Omnigul is a fast flying wizard in the new mission, Will of Crota. Enemies in this current Nightfall and Heroic have a mix of Solar and Arc shields, so you’ll need to take in a mix of damage types. I recommend burst type or quick draw weapons such as fusion rifles, shotguns, and rocket launchers because you’ll be jumping in and out of cover quickly. As we go deeper into this guide on Omnigul, hit the subscribe button because we have more Destiny videos releasing everyday. When you first reach Omnigul, don’t rush in because he has a rapid fire Arc blast and additional enemies will rush you. There will be Knights with Arc shields and wizards with Solar shields. You will have to swap weapons and take them out quickly. You need to do just enough damage to Omnigul to make him run to the next area.

Then continue to stay back because more knights, wizards, and now an Ogre will come out. The ogre isn’t shielded but deals a high frequency of damage so you want to make him the priority. Again, you’ll need to damage Omnigul just enough to make him move to the next area. Now you’ll reach the final area. There are two doors leading into a room where Omnigul and the additional enemies are. You want to stay out of this room because it’s too hectic.

In the long hallway, there are places where you can hide and retreat. Just be careful because there are enemies that spawn in this room as well. You’ll want to clear out the Knights and additional Wizards first then you’ll have a clear shot at Omnigul. You want to use burst damage weapons because Omnigul fires back rapidly. Titan Bubbles work wonders here. After about 30 seconds of firing at Omnigul, you’ll hear a loud shriek which signals that she is summoning additional enemies.

You’ll have to clear them again in order to shoot at Omnigul. This process can take multiple waves. Just play conservative, retreat if necessary and Omnigul will go down.

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