Do you want to have a Grasp Of Malok just like this one, or perhaps even better? In this video I will show you a very efficient farming method that will get you lots of versions of this illusive Pulse Rifle in no time! For starters here’s what you’re going to need:

– A Nighstalker Hunter with Black Hole and Light of the Pack, preferably equipped with the Crest of the Alpha Lupi Exotic Chest piece ( this will make the tether last for a longer period and will also allow you to create more orbs of light for your teamates) ; – 2 Gunslinger Hunters with Dead Eye and the Exotic Helmet – Celestial Nighthawk equipped (this will increase the amount of damage you deal to Omnigul exponentially). So, what you want to do is go do the Nightfall this week. The modifiers are Solar Burn and Specialist, which are going to help you a lot. You want to play through it just like if you were completing a regular Nightfall. Stop once you reach the area in which you first meet Omnigul. Once you get there, have the Nightstalker tether Omnigul with his bow, as soon as she appears.

But be careful not to hit her, as that may cause a bug that will prevent the combination to do its maximum damage. Have the Gunslingers activate their supers and use their Golden Guns on her. This will result in a quick kill and if done properly, you will have tethered a lot of enemies around you that you can easily kill with a Solar grenade or a Shotgun. After Omnigul has died and dropped her loot, simply kill yourselves, either by using grenades or by letting the enemies kill you. A second Omnigul will appear in the upper portion of the tunnel, but don’t follow her. That will activate a new checkpoint and you will have to start over this farming technique.

A few extra things: if things don’t go as planned, just let yourselves be killed and start all over from the checkpoint. Never follow Omnigul to the upper portion of the tunnel. Equipping gear that gives you extra super energy when killing minions of the darkness will allow you to recharge your Super faster, much like having Max Intellect, so those are highly recommended. The 2nd Gunslinger can be swapped for a Striker, a Voidwalker or a Stormcaller to kill the surrounding ads.

However, doing that is riskier as Omnigul will still be alive after taking a Golden Gun shot, so you will have to take her down with your weapons, so make sure that you bring solar weapons and don’t miss her. If you are going to only have a single Gunslinger, then make sure that the 3rd fireteam member has an Exotic armor piece that increases the amount of Orbs of Light produced equipped, to make sure that everyone has their Supers ready at all times, making the farm more efficient. By following this method, in less than an hour I managed to brag myself 4 Grasps Of Malok, although only 2 of them had good perks. The first one, as you can see on screen, has Headseeker, Perfect Balance and Feeding Frenzy, where as the 2nd one has Counterbalance, Braced Frame and Army Of One.

I just can’t wait to test these out in the Crucible! And that has been it for this farming video. If you have enjoyed it or found it helpful, please make sure that you SMASH the hell out of the LIKE button below for us, because you already know, that your support, is greatly appreciated and let me know what rolls you got on your Grasp Of Malok in the comment section below! Subscribe if you’re new to the channel for more Destiny goodness! And remember guys, don’t do drugs, do Destiny. Thank you all so much for watching, my name’s been DarkHero and I will see you on my next video!

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