Most veteran players know this, but for you newer players who I’ve seen asking this question: Yes, exp events stack with your exp scrolls and all other exp boosters.


If you are confused by what I mean by exp, it is short for experience points (which help you lvl up). Exp boosters are things that increase the rate of exp you gain and all exp boosters stack additively with the exception of two exp scrolls (the exp scroll with the higher rate boost overwrites the other one).

There are several kinds of exp boosters that you can access at any time. Here is a list:

Scrolls (either gained by entering a guild for the first time, buying them in the NX shop, or obtaining through special events). Scrolls’ exp boosts range from 50% to 200% depending on the scroll and the duration of a scroll is anywhere from a day to a month.

Guild Benefits (depending on the lvl of the guild the exp booster ranges anywhere from 5% to 10% and only one guild exp booster can be active at a time). This can only be gained when the leader of a guild buys this benefit for the guild and lasts 30 days.

Pledge Gears (also obtained by being in a lvl 16 or higher guild, but these you have to buy yourself and not the guild master. But you have to have at least three pledge gears to get an exp boost. There are three set bonuses which require so many pieces of the set to get them. The first is the 3 set bonus of 4% exp boost. The second requires 5 pieces of the set to give a 6% boost; and the last one requires 7 pieces of the set for a 10% boost. Getting the whole set now costs only 66 gold.

Special Partying Bonuses (achieved by running with parties under certain conditions). The most common of these bonuses is the friend bonus. If you are running with a friend you get an exp boost. The second most common is the guild bonus for running with other guild members. The least common is the Mentor system. The mentor system allows a capped player to “mentor” a lower lvl player and running dungeons with your mentor or with fellow pupils gives you an exp boost. All of the bonuses in this section stack with one another.

Pro Bonus (achieved by capping characters). The pro bonus is a boost given to players who already have other characters at lvl cap. The bonus ranges from 50% for one capped character to 250% boost if you have capped five or more characters.

Unified Bonus (achieved when the total lvls of all your characters allows you to access the unified skill that boosts exp by 5%). This can only be used however once you reach lvl 40.

Aside from the last two boosters, all new players should be able to access any of these boosters.


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!