Today I wanted to show you guys something that many of you are probably missing out on. It’s nothing that is game-changing or any sort of exploit. It is just something that I personally find to be REALLY AWESOME, and that the developers put a lot of time on but, unfortunately, a lot of players won’t get to see this.

I’m talking about some of the new Iron Banner Weapons like the Titanium Orchid Rocket Launcher. Stat-wise, it isn’t a very good Rocket Launcher. There are many better alternatives out there. Some are even available for purchase in the Tower. However, it looks really cool and its sound is something that I’M SURE most of you have not heard before.

It’s something completely unique, much different from anything we’ve ever had in Destiny and the first time that I saw it in a screenshot teasing the new Rise Of Iron Expansion I actually thought that it was going to be a new Exotic! And it is a shame that so many people don’t get to experience this because they end up using the Rocket Launcher as Infusion Fuel or simply store it in the vault and never end up using it…

And that is why I have decided to make this video – to show this and some other weapons and features that are often overlooked by players. With that being said, pay close attention to the marvelous sound that this weapon makes— Simply Majestic! I would also like to show you something that has been here since the very beginning of Destiny, but I’m sure a lot of you guys haven’t noticed! I’m talking about having Skulls designed on the back of Titan’s helmets! At first glance you may not be able to see them, but, if you turn your character around, you can see a skull in the back of the helmet! This feature is really cool and although it’s not present in all of Titans Helmets, it is something that I always look forward to in a new one! It looks really badass, especially when you’re wielding a Sword! One other thing that you may not have noticed is the fact that, if you pay close attention, you can actually hear Wolves howling each time that you fire the Gjallarhorn or use the Gjallarhorn Sparrow Horn! Let’s take a look— Next up we have some more Iron Banner weapons that, although are not as rare as the Titanium Orchid, are still very rare to find people using.

Let’s take a look— As you could hear, they all sounded very distinct and, if I were to watch this clip before the release of Rise Of Iron, I would say that these were all Exotic Weapons! I mean, the Scout Rifle sounded like a Blunderbuss, the Shotgun sounded like a some sort of High Caliber Sniper Rifle and the Sidearm actually sounded like a Handcannon! Like I said, these are all things that the developers have put a lot of time and attention into and I think they don’t get enough recognition, hence me making this video! Perhaps now you will be more appreciative of Bungie’s efforts to make the game that we all love and play as awesome as possible! And that is going to conclude this video.

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