Destiny 2 Merciless EXOTIC Fusion Rifle In-Depth Review!

Hi Guardians welcome back for more destiny in-depth reviews and tips and tricks to help you be as efficient as possible in playing this game. Today we are going to review the Merciless Exotic Fusion Rifle. This fusion rifle sits in the high impact but low charge time weapon archetype and the description goes as follows: Entropy is inevitable. Before we talk about this fusion rifle, how can you get one for yourself! I got mine from Xur when he sold this in his first Xur appearance, but you can also get this from an exotic engram by just playing the game.

On the Merciless we have the following perks Fitted Stock , which increases the stability at the expense of handling speed Impetus, reloading immediately after a kill increases weapon damage for a short time Extended mag, increased mag size at the expense of reload speed Chambered Compensator , which increases the stability but it also lowers handling speed. And the exotic perk is Conserve momentum which makes this weapon charge faster until you get a kill with this weapon.

And this exotic perk is a big deal. Normally the drawback of a high impact fusion rifle is the slow charge time, and this is basically neglected with this exotic perk which will charge the weapon faster until you get a kill with it. And combine this with the big mag size of 8 , this has the potential of dropping an huge amount of DPS on higher health enemies like yellow bar captains and strike and raid bosses. This weapon absolutely shreds Public Event bosses and it is also great for the raid up to the final boss. This is especially good against the beasts in the pleasure garden section and against other yellow bar enemies in the other sections of the raid. You can use it for the final boss, but Coldheart seems to do more damage than the Merciless, but it is a perfect replacement if you don’t have the Coldheart exotic yet. So we already mentioned that the exotic perk helps with lowering the charge time, but by how much? Lets find out.

I tested this by comparing the first charge with the charge time of the final shot in the mag. Here are the results. The first charge takes second until it fires the first shot and the final charge in the mag only takes seconds. So the final shot charges 44% faster than your first shot. As you can see this is a very significant increase in the charge rate, so the final shot can even be comparable to the faster firing fusion rifles.

So now we established how much faster the merciless fires let’s find out how to optimize the use of this gun. This exotic fusion rifle in it’s base form will already deal a huge amount of DPS, but what a lot of people forget about is. That this can actually be increased with the other perk that is mostly neglected by others which is the Impetus perk which will increase the damage for a short time after reloading the weapon after a kill.

So if all the stars lines up in the sky, what you actually should do to have the most DPS out of this gun, is to kill a lower level mob to activate the Impetus perk and then reload the gun and fire this at your higher level target. This will trigger the increase damage output by 50% when you proc the impetus perk. This perk is kinda weird though since the UI does not mention when this perk is active, but you will trigger it by killing an enemy and then reloading the gun.

I have tested this and the impetus perk is only active for around 3 seconds, so mostly you can get around 2 shots that can benefit from this 50 % increased damage output. So that is the way to use this gun if you want to get the most out of it, but you can also utilize the titan’s barrier which auto reloads your gun or use the hunter’s ability to do the same which will remove the reload animation and thus increases your Damage per second as well. So yeah in PVE this gun is just simply amazing, if you get it dropped from an exotic engram don’t dismantle it, infuse it, it will be a permanent gun in your weapon arsenal. As for Pvp the perks do not really benefit you in any way, if you have a good aim your opponent should die in 1 or 2 shots anyway. On top of that the charge rate is very slow , so you are probably better off with a faster firing fusion rifles. To conclude, the merciless is a weapon that can really be called a power weapon. And as a power weapon it should deal a lot of damage and that is exactly what the merciless is for.

You will use the merciless against high health enemies, in nightfalls, strikes and public events. It will shred through yellow bar enemies in seconds and with a full mag you will significantly reduce the health bar of bosses. The Merciless is the first exotic in my Destiny 2 reviews that is going to receive the highest rating an A+. Thank you so much for watching this review, I know that some of us do not have a lot of time to play the game, because of work , family or other things. But I hope my destiny in-depth reviews and tips and tricks helps you to be as efficient as possible in playing this game so you can get the most out of your playing time. So subscribe to be up to date on my future videos.

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