This week’s nightfall Nexus Mind features Void Damage. So equip as many void weapons as you can and head into the nightfall. When you start off run passed the enemies outside until you get to the section where you have to eliminate 3 servitors. You want to stay back in the entrance archway. From here you can pickup enemies that spawn across and on the right. Your ranged weapons will serve you best here. As we go deeper into the Nexus, hit that subscribe button in the upper right corner because you know we have more Destiny guide videos on the way. Conservatively make your way forward until you reach the exit. Over here there are two sets of enemies that will give you trouble. There’s two tough goblins on the left that shoot void energy balls. These void energy balls can wipe out your whole team in one or two hits. They also continue to move forward so stay back and wipe them out first.

Then you want to snipe the two hobgoblins on the ledge. It may take a few sniper shots to the belly to finish them off. Now when you get up to Sekrion, do not jump off the platform. Stay on the ledge and fight the whole battle from up here. Kill the minotaurs first and Sekrion will spawn. Now there is one catch. A minotaur will spawn behind you up here, so have at least one player on minotaur watch preferably with a heavy void weapon to protect the team. You should also have a Hunter with invisibility or a Sunsinger with self revives. Sekrion’s energy balls deal a lot of damage and also have splash damage. So when your shields are regenerating you have to step way back to avoid dying. It’s best to wear Sekrion down with snipers and rockets because you can pop out and get a couple shots in then hide back. The rewards are definitely worth it, so good luck on this week’s Nightfall!

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