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It’s important to mention that the class is fairly new to Dragon Nest NA. However, it is an especially easy transition for me due to the vast similarities between this class and my exclusive main, Gladiator.
To make things easier, I will now refer to Weak Point strikes with Backflip Pierce as “Penetration”. I will use the term “Hits Per Second” as “HPS”.
As all my lengthy posts, feedback and suggestions are appreciated and this post is subject to changes when good information appears.


-> Section I: Dragoon Class (40% Complete) <-
I. Class Role (0%)
II Playstyle (0%)
III. Skill Overview (0%)
IV. Skill Build (100%)
V. Skill Crests (100%)

Section II: Dragoon Equipment (33% Complete)
VI. Stat Overview (0%)
VII. Armor and Weaponry (100%)
VIII. Accessories (50%)
IX. Dragon Gems (50%)
X. Enhancement Crests (0%)
XI. Talismans (0%)



To start things off, there are a few key questions when finalizing your build. I’ll answer those with what I personally believe to be the best choices and why. This one is heavily prone to changes, but I do believe this is a functional skill build.

Do I want to level Headbutt?
Zero cooldown filler with moderately high DPS. Leveling this skill instead of learning Criss Cross Cut is a bit more SP efficient against single targets and is more reliable for setting up Weak Points. There are two drawbacks to leveling this skill: The skill is difficult to tame and quickly consumes MP when used recklessly.

How far should I invest into magical attacks and why?
Magic skills DO NOT trigger Weak Point. I have been taught this last night and have personally confirmed this myself. That means you should not rely on them, as a significant majority of your damage comes from penetration. However, it’s worth the massive SP loss to learn Piercing Spike, as the air time really helps your survivability as jump timings are prevalent in today’s Dragon Nest.

How much SP do I need to invest for my MP Passives?
I’ve noticed that Dragoon vomits MP. Spamming right-click and Flag Salute is the best way to get around, but you will need to max your MP passives to even consider doing this often. Do note that frequent use of Harmonize drastically improves your MP recovery.

Are the other Lencea class attacks good?

I personally haven’t given them much of a chance. Criss Cross Cut seems to be the best one and has very high damage growth. However, SP becomes very tight if you decide to drop SP here. My build focuses on physical attacks hitting as often as possible, rather than being fluid against multiple targets, so I can perform more penetrations. Other builds can be better or worse for you. It’s up to you to make your build reflect your interests.


The list of Skill Crests available to Lencea can be found here.

Cooldown Crests give Magic 12%/Rare 16%/Epic 20% cooldown reduction bonuses. They already have the new cooldown percentages that belong to a future update. Better cooldowns means better HPS, utility, and skill priorities. Even rare grade crests are almost as good as epics.

Erratic Power stacks additively with your FD and your X% Damage Skill Crest gains. That means X% Damage Skill Crests give you significantly less damage gains than expected.

There are many good Skill Crest options available. Listed below are top 10 greatest to least for PvE:
1. Harmonize 20% Cooldown: Create more burst windows.
2. Backflip Pierce 20% Cooldown Catch more Weak Points.
3. Stab Tug 20% Cooldown: Crit Resist Debuff & High HPS.
4. Twirling Thrust 50% Action Speed: Significant HPS.
5. Twirling Chop 20% Cooldown: Iframe, high DPS, high HPS.
6. Forceful Bounce 20% Cooldown: High damage, good AoE. Bad HPS.
7. Flag Salute 20% Cooldown: 5sec -> 4sec Iframe & Butterfly Float.
8. Tumble 20% Cooldown: Spammable Tumble.
9. High Kick 50% Action Speed: High HPS, fast movement.
10. Headbutt 50% Action Speed: High HPS, fast as Dash when spammed w/ Erratic.


Section I: Dragoon Class (40% Complete)
I. Class Role (0%)
II Playstyle (0%)
III. Skill Overview (0%)
IV. Skill Build (100%)
V. Skill Crests (100%)

-> Section II: Dragoon Equipment (33% Complete) <-
VI. Stat Overview (0%)
VII. Armor and Weaponry (100%)
VIII. Accessories (50%)
IX. Dragon Gems (50%)
X. Enhancement Crests (50%)
XI. Talismans (50%)



Dragoon has two unique skills that have a dramatic effect on her equipment choices: Harmonize and Erratic Power.

Harmonize equalizes your STR, INT, and AGI to the highest value. This encourages you to concentrate on STR, effectively increasing your INT and AGI to the same levels during Harmonize’s duration. Harmonize almost guarantees maxed Critical Chance % in high STR builds and drastically increases your Critical Damage %.

