This weeks nightfall can be speedrun pretty quickly with the right weapons, paths, and hiding spots. Modifiers include lightswitch, which means one hit melee kills and juggler which means you only get ammo drops for the weapons that you are not currently holding. So the general strategy for this Nightfall is to keep far distance and swap between long range rifles. There is no elemental burn this week, but I do recommend you use Solar damage weapons because most enemies on this level have solar shield. I recommend the Vision of Confluence or a similar scout rifle for your primary and the Ice Breaker or a similar solar based sniper rifle for your secondary. Also make sure you have high armor and agility codexes because we will be skipping a lot of enemies.

The first battle entering the building can be completely skipped. The second big battle in the pit of the building can also be skipped. Just be sure not to get stuck in between big shielded enemies. The next area features a colossus, two psions, and legionaries. Use long range weapons to take out the colossus first since he does a lot of damage and has no shield. Then deal with the psions. They have void shields so void weapons are better, but you can still take them down with your solar weapons. When you are clearing out the guard area, stay back in the tunneling and snipe everyone out. As we go deeper into the nightfall, hit the subscribe button because we are covering new Destiny challenges and future DLC content every single week.

When you are finishing the last guard start moving up, because you want to be shooting the tank before it even lands. Just stay up top, snipe, and dodge the fireballs. Now hop on your speeder and skip the next batch of enemies. You’ll have to clear out this room before reaching Valus, which is actually helpful for loading up on ammo. Now when you reach Valus head all the way to the back left area. Near the ramp there’s a little spot where you can drop down behind crates. Hide back here and shoot Valus from the little cracks. Be careful with explosives and use weapons of light for a damage boost if you can. Even if he moves to the other side you can hit him from a few key areas.

Additional enemies don’t really matter, but you can shoot them for extra experience if you want. Just be patient and Valus will go down. Hopefully you’ll also get a nice exotic Auto rifle like I did.

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