Here is something I created back on 2013-05-12 for the old forums. Since those threads are no longer available, I decided that it could be useful to share it again.

This is a simple Final Damage calculator which allows you to calculate the damage increase from a specific amount of final damage and vice-versa, i.e. Final Damage required to get a specific damage increase.

It looks like this:

Link: Dragon Nest Final Damage Calculator

Known facts about final damage:
– Damage increase can’t be more then 100% (double damage).
– It depends on level of the monster you are fighting against, and has nothing to do with your character level.
– Same amount of Final Damage will have a greater damage increase against lower level monsters, and the other way around.
– Damage increase of Final Damage is a non-linear exponential function consisting of one formula for increase up to 14.6%, and the other one for 14.6% and up.
– Before Sea Dragon Nest update (2010-12-23) for Korean version
of the game, damage increase of Final Damage was calculated differently.
– All skills, regardless of number of hits, have the same percentage of damage increase.
– Damage increase in the Colosseum is lower and calculated differently.

I encourage you to comment, submit more facts about final damage, etc.

Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!