Today I wanted to show you guys what is currently the easiest way to get to light level 400 in Destiny. I was actually going to make a more detailed video explaining the best process to level up as quickly as possible but now we have a new way that is by far the easiest. And that is SRL. Unlike last year, SRL drops Infusable Gear, up to 400 Light, and, due to the recent changes to the Crucible, you can also get weapons to drop at the end-screen rewards. So far, I’ve already gotten 5 armor pieces: 2 chests, 1 helmet, 1 pair of gaunlets and 1 pair of boots, as well as one weapon, all at Light Level 400.

My recommendation is that you play SRL with your highest light level character that you have so that the gear that you receive come at a higher light level. The SRL gear that drops can be used on any character, regardless of their class and you can transfer it to other characters to increase their level. You can also use said gear as infusion fuel, to increase the light level of your favorite weapons and armor. Furthermore you can also use Three Of Coins to get some Exotics along the way. You can get all of your gear at Light Level 400, apart from the Artifact, just by playing SRL! It’s extremely easy and you don’t even have to win the race, or even finish it for that matter! Just be careful so that you don’t get kicked by innactivity. And that is where I’m going to end this video. I know it was very short but it was meant to help out players who are still trying to reach the max level in Destiny.

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