guys, so the other half of The Dawning event consists of updated strikes and the strike scoring system, something that I have been hoping would become a thing for 2 years now. As usual, a disclaimer that Activision invited me to Playstation Experience to check out The Dawning event early.\par So, 3 strikes are getting updated for The Dawning, The Nexus, Will of Crota and Taniks aka The Shadow Thief. The Nexus has been Takenified for the most part, but it’s not THAT annoying. Will of Crota has been SIVAfied with the most “screw it” reasoning I have ever heard for something coming back from the dead and The Shadow Thief was also SIVAfied.\par The Nexus essentially remains the same as a strike experience until you get about halfway through.

The big doorway you go down into now requires you to open up a Vex plate first before continuing and the final boss has actually been made somewhat interesting. First of all, there are two different versions of the final boss, the Taken and the regular. The Taken version basically turns the fight into a mini version of The Templar encounter from Vault of Glass: the boss gains a shield, a relic drops and you use it to blast away the shield. The regular version of the boss will debuff all players, making their screen slowly go black until one person from the team cleanses themselves. Your cleanse yourself by running into a pool of light. That cleanse will also cleanse everyone else on the team.\par Will of Crota did not appear to receive any significant changes until you get to Omnigul herself. The boss encounter has been changed to make it not as annoying as it was previously.

The biggest change is that you must fight in the room that Omnigul is in, you can’t hide in the usual spot because the doors close. That being said, the amount of adds that spawn during the encounter has been reduced in a big way. Omnigul will now disappear when her health reaches certain thresholds and then summon things for you to kill. Wizards do not appear to spawn anymore.

The green mist from The Wretched Eye also covers a lot of the floor, so you need to be more careful.\par The Shadow Thief also does not have too many changes. The strike has been SIVAfied, so a lot of the changes you might expect… well, you should expect them. SIVA enemies, SIVA walker, you get it. The Taniks encounter has also changed when in SIVA form. Once his health reaches a certain point, he’ll gain a shield. The only way to get rid of this shield is to blow up all of the SIVA nodes in the area. Then, you can go back to killing him.\par In short, I like the changes done to the strikes, but I’ll talk about my thoughts more in another video, probably the day after The Dawning launches.\par Next is strike scoring. Strike scoring works in a very similar way to Prison of Elders: you kill stuff and you get points.

The thing you kill and how you kill it also determines the amount of points you get. The two biggest changes are that 1) assists no longer give points, which is a good thing in my opinion, and 2) you are awarded medals during strikes based on how you kill things. For example, killing 3 things in a row with a primary weapon gets you a primary medal, giving you some bonus points.

Obviously there’s a little bit more depth to it than that, but essentially, you kill stuff and you get points. Another example, a rainbow medal is earned when you get a primary medal, a special medal and a heavy medal. There are points for killing a lot of stuff during the strike, points for not dying during a strike, etc, etc. The Nightfall also has this scoring system in place.\par Speaking of which: a new set of bounties I believe called the Vanguard Elite bounties will now be available for completion. Zavala will offer bounties related to making your way through strikes, including one for the Nighfall. In case you haven’t heard from another video I did, Ice Breaker is returning to Destiny. Ice Breaker has a random chance to drop from this Nightfall based bounty, so you’re going to want to grab that.\par Strike scoring is not limited to The Dawning either: it will stay around after the event is over, which I can only assume to mean until further notice. Strike scoring will appear in The Nightfall, The Siva Crisis and The Heroic Siva Crisis strike playlists.\par However, much like Prison of Elders, as far as I know, there are no leaderboards for strike scoring.

Ugh. Definitely will talk about that later.\par Some other minors notes include adjustments to skeleton key drop rates. All I’ve been told is that skeleton key drop rates will be improving. How exactly will be determined. Also, and this is probably one of the best changes to all of Destiny: when you’re level 40, all green engrams will now automatically dismantle into armor materials or weapon parts as you pick them up. No more purposely avoiding greens anymore, you can just step on them and they’ll be materials. Thank. You.\par Next include some changes to ornaments, mainly I think it’s related to weapons, but it could be armor as well? There will now be an ornament store where you can buy any ornament from a previous event for 25 silver dust and that price is firm regardless if you have ever had the ornament or not. So, basically any of the ones that are available now, but not the ones coming in The Dawning. I do not know if the ones available in The Dawning will then go to the kiosk after the event is over, I would assume so, but I don’t have any confirmation. As a result, Xur will no longer sell ornaments.

I know some people were waiting for any news for people who accidentally delete weapons or armor with ornaments in them, I do not have any updates for you at this time on that topic.\par So, those are a bunch of updates coming to strikes with The Dawning. Again, scoring will be sticking around after the event, which is a good thing and… yeah. That’s about it. If there’s a demand for full strike gameplays, please let me know in the comments, because that can be uploaded, but the majority of the changes and additions were in this video. I may upload the 3 revised boss fights into one video instead of all 3 full strikes.

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