Destiny 2 Uriel’s Gift In-Depth Review

Hi Guardians welcome back for another destiny in-depth review where I review exotics and legendary gear in order to give you a comprehensive understanding of the gear so you can play this game as efficient and effective as possible. Today we are going to review one of the best auto rifle in the game the Uriel’s Gift. This weapon sits in the popular 450 RPM medium fast firing category, which is very popular in the crucible at the moment. The description of this gun goes as follows; Take weapon in hand and fly to victory. And this description suits the gun a lot. You will be having a great time with this gun in the crucible, but before we start the review lets have a look at the perks of this gun.

First of all it has Precision Frame, which makes the recoil more vertical , so it eliminates the left and right recoil making this gun much easier to handle. As for scopes we have the Spark PS And Flash HS5 I prefer the Flash scope for that increase in range. And we have High caliber rounds which increases the flinch on the receiving side Steady rounds which increases the stability of the gun even more And the final perk is Tap the Trigger, which grants a short period of increased stability and accuracy on the initial trigger pull. A good Auto rifle will have two essential elements which is stability and range, Stability is essential for obvious reasons if the recoil is all over the place you won’t be able to hit your target consistently.

So you want a gun to be stable and have a consistent recoil pattern that is easily manageable. A gun that is not stable is not necessarily bad if it has a very predictable recoil pattern that can be easily managed by countering this with your thumbstick to the opposite direction. The key thing here is consistency , if there was no consistency in the recoil pattern you would not be able to consistently counter the recoil. The ideal situation would be to have perfect stability so you don’t have to correct for the recoil, but again consistency is the key here. And range is important in order to carry over the maximum potential damage over a certain distance, before damage fall off starts. More range means that you are more lethal over longer distances.

And the Uriel’s Gift has both great stability and great range. Precision Frame and Tap the trigger works very well together, Precision frame makes the recoil more vertical so that it is easier to handle and Tap the trigger gives you an extra stability boost when you start firing your gun. This combination of perks makes this gun super accurate. And on top of that the Uriel’s Gift also has great range to begin with.

It has a range stat of 70 which is good but you can increase this to a whopping 84 when you use the Flash Scope. This makes it one of the highest range auto rifle in the game and the combination of this together with the great stability makes this gun such a pleasure to use in the crucible. And we are not done yet! There is one more thing that we need to talk about which is the High Caliber Rounds perk. High caliber rounds makes it harder for the enemy to shoot you back because the flinch coming from your shots will be much more severe. High Caliber rounds is what makes the Mida Multi Tool so great, the ability to knock your opponent back can make a huge difference in a gunfight, this can give you a slight benefit since high caliber rounds makes it harder for your opponent to return fire. This works especially well if you are the one that pulls the trigger first, in a one on one engagement and having everything else the same you will most likely win the fight if you have high caliber rounds and the other person not.

There is the option to choose steady rounds instead of High caliber rounds for that extra increase in stability. But this gun already has excellent stability and there is really no need to add any extra stability with Steady rounds, and you will be missing out on the fantastic high caliber rounds if you choose steady rounds instead. So it is a no-brainer here to choose High Caliber rounds instead.

And in Pve High Caliber rounds can help you stunlock higher level enemies and keep those yellow bar captains in check. So combining all of these perks together and you have an excellent auto rifle that is stable and effective on a very long range compared with other auto rifles and it has the ability to throw off the aim of your opponent. And the fact that it is an energy weapon means that you can deal extra damage against guardians in their super in Pvp too and shut those supers down which can really turn the tide in a game. I am going to give the Uriel’s Gift an A.

Thank you so much for watching this review, I hope this review helps you out and make you get the most out of this gun. Subscribe to stay up to date on my future videos. And have a look at my recommended or latest video in the end screen if you want to see more of my content. As always I will see you in the next video guardians..

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