This is a quick method to farming glimmer on Mars. You want to go to Mars and choose the mission “Exclusion Zone”. Set it to Level 18 so the tougher enemies spawn, but it’s still easy enough to plow through it quickly. As we go deeper into this guide on Mars, hit the subscribe button because we’re releasing Destiny guide videos all the time. Follow the mission instructions and head into the tunnel. Now you’ll get a checkpoint and there are two waves of enemies. The first wave has easy enemies who don’t really drop glimmer. The second wave is the important one. Almost all of these enemies drop a good amount of glimmer.

You want to kill all of them except one enemy. Then kill yourself with a grenade, rocket, or let that last enemy finish the job. You’ll respawn right in front of those two waves of enemies. If you clear both waves completely, it will create a new checkpoint and you’ll have to restart the mission. It’s a waste of time. Always leave one enemy alive in the second wave. Make sure to activate RESUPPLY CODES to increase the amount of glimmer earned. If you don’t have any, don’t worry they’ll drop from these enemies.

You also want to make you pickup those little triangle drops which contain NETWORK KEYS. You turn these in at the Cryptarch for 300 glimmer each. You can also equip low level gear because you’ll gain a decent amount of XP from easy kills.

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