Erratic Power additively “increases” your Final Damage by a set percentage. This actually discourages Final Damage builds, as any additive increase of Final Damage does not influence the overall damage gains obtained through Erratic Power.

With both of these unique skills in consideration, I recommend one path: Stack lots of Strength and Physical Damage. Disregard Final Damage and sparingly build critical.

Gearing Sets Available, Greatest to Least:

70 Black Dragon Victoria (Legendary): Best gear. Hard to get.
80 Planet Ranchea (Epic): Physical Damage Set.
80 Comet Ranchea (Epic): Elusive FD set.
80 Ruler (Epic): FD set weapons. Resist set armor.
70 Black Dragon (Unique): Skip this set for 80 Epics.
80 “Nameless” (Rare): Affordable by all.
70 Full Moon (Epic): Skip this set for 80 Rares.

1. Lv 80 Nameless Rare Set
Start off your gearing process by obtaining a full set of Lv 80 rare gear. This set provides you with enough defense and HP (when properly enhanced and gemmed) to perform in Volcano Nest Easy & Normal modes. Use this set to slowly help you earn your Planet Ranchea set one piece at a time.

2. Planet Ranchea Set
Planet Ranchea Set should be the most cost-efficient and consistently beneficial choice for the general player during majority of 80 cap. There are no gimmicks and you get everything you need.
You should be able to perform fully in any content released for this cap if you have all the bases covered.
The 80 epic sets have better odds of enhancing compared to other equipment and the set bonuses concentrate Physical Damage.

3. Black Dragon Victoria Set
For the overachievers: If you are a hardcore endgame Dragon Nest player, you can set your sights on clearing Black Dragon Hardcore to obtain as many pieces of Black Dragon Victoria (Legendary) gear. Any piece will be a massive step up from your Planet set due to the satisfying bonus to STR per enhance. Harmonize makes great use of this and your stats will hit obscenely high numbers.


1. 70 Black Dragon Brawler (Legendary): Great raw stats, Critical, FD.
2. 60 Desert Dragon Brawler (Legendary): High raw stats, 4.31% DMG,8% Ele Spark
3. 70 Black Dragon (Unique): High raw stats & Critical Chance.
4. 70 Technique Downy (Epic): +1 Skill LV, Random Stats. No set bonus.
5. 70 Crescent Moon (Epic): Elusive FD set.
6. 70 Full Moon (Epic): Physical Damage set.
7. 70 Expedition (Unique): High raw stats. No set bonus.
8. 70 Downy (Epic): Ordinary stats. Flexible & affordable. No set bonus.


Offensive Skill Dragon Gems (Blue Image)
Morning Star: -5% Light Resist Debuff
Forsaken Village: -5% Dark Resist Debuff
?: -7% Defense Debuff
Coordinator’s: -7% Critical Resist Debuff

Offensive Dragon Gems (Pink Image)
Thunder: Primary Wep only. Converts damage into Light. Lose 30% Light.
?: Primary Wep only. Converts damage into Dark. Lose 30% Dark.
?: Primary Wep only. Converts damage into Fire. Lose 30% Fire.
?: Primary Wep only. Converts damage into Ice. Lose 30% Ice.
Destructive: 800 ~ 4,000 Physical Damage
Fatal: +5% ~ +15% Critical Chance
Light: +8% Light Damage
Dark: +8% Dark Damage
Fire: +8% Fire Damage
Ice: +8% Ice Damage

Headpiece Skill Gems (Pink Image)
Acrobatic: Increases iframe duration during Tumble.

Defensive Skill Gems (Pink Image): Temporary effects upon getting hit
Guardian: Increases DEF by 20% when getting hit.
?: Increases MDEF by 20% when getting hit.
?: Increases MDEF and PDEF by 10% when getting hit.

Defensive Dragon Gems: Stat Increases.
Life-giving: 15,000 HP ~ 80,000 HP
Brutal: 250 ~ 1,500 STR
Windswept: 250 ~ 1500 AGI
Magical: 15,000 ~ 50,000 MP


1. Destructive: Physical Damage Boost
2. Life-giving: HP Boost
3. Brutal: Strength Boost
4. Fierce: Critical Chance Boost
5. Windswept: Agility Boost
6. Sturdy: Physical Defense Boost
7. Adorned: Magical Defense Boost
8. Ultimate: Final Damage Boost
9. Spirited: MP Recovery Boost


1. Destructive
2. Brutal
3. Fierce
4. Windswept
5. Ultimate
6. Life-giving
7. Health
8. Sturdy
9. Adorned
10. Spirited
11. Magical


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!