In this video, I’m going to discuss with you, the best ways to do things as a PVE player. Firstly, I’m going to show you what weapons to use; what missions to do; and also how to grind for much-needed resources used for gearing. Enjoy. Each of the weapons in Destiny have unique traits and fire mechanics. The recommended weapons that I’ll show you are a personal preference of mine and should not be taken as factual information. That said, these weapons are logically more viable than the other weapons that I don’t mention, as the accuracy and fire rate are more reliable for the average joe. The three main primary weapons that should be used in PVE should be the Auto-Rifle, the Scout Rifle and the Hand Cannon.

The Auto-rifle is consistent with it’s fire-rate, so that even if you miss a few shots, the rest of the magazine is more likely to hit the target. The Scout Rifle is a long-ranged single round shooter weapon. It is handy for those hard missions that require players to take a step back to kill everything from a distance. Sort of like a sniper rifle, but with more bullets. The Hand-Cannon is a close to medium range weapon that has multiple purposes.

The impact of the Hand Cannon can impenetrate almost any target with the right aiming. Depending on the Hand Cannon, it is useful for taking out each target with one shot. Now for secondary weapons: The only secondary weapon that should be used for PVE is generally the sniper rifle. The sniper rifle is the most reliable tool of one-shot-cutting-edge-power. The sniper rifle is extremely dominant when it comes to strike mission bosses and can be utilised with almost any situation. And finally, as weapons go, the best PVE heavy weapon is the rocket launcher. Rocket launchers have a large radius of fire and can extinguish most groups of enemies in one go.

It is useful for back-up situations. I’ll mention now, that it is CRUCIAL, absolutely crucial to complete bounties whilst using any of these weapons. As the experience gained from bounties help develop your weapon’s level’s, enabling more traits. So, get into the routine of checking the daily bounties everytime you play Destiny, and get into that rhythm. Another important thing to do once a week, is the weekly challenges. Weekly challenges, also known as weekly strikes are essential for acquiring strange coins. If you are a beginner or don’t know this already; strange coins is the only currency in the game that can purchase Exotic gear, which is the best gear in the game. Before you participate in a weekly strike mission, just go into the diffculty section first and if you can, try to complete the strike mission at the hardest difficulty setting; which is currently 28.

Why you ask? well, if you take notice on the right side of the screen, it says 9 strange coins are rewarded for completing the weekly challenge at that difficulty. If you’ve done enough of these weekly challenges, it is now time to visit the Exotic vendor, which only appears in the Tower on the weekends. It is recommended to at-least have 24 strange coins to purchase an exotic weapon. However, most armour pieces are purchaseable with 13 strange coins. Which now brings us to Light levels. If you haven’t got much experience with gaining light levels, lemme explain the jist of it. Light levels are essential for increasing the soft-level cap in Destiny. I highly recommend that if you have been given the opportunity to recieve an exotic armour piece, choose a Chest piece. I say this because, chest armour pieces have the most defence rating out of all of the other variants of armour.

Okay, so I’m going to assume that if you’re watching this far, that you have gear that requires resources to gain extra light points. So, what you need to do is select any planet and go to the patrol mission, but before you go there, make sure that the patrol mission you’ve selected, has the resources that you require. For educational purposes, I’m going to go to the Moon patrol mission because it has Helium filiments. Most of my legendary and exotic gear need helium filiaments to aquire more light points. So as you can see, the starting area where I am has treasure chests scattered amongst the zone. These treasure chests respawn in different areas in a matter of minutes. This same concept applies to all of the other patrol missions in each of the other planets. The general spawn spots for treasure chests in Destiny are: Caves, roofs, dark rooms, behind rocks, or out in the open.

It’s not that hard really. And before long, you will have a stockpile of resources to at your disposal. Thanks for watching guys, I hope that was informative and I’ll see you next time.

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