t help much.

2. Do not open your lvl-up reward box every level, these will reward you with time limited items like marketplace passes, storage and inventory space discount coupons, and SKILL RESET SCROLLS!. Save them all till you reach lvl 70 and then open them as you need them, they provide hardly any benefit in the level up process but will help you a great deal when you reach lvl 70.

3. Leave your beginner guild “Heroes Academy####” and join a player made guild as early as you can, preferably at lvl 1. You will receive two items in your mailbox as soon as you do. A “Hero’s Experience scroll” which will boost your exp gained by 50% for 7 days!. And a “New Wind” title which you can equip to give pretty awesome stats to help you with new dungeons. You may also get help from high lvl members of the guild.

12: Tip from spacem (Refer to shift + left click entry, #2 on this list)

Originally Posted by spacem
The shift click of an item also works in the market. As well as typing in the item name it also sets the level, grade etc.

13: To get a complete look at the keyboard layout/controls just press H.

14: To get a tutorial screen for basic information about the game and some of its features press J.

15: To buy cash items (items bought with real life money) press F11 and just a disclaimer: dragon eggs hold some of the best items in the game, but they are a complete gamble. Don’t expect to get many valuable items if you do buy them otherwise you’ll probably be sorely disappointed. Gamble at your own risk.

16: You will see a little bar at the bottom of the screen. This is your “power” bar. You get both daily power (which is reset at 9am pacific time) and weekly power (which is reset at 9am pacific time on Saturday). Power is a resource that increase your experience gain rate and your loot drops rate. Once you run out of power the percentages for both of these will drop greatly. You can restore up to 300 of your power every day by receive three ‘likes’ from other players. Typically people trade likes in town. You can only restore your power like this once per day. (Note: power does not effect nest run drops or exp gained from nest runs, nor do nest runs drain power)

17: Talking to NPC’s and text skipping

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Q can be used to auto-talk nearest NPC. You can scroll around NPC (commission boards included) choices with W and S. Space bar is to select and can be held down to skip dialog. Getting used to this means you don’t have to let go of your mouse and can do quests, grab commissions, and get to shops effortlessly.

18: Best way to earn gold for new players is to do infinite dailies at 80 cap and to do citadel until your Hobster monster card is fully upgraded (since you can then complete the entire citadel by yourself).

19: Don’t forget your dimensional rabbit keys that you get for capping while in a guild! (only if you cap for the first time while in a guild)

Originally Posted by Baumkuchen
When you hit max level, your Guild master is mailed a bunch of dimensional keys (that go to guild storage upon retrieval). The amount is determined by the current level cap and your level when you joined the guild- for every ‘level cap’ you’ve spent in it, your guild gets roughly 110-120 keys.

If your guild master is nice, ask him/her for your share.

20: Making gold/managing it:

Originally Posted by Aelphaeis
1) Its important to always measure your intake.

This does you a lot of favors, first of all it gives you a realistic grasp of how much gold you’re making and helps you to keep track of where the gold is coming from.

2) Make a Budget
You make a lot more gold than you think you do, the problem for most people is that they waste so much gold so they don’t realize they’re making a lot of gold.

3) Keep Savings
So you know how much gold you make, and you have a budget so that you don’t overspend; however, its important to ensure that you have a clear understand of why you’re saving, how much you intend to save and how you make the distinction between your savings and your pocket money.

21: Random icons to look out for:

Originally Posted by Aelphaeis
Another extremely important tip to always watch out for the following icons. They appear on the left side of your minimap at the bottom of your screen.

This is used for Crops. Go your farm and talk to maury if you see this.

This means you have mail, If you’re in town you can click it to open your mail box

This means you have something in special storage. Its very important to check what you have here because game masters send goodies sometimes and they have an expiry date.

Here is the general location on your screen where you will see all 3 of these icons:

22: Plege gear:

Originally Posted by BUDDYOP
Leveling tips with guilds ~(guild’s level required)~
Once you’ve joined a guild, you will be able to purchase pledge gear set, this gear set provides bonus exp (3 piece grants 4%, 5 piece grants 6% and 7 piece grants 10%), having the entire set will provide you with 20% bonus exp. The cost of this set is about [66 gold]. (edited to reflect the current price. Was changed recently)

23: Check the weekly events once you reach level cap because they will award you with pouches that often contain Goddess Laments and sometimes lvl 70 epic gems. Check the weeks events by clicking N and then going to the event tab. Once there go to the weekly events tab. It should list which nests are giving out rewards per run that week. Other similar events can be found under daily and weekly achievements in the achievements window. Go to achievements window by pressing L or pressing N and going the the achievements tab. Once there, click on the schedule tab to check the daily, weekly, monthly, and long term achievements that you can use to earn some cool stuff with.

24: Friendly advice about being in a guild and lvling 70->80

Originally Posted by ShadowEtc
[I’m a pretty nice person and don’t really mind stuff like this, but not everyone is that nice…]

If you join a guild…

– Do not repeated beg for plvl, you can ask nicely, but if you ask too much, high leveled players may possibly get annoyed

– Don’t get angry at people in your guild if they don’t help you in every way possible

– A guild master is not obliged to help you with everything if you join their guild

In guilds I’ve been in, I usually help when I can, but in the past years; there have been players who aren’t very pleasant when asking for help; well, more like demanding for help…

Also for lvling…

– Once you hit lvl 70, and you are lvling from 70 -> 80; if you gather 10 phantom shards, you can press the stone tablet thing (that gives quests), and at the top, there is a button that opens a shop. In that shop, you can purchase a Heroes Exp Scroll that gives +70% exp with 10 phantom shards. Forgot how long it lasts for… (edit by ITinkALot: it lasts for just one day)

25: When leveling Atls (characters other than your main[s]) keep in mind the pro bonus. The pro bonus is a exp boosters that gives you 50% exp boost for each capped character you have up to 250% (five characters). So when leveling alts, make sure to focus on one at a time and cap your highest level alts first. Doing so will make it much easier to level the rest of your alts. Once you have 5 capped characters doing Gobarta, Goberseria, and Gobarta lvl 60 will allow you to level so fast that you can (if you’re hardcore) easily cap a character in a day and a half if not less.

26: Advice for reducing lag:

Originally Posted by IcyMocha
This is kinda hard to fix. The usual advice that people can give you will probably be:

1) Play with computer plugged in using Ethernet cable
2) Maintain your computer well. This includes drivers, software and general computer upkeep like antivirus scans and such.
3) Make sure your computer doesn’t overheat. It contributes to fps lag.
4) Make sure no one’s uploading and downloading things when you’re doing an important things. Hog all the bandwidth you can get.
5) Make sure you have a good internet connection too
6) Good CPU and GPU will make your game smoother.
7) If needed, set your ingame settings to low. Leave Texture quality to high.
8) Disable party effects.
9) Play on lower resolution if needed. It reduces the amount of calculation your cpu needs to do so you can play the game with less lag.
10) Make sure nothing else is running on the background like internet browsers(chrome known for being a real resource hogger)
11) If needed, you can use task manager trick to put more resources on dnest(makes it run a bit faster). To do this task manager->right click on dnest-> go to details-> right click dnest.exe-> set priority -> high. Leave it at high. If you go above it, it might start interacting badly on your computer.
12) Play on fullscreen! I dont know why but I noticed I lag more with windowed. Try it and see if it works for you.
13) Gameboosters. They help your computer focus its resources to the game you’re running. Try it and see if it improves your gameplay. I would highly suggest ignoring #11 if you have gamebooster on since it actually slows down the game a lot for me. May want to try it out if it works for you.


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!