Hey what’s going on guys, my name is DarkHero and welcome back to another Destiny video! Today, I will be going over the Sunsinger Warlock Sublcass and tell you guys what is the best Loadout to use in the Crucible. This is something that I did back in Year-1 and I kind of stopped, but I decided to do the same for Year-2. The Sunsinger is a subclass that I had alredy covered in a previous video, but since so many things have changed, I decided to remake the loadout.

I will be going over each individual subclass in the future, and, I may even have more than just one video for each subclass, since some offer a lot more diversity and different playstyles. So, without any further ado, let’s get right into the Sunsinger Class. In this video I will be going over my favorite Sunsinger Build, which is a Tank Build that is able to dish out great damage to the enemy team while helping out your own fireteam and sustaining gunfire. Since we’re making a Tank, we want to focus our Stats into Armor and Recovery, so selecting Arcane Spirit and Divine Order only seems natural, as they allow you max out both of those stats. Let’s start off with the Grenades: Here we have the option between the Fusion Grenades, the Firebolt Grenades and the Solar Grenades. I personally go with the Firebolt Grenades, as they are very accurate and hard to dodge, and you can just throw them around a corner, knowing that an enemy will be there and it will hit them.

Furthermore, they can also hit multiple enemies if they’re within range which is a pretty nice bonus. For the Jump modifiers, it’s all up to personal preference and I usually opt to go with Focused Burst, just because that’s the one that I’m used to the most. Next up we have our Super Ability, Radiance. I’m sure you’re all familiar with Radiance, but if you didn’t already know, while Radiance is active, you gain a 50% Damage Reduction and your abilities cooldown much faster. This lasts for approximately 14 seconds. For the Super Modifiers, we have: Song Of Flame, that reduces the cooldown of your teammates’ abilities if they are within range (which is only viable for a niche playstyle); Radiant Skin, which gives you a 54% Damage Reduction while in Radiance instead of the usual 50% Damage Reduction. This Damage Reduction is the same as the Sunbreaker’s Damage Reduction before the latest patch, so keep that in mind.

Those 4 extra % might not seem like much but they actually end up making quite the difference!; And finally we have Fireborn, that allows you to come back to re-spawn in Radiance State. Keep in mind, that if the enemies have their aim on your ghost, it is not a wise choice to use Fireborn, as they can easily snipe you. Out of these 3 choices I would only consider the last 2 as viable options. And, out of those 2 I tend to go with Fireborn as it can sometimes win you rounds in Trials Of Osiris, although I admit that Radiant Skin is more useful and if you’re facing a good team Fireborn will be pretty useless, as your enemies will have their crosshairs over your Ghost. But I’ll get back to this in a little bit. Next up is our Melee, Scorch, that applies a Damage Over Time along with your regular melee that will deal a total of 35 Damage.

For the Melee modifiers we have: Flame Shield, Solar Wind and Brimstone. I will only be going over Flame Shield as I consider the rest to be useless for PvP. Flameshield, Flameshield gives you an additional 45% Overshield and lasts for about 15 seconds which is a phenomenal bonus for PvP and makes this the best melee in the entire game, apart from the Nightstalker’s smoke bombs. For our next column, we have: Radiant Will, which increases the duration of Radiance from 14 seconds to 18 seconds; Sunburst, killing an enemy with Scorch has a chance to generate Orbs Of Light which is’nt viable by any means; and Viking Funeral that doubles the Damage Over Time duration, making it have 70 total damage instead of the usual 35. And now, for the final column I go with Touch Of Flame. This essentially applies the same DoT that you have with your Scorch Melee to your grenades. And, once again, if you have Viking Funeral equipped, the duration of the Damage over Time Burn will double, doing a total of 70 damage.

But even with all of that, the Firebolt grenade will still not be able to kill a Guardian, but it will leave him with only a sliver amount of health, meaning that if you manage to get 1 shot off before throwing the firebolt grenade, you will get an easy kill. The other 2 options in this column are Angel of Light that lets you aim your weapon while in the air; and Gift Of The Sun that gives you an additional Grenade.

These are very straight forward bonuses, and while having a second grenade is good, I think that Viking Funeral and Touch of Flame + Firebolt Grenades are a much better choice. We have now gone over the entire Sunsinger skill tree and, earlier, I said that I would return to the Fireborn versus Radiant Skin subject, which is what I will do right now. Well, a great piece that is missing in our Tank Build is The Ram Exotic Helmet. This helmet increases your armor stat and allows you to survive an extra shot from a lot of weapons in the Crucible, which is just amazing as it will increase the time it takes for your enemies to kill you, and, if you’re playing 3v3 game modes, you will have extra time to revive a fallen teammate, and if you manage to do so, you will receive an extra overshield, making you even more of a Tank! And, most importantly, using The Ram will allow you to survive a Golden Gun shot, AND survive a headshot from any Sniper Rifle, apart from the high Impact ones like the Black Spindle, even if you’re using Fireborn while in Radiance.

That’s why I believe Fireborn is a better alternative, IF you have The Ram. If you don’t have The Ram, then don’t be discouraged. There are many other great exotics that you can use for your Sunsinger: Light Beyond Nemesis is a great all around exotic that allows you to revive and be revived faster, while generating extra orbs of light, which actually comes in handy in PvP, since the Sunsinger already generates a lot of orbs. Voidfang Vestments is also very good, especially for Trials of Osiris, as they allow you to spawn in with your grenades charged, and if you’re using Gift Of The Sun, you will spawn with 2 grenade charges. For Weapons, I don’t think that there are weapons that you SHOULD use over others with this loadout.

Obviously, Tlaloc is a phenomenal exotic to use with this build, especially in Trials Of Osiris, as you will be holding on to your Super, but the Sunsinger is a very easy subclass to use that favors many different playstyles. And that is pretty much it for this video guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

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